Shindo Amane「I’m often asked, are you really 17? but I just love jokes from the Showa Era」【Seiyuu Field Guide】


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Telling the stories of the ones hidden behind the characters, Da・Vinci News’s『Seiyuu Field Guide』. For Number 262, we will be featuring Shindo Amane-san, who has always looked up to voice actresses in idol anime since her childhood and has made her dream come true by voicing Kurata Mashiro in『BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!』and Kasuga Haruna in『D4DJ』.「It still feels like I’m in a dream」and other words straight from her heart. And in her private life, having problems like「I can instantly fall asleep anywhere」…

My guitar strap snapped off during my audition…

——After taking an audition for newcomers, you became a part of HiBiKi in 2018. So what sparked your interest in voice acting?

Shindo: I’ve been watching anime ever since I was in kindergarten and I’d especially loved idol anime. But in my 2nd year in elementary school, I found out about『Love Live!』and I was enamored after watching a special program where the voice actresses performed live. That was also how I got to know my senpai, Mimori Suzuko-san, and from then on I wanted to become a voice actress like Mimori-san too!

——That’s a really early start to your aspiration to become a voice actress.

Shindo: Perhaps. When I reached 4th grade, I began searching for auditions to become a voice actress. At the time, there weren’t many agencies that would accept someone my age, nonetheless, I took up all the auditions that I could participate in among those available agencies.

——And that’s when you heard about HiBiKi’s audition.

Shindo: That’s right. I learned about the audition over on SNS when Itou Ayasa-san introduced Tsumugi Risa-san as「The newest member of HiBiKi, Tsumugi Risa」. Up until this point, I had failed many auditions right at the very end so I started thinking. Since this is the agency that Mimori-san belongs to, if I failed this audition as well I would make this my last and so I took it in my 2nd year of middle school.

——Do you have any memories from your audition?

Shindo: I wanted to show off my guitar-playing skills, but I was unlucky that day and my guitar strap snapped! During the audition, I had only intended to play the guitar but the lyrics to the song ended up coming to mind and in the end, I sang along to my entire performance. I also played the electric guitar instead of an acoustic one, so maybe I managed to pass due to the strong impact that made (lol).

I want to turn my natural voice which I have a complex about, into my strength

——What sort of child were you during your childhood?

Shindo: I just really loved playing with friends. I enjoyed moving about so I played with water guns and pretend Precure. I also got hand-me-down video games from both my father and older sister, and I got hooked on those too.

When I was in elementary school, that was when I started playing co-op games with my friends on the 3DS. Once I got tired of playing tag I would start playing video games. I was always playing around whether I was indoors or outdoors. Playing, eating, sleeping…I was the kind of kid that did nothing but that.

——Do you feel any closer to adulthood now?

Shindo: Not at all, I’m still very much a child (lol). Even on my off days, if I’m not sleeping or resting, I would get up early just to hang out with friends. Right now in our current situation, I would call them up and play online games with them.

Once when I was a kid, I was it in a game of tag, but while I was resting up I saw something interesting and I ditched my friends and started drawing on the ground (lol).

——You seem to be full of imagination. Is this still the case?

Shindo: Of course! I love drawing, so whenever I come up with an idea, I take out my sketchbook to draw it out, be it during a meal or during a bath. Sometimes I also come up with lyrics and melodies to new songs, so I write them down on the bathroom mirror. If you write it down using some soap on your finger it won’t go away. After all, they might develop into something in the future.

——I’m sure it will! So has your sketchbook accumulated all your drawings and lyrics?

Shindo: Nope, I normally scribble them down on the edge of my notes in class, so they’re somewhere among my belongings, but I can’t tell unless I go searching for them (lol). Once I find them, I cut the section out and place them in a box for safekeeping.

——Do share the charms of your voice, as well as any parts of your personality to pay attention to.

Shindo: I’ve always had a complex over my low voice. Sometimes I’m unable to play the energetic characters that I love so much according to the image I had in mind…But, ever since I started voicing Mashiro, people have told me that they not only love Mashiro’s voice, but also my low natural voice. That made my really happy, and I wanted to turn my natural voice into a strength.

I also have moments where I can’t reach the mid-point between my high and low voice, but my senpais always tell me「You have a very unique and resounding voice, so turn it around into your strength」. I’m also currently studying really hard to brush up on the aspects in which I’m lacking.

——What about your personality?

Shindo: I’m often told my speech patterns and reactions come straight out of the「Showa Era」. I hum songs from my parent’s generation, and I’m really good at cracking jokes from Shimura Ken’s generation. During recording sessions for BanG Dream! and D4DJ, I often reply with「○○. Izzat for real! For real!」and in return I’m told「You give off the same vibes from those old evening variety shows」and「Are you sure you’re 17?」(lol).

I would also really like to have a personality that exudes「Pressure」much like my senpai, Aiba Aina-san. So I guess that and my Showa tendencies are what make up my personality.

To become the voice actress I admire. I don’t want to wake up from this dream

——If anything, that’s really refreshing (lol). Regarding『BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!』how did it feel becoming a part of an idol anime that you’ve always dreamed of doing as a child?

Shindo: I feel like I’m still in a dream. Sometimes I get the feeling that I’m actually doing the job that I’ve always dreamed of doing, but it’s still mostly a blur. I do wonder when I’ll wake up from this dream but…right now…I don’t want to wake up just yet.

——Seems like you’re having a lot of fun in dreamland.

Shindo: Yeap (lol). I’m often asked by the people around me「Isn’t it tough?」but I’ve never once thought of it that way. If anything, I’m motivated to work even harder.

——So『D4DJ』is your first time attempting to DJ.

Shindo: Haruna-chan is not just the DJ, but also a member of the disciplinary committee. She’s the complete opposite of me…that’s why I also became a part of the disciplinary committee in high school to learn more. Learning all the DJ equipment, and DJing while singing and dancing at the same time are all firsts for me. That’s why before every live performance, I become really nervous, wondering if I could pull it off.

——There are a lot of buttons on DJ equipment and it seems really difficult to use.

Shindo: I’ve always loved games, and I’m also used to using guitar amps with my feet. DJing is a similar form of expression but the music it creates is completely different. That’s why I’m having so much fun learning it all by ear. There are still many buttons I don’t know the functions to, but I’m steadily remembering them as I accumulate live experience. It’s really tough, but I want to work even harder so I can shine even more!

A minor concern where I can instantly fall asleep anywhere

——I assume you’ve been spending more time at home, so do you engage in online shopping?

Shindo: Once I entered high school, I’ve begun shopping online more often. I haven’t been able to visit shops as often, so I’ve begun buying anime character goods online. I also buy clothes for work online as well. Once I wear them about 2〜3 times and they become a familiar sight, they become a part of my personal wardrobe.

——Any recent trends in high school?

Shindo: I’ve gotten to know such trends through YouTube and TikTok, but most of the trending items and mannerisms mostly come from TikTok. I can keep up with the trends in anime, but now I can also somewhat keep up with trends like tapioca and anything else that’s currently trending worldwide. I go like “So that’s the thing!” (lol).

——Next, could you share your nightly routine.

Shindo: I try to drink 2 litres of water everyday, but I always end up leaving a little behind. So I just gulp the rest down before going to bed. I also pretty much wear a heated eye mask every night. Using my smartphone, playing games and watching the DJ equipment tires out my eyes. If I don’t wear one every so often, my eyes end up feeling really bad so I stock up on those to give my eyes a rest.

——Any minor concerns you’ve had recently?

Shindo: I’m not the type to hold on to any problems…But if I had to bring one up, it would be how I’m instantly falling asleep anywhere. During breaks between classes, I was planning to do something after getting a drink, but I often find myself falling asleep right after class ends. I used to be able to control when I sleep, but now, before I know it zzzz…(lol).

——Sounds like you’re recharging your strength (lol). Now could you share what kind of voice actress you would like to be in the future.

Shindo: Voice actresses now have to be active in various fields, and I would also like to do the same through various characters and works. I really want to try classical instruments such as the violin and the flute, maybe even the piano. And I want to do more photoshoots like the one we did today!

——And finally, a message to all our readers.

Shindo: Everyone’s support is what encourages me and serves as the source of my energy. It’s hard to meet now, but seeing all your messages on SNS, I feel that「I have to do more for this」and「I need to study more」. And I want to repay everything you’ve all done for me. I want to become someone that can better stand by everyone’s side and give them strength through future works and live performances.

——Thank you so much Shindo-san!

Look forward to the next「Seiyuu Field Guide」!

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