Amane Tweet Translations (Jan 2020)

2020 January 31 – 10:59 pm

I’m happy to see all your reports on GETTING your goods🌸
I and Haru-chan are glad to receive all your care and love (´˘`)♥

2020 January 31 – 10:58 pm

All of the groups are just so wonderful💗
The choreography was so amazing it’s still looping in my head( ´꒳`)
I’m so happy that all the digglers responded when #LiLiLiLi appeared in the game footage😭✨
I have to do my best to stand on the stage earlier~🏃‍♀️
Good Nesu!


2020 January 31 – 9:49 pm

I went to see [D4DJ D4 FES. -Departure-]🌸
All the units were sparkling, and when everyone made their appearance dressed in the same outfits as their characters, I was moved😭✨
The age of #D4DJ has arrived ~ (✿´ ꒳ ` )


2020 January 31 – 9:45 pm

You’re the greatest Rinku-chan😭
You’re so cute! Oyu-chan!
Thanks for your hard work!

2020 January 31 – 8:35 pm

Everyone, please pull the gacha for your oshis!
Haruna-channnnnn! Wait for me ~ 🎶

Quoted Tweet – D4DJ Groovy Mix Pre-registration Disk Skin Gacha

2020 January 31 – 5:25 pm

Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy! Let’s all enjoy it together!!

Quoted Tweet – Rebirth Fest 2020

2020 January 30 – 10:34 pm

The tea leaves were floating~😭
That’s senburi tea!
Today’s HiBiKi StYle is so interesting that I’m laughing out loud myself so do catch it lol
Good nesu

2020 January 30 – 7:53 pm

7th place!? Amazing! That’s amazing!!
Tomorrow’s the day of #D4DJ D4 FES. -Departure ( ✧﹃✧)
There are goods of the members of #LiLiLiLi so do GET them, okay?💗

Quoted Tweet – Dig Delight’s Oricon Daily Ranking

2020 January 30 – 4:45 pm

That’s senburi tea! The leaves appeared lol

Quoted Tweet – HiBiKi StYle Episode 535

2020 January 29 – 8:59 pm

Once again, congratulations on reaching 8th place on the Oricon Daily Charts ( ´꒳`)
I was so happy I went to buy these!!
Rinku-chan came home😭✨💗
The age of #D4DJ has arrived!


2020 January 29 – 6:07 pm

8th place in the Oricon Daily Ranking✨
Amazing! Amazing!
I’m so grateful to all the digglers😭

2020 January 29 – 2:12 pm

It’s finally on sale! It’s cute & beautiful✨
I want to collect the jackets of all the members(´,,•﹃ •,,`)


2020 January 28 – 9:26 pm

Tomorrow [Dig Delight!] will be going on sale…✨
I have to go GET it🏃‍♀️
Time to do my best tomorrow too! Go! od nesu!

2020 January 28 – 9:24 pm

I heard my name on #MimoPara while I was on the train…!!
I’m so happy ⸜(* ॑꒳ ॑* )⸝⋆*
Here’s a photo that we took together during #LOVELIVEFEST 😭✨


2020 January 28 – 6:54 pm

Thank you so much Masters Square!!
And thank you all so much for coming despite the bad footing everywhere
( *´꒳`*)
My bangs and curled hair was all taken away by the rain…Amenesu.


2020 January 28 – 3:44 pm

My 1st calligraphy of the year is on display at AKIHABARA GAMERS along with Peaky-Pkey’s!
Please come on down to see it ( *´꒳`*)


2020 January 27 – 10:58 pm

I tried the lucky draw countless times and I finally got it…😭✨
I’ve always wanted a humidifier so I’m really happy!!
I was already thinking about buying a small one with Melo-chan🤤💗
With that, good nesu!


2020 January 27 – 10:33 pm

I went to see [Pastel*Palettes Special Live Manmaru Oyamani Irodori Special☆〜]✨
I’ve been looking forward to Pasupare’s solo performance ever since it was announced!
The stage, the performance and MC were all so cute, it was so much fun💗
I runrun’d to [Wonderland Girl] live🎶


2020 January 27 – 9:43 pm

Aya-chan…Eve-chan…Maya-chan…It’s Pasupare…😭✨💗
I’ll talk about how I felt later!!

2020 January 27 – 9:04 pm

Tomorrow evening’s the #RebirthNationwideClasses at Hachioji!!
Please do come over ( *´꒳`*)

Quoted Tweet – Rebirth class at Masters Square

2020 January 27 – 5:42 pm

I got it…I’m happy but, it’s big lol
I’ll tweet about it later ( *´꒳`*)

2020 January 27 – 4:06 pm

FuFu…Something good happened❁¨̮

2020 January 27 – 2:31 pm

Earphones always fall out of your ears eventually😭

2020 January 26 – 9:18 pm

Shuu-chan sure is a genius middle schooler ( *´꒳`*) If you missed it, you can watch it on YouTube!!

Quoted Tweet – Episode 4 of Rebasu

2020 January 26 – 8:47 pm

I’ve gone there several times during elementary school to buy things…And last year I helped out in 2 events✨
Thank you for everything( ´꒳`)
I love the Bushiroad Store💗

Quoted Tweet – The closure of the Bushiroad Store

2020 January 26 – 8:39 pm

I always enjoy every week’s Getsubushi News Corner ( *´꒳`*)

2020 January 26 – 8:39 pm

Congratulations Oyu-chan!!

2020 January 26 – 8:18 pm


2020 January 26 – 7:19 pm

Today’s outfit was the one I wore to AJ last year!
I really like the bear ears that are on the back of the outfit ( ´꒳`)
I want to do this survey where I ask everyone what kind of hairstyle they’ll like to see again!!
If you have any other comments like “I liked the outfit from that time!” etc, please tell me in the replies🎶
#Amavel #Ponytail


2020 January 26 – 6:16 pm

Thank you so much Otakara Soko Aeon Town Kariya!!
I’m so happy that I could come back to Nagoya😭
I’m so happy that everyone complimented my hairstyle and outfit “cute”💗
If I had only one regret, it would be…I wanted to eat miso katsu…
I’ll do my best for the 28th!


2020 January 26 – 12:46 pm

Hobby Station Nagoya
I’m so happy I received so many praises about my ponytail ( ´꒳`)
I hope to see you all at the next one!
I had my first Ankake spaghetti…the scallops were delicious🎶


2020 January 26 – 7:11 am

It’s not raining!!

2020 January 26 – 6:57 am

Good Mornesu ~ 🎶
Ufufu ~ 🎶
Today, I’ve tied the cutest ponytail I’ve ever tied in my whole life ( ´꒳`)
Look forward to it!!

2020 January 25 – 10:23 pm

There’s this feeling of wanting to stay up late on a Saturday night isn’t there…? But I shall sleep for tomorrow’s sake.
Good Nesuuuuu🎶

2020 January 25 – 10:11 pm

It smells like shampoo…

TL note – This is a 22/7 song of the same name.

2020 January 25 – 9:44 pm

Nico Nico Nii ~

2020 January 25 – 8:14 pm



2020 January 25 – 6:35 pm

I’ll do my hair in a ponytail tomorrow!
And I want my outfit to feel nostalgic so I’ll wear a uniform🎶
The theme for Nagoya tomorrow is “Nesu’s school life”!!
Please (come) take your attendance at school ( ´꒳`)

2020 January 25 – 4:29 pm

What hairstyle would be good for tomorrow ( -᷅_-᷄ ๑)

Options are:
Twin Tails

2020 January 25 – 2:02 pm

This is sudden but…what kind of hairstyle do all want to see me in!
Please tell me in the replies💦
I might do the hairstyle that shows up the most🎶

2020 January 25 – 2:00 pm

Tomorrow’s class is in Nagoya~🎶
What outfit will I be wearing🎶
Could it be a new one? ( ´꒳`)

2020 January 24 – 10:19 pm

I cut my bangs…nesu. Good? Nesu!


2020 January 24 – 9:36 pm

I did it!! (※I did this without sound on the train)


2020 January 24 – 5:06 pm

It’s finally on sale😭✨
I have to go GET them too~🏃‍♀️
※It makes it look like I’ve gotten every Kyaro card until now


2020 January 23 – 10:02 pm

My sisnesu went and bought these✨
And Shindou declared…until I get my oshi I will buy as many as I need to lol
Sisnesu’s drawing is really good!!
Good Nesu…nesu!

TL note – Drawing of Eli says “That’s Harasho!!”


2020 January 23 – 6:37 am

Good Mornesunesunesu!

2020 January 22 – 9:28 pm

So many typos.

2020 January 22 – 9:27 pm

I really like girls with twintails…and among them, Muni has been a source of healing for me recently( *´꒳`*) By the way, the announced #D4DJ CD will be going on sale soon…B~U~T~!!

It looks like it comes with another jacket…Muni…Rinku…do your best and promote yourselves 💪🏻(`꒳´)
Good Nesu🌝

2020 January 22 – 8:50 pm

It’s not a cold!
My nose can’t stop running because of my allergies to flowers!

2020 January 22 – 8:46 pm

I went to the CD shop thinking that I could buy all 3 CDs at once but…#DUC was already sold out😭
But but!! I made a reservation and I’ll be picking it up soon along with the bonus goods!
Anyways…today my grin and my running nose won’t stop🤧


2020 January 22 – 7:08 pm

I can’t stop grinning ( ≖͈́ ·̫̮ ≖͈̀ )ニヤァ

2020 January 21 – 9:45 pm

I always get hungry at this time…Good Nesu Video

2020 January 21 – 3:07 pm



2020 January 21 – 7:16 am

I panicked and thought that I had lost my PASMO but it was in my card case…
Good Mornesu

2020 January 20 – 9:48 pm

My mother’s reactions on #lovelivefes.
There’s Nico-chan!! She’s so cute…!
Yume no Tobira!

…After the show
Nesu…Your eyes are really red lol

My mama really enjoyed it ( ´꒳`)
And my older sister was happy that I got her a souvenir♥
Good Nesu


2020 January 20 – 8:41 pm

I’m so happy that I could hear it live…

TL note – Lyrics from Rina Tennoji’s character song Doki Pipo ☆ Emotion

2020 January 19 – 8:49 pm

It was so close! The speed of the cup!

2020 January 19 – 8:46 pm

It’s the tablecloth again!!

2020 January 19 – 8:43 pm

I’m actually bad at math…(´˘`*)
Whenever I’m chosen in class, I also go “I don’t understand anything!]…lol
I want to give Shuuko-chan all the tamagoyaki that she can eat(๑♡ᴗ♡๑)💭


2020 January 19 – 4:03 pm

To summarize my thoughts about the ramen…It felt like I won the “Championship”.

2020 January 19 – 4:00 pm

Well…In this case, am I scared?

TL note – There is a pun made in her previous tweet about お金 (okane) and おっかない (okkanai) since they sound extremely similar when you change ない to ねえ

2020 January 19 – 3:57 pm

Even if you intend to stop collecting goods, you will eventually relapse…
Money is scary.
Speaking of! The ramen I had yesterday was so delicious!!
It’s cha-shu and soup are the ones I’ve enjoyed the most thus far😭
I’m definitely coming back again!


2020 January 19 – 10:47 am

So heavyyyyyyyyy

2020 January 19 – 10:47 am

Good Mornesu…I slept pretty well ( *´꒳`*)
But my eyes are a little lol

2020 January 18 – 10:49 pm

I cried too much and I have a headache now😭
When they appeared I was holding myself back with teary eyes, and as I did the calls and responses my tear glands slowly loosened,
And the moment my favorite song, Yume no Tobira started playing my tear glands just burst…
It was completely unexpected( ´•̥ ̫ •̥` )
Let me introduce you to my School Fest teams🎶
With that, Good Nesu🌙.*·̩͙


2020 January 18 – 10:20 pm

I went to see the [#LoveLiveFes]
The day had arrived where I could watch the μ’s that opened my #YumenoTobira back in elementary school live…and my tears couldn’t stop.
If I had never met μ’s and Love Live back then, I wouldn’t be where I am today.
This moment is the greatest✨


2020 January 18 – 3:31 pm

We’ll become one with our smiles~🎶

TL note – Lyrics from a μ’s song, Mi wa µ’sic no Mi

2020 January 18 – 9:19 am

It’s snow…
Todokete ~ 🎶

TL note – Lyrics from a μ’s song, Snow Halation


2020 January 18 – 8:25 am

Good Mornesu…Happy Birthday My Melody❤️

2020 January 17 – 9:35 pm

I’m the master of bad screenshots…😭
I often hear this from everyone but…personally, the songs where I like both the score and song are, [Oh, Love & Peace!] [Spicaterrible] [Kaguya no Shiro de Odoritai] and [Binetsu kara mystery]🤔💭
Good Nesuuu!
Recently, I’ve also been talking a lot about 2-chome lol


2020 January 17 – 4:29 pm

Thank goodness I managed to succeed at signing my revenge sign ( *´꒳`*)

Quoted Tweet – Tweet from Bushiroad’s official store

2020 January 17 – 4:07 pm

Ama-san is really happy…(Ü)ﻌﻌﻌ♥

Convo goes:

Ama – I love Melo-chan!
Melody – Ehhhh~🎶 Melody also loves Ama-san♥️
Ama – I’m so happy!
Melody – Wa ~ 🎶

TL note – App is called Together whenever with My Melody.


2020 January 16 – 9:24 pm

It’s my dream to one day to see itabags of the character I play at events and on the streets…✨
(※This dream is number 8 of #NesusAmbitions)
Good Neplainudon

TL note – おやね素うどん in romanji is OyaneSuudon and 素うどん is plain udon…


2020 January 16 – 7:42 pm

They’re so cute ~🙏😭✨💗
Starting tomorrow…you have to go GET them!

Quoted Tweet – D4DJ goods at Animate and Gamers

2020 January 14 – 3:46 am

Good Mornasunasusnasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunasunesu

2020 January 13 – 7:36 pm

Give your best in whatever you are able to do!
Anyone can use this to build their self-confidence!
I have everyone around me so everything will be okay!
Yesterday’s dinner was absolutely delicious!
Is what I’ve been thinking about this time of year…(´˘`*)


2020 January 13 – 1:24 pm

I’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful ladies dressed in kimonos on Twitter, on TV and on the streets!
To all the new adults, congratulations ( *´꒳`*)

2020 January 12 – 9:05 pm

Thank you all for watching Episode 2 of #Rebasu!
The self-introductions…should be…yeah.
I hope to see you all next week too!


2020 January 12 – 8:42 pm

Wait…That tablecloth pull lol
Everything fell down…lol

Note: She’s referring to Oyu’s corner in Getsubushi TV where she does random challenges.

2020 January 12 – 6:23 pm

My favourite generation is the Advanced Generation (*^^*)

2020 January 12 – 6:08 pm

Croagunk…The very first pokemon I ever liked was Croagunk.

2020 January 12 – 3:58 pm

And and! It’s been a while since I’ve been to Akihabara so I got really excited, and at the station, I saw so many advertisements promoting so many of my favourite works everywhere so I was dragging my feet in the middle of the station!!
Today was such a good day!

2020 January 12 – 3:53 pm

Look Look! It’s a pedestrian’s paradise! And #Colopare!


2020 January 12 – 3:48 pm

Thank you all for coming to the 2nd reservation session!!
It was so much fun!
#Oyunesu in Akihabara, have we been together since last summer?
Let’s do another meet-and-greet in Akihabara again✨


2020 January 12 – 1:58 pm

My smartphone battery is now at 19%

2020 January 12 – 1:45 pm

Thank you all for attending the competition!

The results were… Round 1 – Garupa Pico deck wins
Round 2 – Rebirth deck wins
Round 3 – Rebirth deck loses

To the people who participated and those that supported me, thank you so much✨
Please do come to the next event!


2020 January 12 – 12:40 pm

Thank you all for attending the class and pre-ordering the decks!!
I hope to see you all again at the competition ( *´꒳`*)


2020 January 12 – 9:27 am

Yesterday night, an anime that I was waiting for for the longest time finally started so I’m really Happy today.

2020 January 12 – 8:31 am

Good Mornesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunesunasu


2020 January 11 – 9:12 pm

It’s happening tomorrow, hope to see you all there!

Quoted Tweet – Spring Rebirth Festival

2020 January 11 – 6:29 pm

Normally I change my smartphone case to fit my clothes so I was thinking about getting a new one soon and I managed to find one that I liked✨
And! I managed to GET the one item that I really wanted from the Evangelion lucky draw😭♥


2020 January 11 – 6:27 pm

Whenever they were fighting or dancing, the way their skirts fluttered around was so beautiful and elegant…💭

2020 January 11 – 5:49 pm

I went to watch the stage play [Assault Lily League of Gardens]!
These girls who continue to fight are strong, beautiful, full of hopes and dreams✨
The personalities of each of the characters were so unique and the way they support each other was so moving😭
It’s a fantastic story, I’m really interested to see how it continues🤤#AssaultLily

2020 January 11 – 5:37 pm

I want to say that I charged it with my own static electricity but, I charged it with a cute pink charger that I bought recently lol

2020 January 11 – 5:31 pm

Huh!! It became 6%!

2020 January 11 – 5:28 pm

The battery on my smartphone is now 4%…don’t worry about it.

2020 January 11 – 9:36 am

Good Mornesu…I’ve been thinking about going to Hakone recently ( *´꒳`*)

2020 January 10 – 6:54 pm

Thank you so much @ tim_nakayama!!
I’m so happy now that I can talk about the anime!
Next up is the Rebirth Festival on the 12th ( *´꒳`*)
I hope to see you all there!


2020 January 10 – 6:16 pm

KYYAAAAAA!! It’s so cute ♥
Everyone, please do GET them!


2020 January 10 – 3:55 pm

Thank you all so much for watching the 1st half!!
I’ll continue to do my best to be more involved in #D4DJ🌸
Please continue to support us!!

2020 January 10 – 3:53 pm

I will be acting as “Tomoe” in #TeikokuSenki!
She’s a lovely girl who once admired the ideal of a Yamato Nadeshiko✨
Please do support her ( *´꒳`*)

2020 January 9 – 3:35 pm

I will be acting the brand new companion “Melodia”!
She’s Iris’s companion and is a cute girl that strives towards her dreams✨
I look forward to your support( *´꒳`*)

2020 January 8 – 6:21 pm

100,000 people!! Congratulations!!

Quoted Tweet – HiBiKi StYle’s giveaway for hitting 100,000 subscribers

2020 January 8 – 5:48 pm

Please do support us on the 10th!!

Quoted Tweet – A&G+ Special D4DJ Livestream

2020 January 7 – 7:09 pm

I want to invite my friends to a game of tag.

Quoted Tweet – Amane’s New Year’s Resolutions

2020 January 7 – 5:00 pm

Everyone please please do participate!

Quoted Tweet – D4DJ fortune slips and lucky bags

2020 January 6 – 9:26 pm

Today, I was at the Hanazono Shrine since this morning!
It seems like this year is a year of medium luck for me (´˘`*)
I hope everyone builds plenty of relationships✨
Good Nesu ( ˘-˘ )


2020 January 6 – 4:15 pm

Finally! Her profile!
She’s so beautiful💗
Raw caramel…home appliances!?
The blood of an audio maniac…!?
There are some many things I’m curious about((っ•ω•⊂))eager
The new illustration also looks amazing😭 ✨S
Please support #KasugaHaruna !

Quoted Tweet – Kasuga Haruna’s character introductions

2020 January 5 – 9:55 pm

Today I wore my newly bought blouse to solo karaoke (´˘`*)
My vibrato lol
Good Nesu〜🎶


2020 January 5 – 8:48 pm

You can watch the cuteness as many times as you like
🙏(˘ω˘ )( ˘ω˘)🙏bigthanks

Quoted Tweet – URL to Rebasu on YouTube

2020 January 5 – 8:37 pm

#Rebasu Thank you so much!!
It was so cute ♥
I can’t wait for next week’s episode ((っ•ω•⊂))impatient


2020 January 5 – 8:04 pm

Start!! #Rebirth

2020 January 5 – 7:59 pm

It’s starting soon (´˘`*)

2020 January 5 – 7:36 pm

Kanda Myojin!?
The illustration of everyone as shrine maidens are so cute (๑♡ᴗ♡๑)

2020 January 5 – 7:34 pm

Osaka and Hokkaido! I also want to go overseas too (´˘`*)💭

2020 January 5 – 7:05 pm

Everyone looks so gorgeous and beautiful (๑♡ᴗ♡๑)

2020 January 5 – 1:57 pm

Finally! Finally! It’s starting today!

Quoted Tweet – Start of Rebirth’s short anime series

2020 January 4 – 9:46 pm

[Nesu’s favourites]
Dr Pepper・Cup Yakisoba・Mayo Beam・Poached chicken breast・Cheese・Iekei Ramen

[Nesu’s favourite phrase]
I wanna eat some cup yakisoba…(absent-mindedly)

Good Nesu FIRE!


2020 January 4 – 8:40 pm

It was so much fun
\ Niigata!!/


2020 January 4 – 4:59 pm

Thank you all so much from the New Year!!
Everyone’s reactions were so lovely, it was so much fun ( *´꒳`*)
It’s cold out so everyone please take care when you’re heading home!


2020 January 4 – 12:38 pm

The first Rebirth of the year!
Thank you so much @ duelgard_1!!
I’m so thankful since the start of the new year😭
I’m going to eat rice 🌾
I’ll see you all at the next store!


2020 January 4 – 12:04 pm

Please do participate!

Quoted Tweet – Rebirth retweet campaign

2020 January 4 – 6:06 am

Today I’m wearing a new outfit ♪( ◜ω◝و(و ”

2020 January 4 – 6:02 am

Good Mornesu─=≡Σ(([ ⊐•̀⌂•́]⊐

2020 January 3 – 9:48 pm

On my way back home, I bought a lucky bag from my favorite shop and a blouse that I always wanted (ง•ω•)ว♪

2020 January 3 – 9:46 pm

Today was the best day I’ve ever had…( *´꒳`*)

Even though I grew taller, to this day, I still long to be the first in height lol \

Tomorrow I’ll be in Niigata! There’s rice! Is it snowing there?

Please do come on down🌞

Good Nesmile(´˘`*)


2020 January 3 – 6:48 pm

I went to watch “West Side Story”! It was my very first musical, and it was wonderful✨

Especially the way the dresses flutter as everyone dances, the beautiful singing…🤤I want to keep watching this forever!!

I’d like to talk a lot more about the musical, but I’ll keep it a secret♥


2020 January 3 – 6:25 pm

I was wearing 5~7cm thick soles…I’m actually 163cm ( *´꒳`*)

2020 January 3 – 6:14 pm

It was a really beautiful and wonderful musical✨ 💗

Quoted Tweet – Suzuko Mimori’s tweet

2020 January 3 – 12:14 pm

(*Φ∀Φ)The weather’s so nice

2020 January 1 – 2:09 pm

New Year’s gifts!! I want them🤤

Quoted Tweet – HiBiKi’s New Year’s Gift giveaways

2020 January 1 – 12:36 pm

That’s a horror signature(´꒳`*)Dorya

Quoted Tweet – Pictures of seiyuu signatures at the Bushiroad Store in Makuhari

2020 January 1 – 11:05 am

Good Mornesu

The drawing says: Happy New Year!


Thank you all so much for your support in 2019. Please continue to take care of me in 2020.


2020 January 1 – 4:51 am

Good Mornesu…Good Nesu

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