Amane Tweet Translations (Dec 2019)

2019 December 31 – 11:21 pm

Happy New Year! I’ll be in your care this year too!!


2019 December 31 – 10:57 pm

It’s cold.


2019 December 31 – 5:00 pm

I’m always thankful for all the letters and gifts from everyone!!

I’m also receiving “Happinesu” from everyone!

2019 December 31 – 4:52 pm

This year left a strong impression on me as I walked down the path to my dreams, hearing my voice on TV and standing on the stage.

I’ll continue to do my best to stand on bigger stages, and to hear my voice on TV and on the streets next year!!

At the same time, I’ll do my best to give all my fans a gift of “Happinesu”!

Please continue to support me in the new year!


2019 December 31 – 11:03 am

There are additional classes!!

I’m so happy that I can meet everyone so much starting from January( *´꒳`*)

Do come on down♥


2019 December 30 – 9:50 pm

I finished writing…my New Year’s Cards ( ˊᵕˋ ;)💦

2019 December 29 – 10:20 pm

I’m sorry for being late💦

The #RebirthNationwideClasses for January have been scheduled!!

I know everyone will be busy, but if you can, please do come on down ( *´꒳`*)


2019 December 27 – 10:09 pm

It looks like fun lol

Quoted Tweet – Bushiroad’s in-house Rebirth tourney

2019 December 27 – 8:51 pm

It’s a BD with [Surprises and excitement]♪ I GOT the Colopare Surprise GiftBox✨🧜‍♀️

It’s all sparkling and cute😭💛

I think I’ll watch the Blu-ray every day from now on lol

They’re having so much fun doing their best!!

Everyone, please do GET it🦈

#Colopare #Vanguard


2019 December 27 – 11:48 am

Thank you so much for the lovely illustration😭💛

It was so cute that the moment I saw it, I was deeply moved!!

Quoted Tweet – The illustration for the BD set of Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastrale

2019 December 27 – 10:09 am

Wowwwww how wonderful (´。✪ω✪。 ` )💛

Let’s enjoy the New Year’s holidays by watching #Colopare ( *´꒳`*)

Quoted Tweet – The BD of Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastrale goes on sale today

2019 December 26 – 6:57 pm

Maybe it was cabbage lol

2019 December 26 – 6:53 pm


I ate my very 1st Gurakoro😭✨

It was deeeeeelicious !!

My mother loves Gurakoro so I always wanted to try it.

And now that winter break is here I ate it🤤

I want to eat it again😍

※ After this, I went to meet up with Oyu-chan and there was lettuce on my coat

Note: The Gurakoro burger is a limited time item at Mcdonalds in Japan. The patty is a prawn and macaroni cream croquette.



“Good Morning ~ There’s like something on you ~”



2019 December 26 – 5:03 pm


Nishio who has too much time on her hands. Video


Oyu-chan… You’re so cute ( ✧﹃✧)♥


Nesu ~~ Thank you ~~ Nesu’s hair was also all curled up today 🌀

2019 December 25 – 11:03 pm


It’s my birthday!!!!!!

I’m 30!!!!!!!!!!

Please continue to take care of me!!!!!

> Soramaru’s flock <
 ̄Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y ̄

So happy————😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Tokui-san! Happy Birthday!!

Wishing you a wonderful year ahead✨🍰💗



Thank you——————!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭💕💕💕💕

2019 December 25 – 10:18 pm

Good Nesunsun(つㅁ•,,))゚゚゚

2019 December 25 – 10:17 pm

Merry Christmas🎅

I found them…(*♥д♥* )


2019 December 25 – 6:40 am

Good Mornesuuuuuu!

2019 December 24 – 11:00 pm


Celebrating my 28th birthday!!!!

#Aimi’s Birthday✨✨


Aimi-san! Happy birthday! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead✨🎁


Thank you Amanesu🧸✨I’m so happy ~ !

2019 December 24 – 9:26 pm

I’m so happy whenever I eat meat, cheese and noodles🍖🍰🍜


2019 December 24 – 6:48 pm

I love Christmas food (。・﹃・。)


2019 December 24 – 5:22 pm

Presents…☆°。⋆⸜(* ॑꒳ ॑* )⸝

The keyword was announced in the videos, so do watch them!!

Quoted Tweet – HiBiKi StYle Christmas giveaways

2019 December 24 – 6:58 am

Merry Christnesu

2019 December 23 – 9:21 pm

Recently, I’ve picked up a hobby of taking and looking at pictures of train stations and train tracks without any fences, when there’s no one around🚃📸

Good Neeeeeeeeeevinegar!

Note: This is a bad pun where 酢 means vinegar but is also pronounced as す

2019 December 21 – 9:44 pm

Thank you all so much for today✨

I want to go back to Ibaraki and Tochigi again in my private time…(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

Today I saw Sanomaru-kun, but I ate Yumeno’s Sano ramen instead lol

I love mascot characters so I thought to myself, I’ll be happy to try Sanomaru-kun’s Sano ramen sometime!

So with that, Good Nesu⁂

2019 December 21 – 5:13 pm

Thank you so much @ YS_UTSUNOMIYA!!

And thank you to everyone else as well✨

A new phrase was born today [Poko Poko Phase] (lol)

The last class of the year was so much fun! I had Sano ramen!!

So with that, next year, please be a good year~🎶

Quoted Tweet from the Rebirth official account


2019 December 21 – 1:08 pm

@ cardshopsairyu Thank you so much!! I got a cake🍰

It was delicious😋💛

Everyone, thank you so much as well. I look forward to seeing you all at the next one!

Quoted Tweet from the Rebirth official account


2019 December 21 – 7:47 pm

Good Mornesu! I missed the train while I was watching Vanguard…( ゚д゚)ah!

I look forward to working with you all today!!

2019 December 20 – 6:49 pm

By the way!! Today’s the day Crystal Melody goes on sale💛

I have to go searching for it soon ε≡≡ヘ( ´Д`)ノwaitformekyarochan

2019 December 20 – 5:17 pm

My outfit for tomorrow is themed around Christmas🎅 Please do come on by🥰 Recently, I’ve gotten into a certain game and now I’m always playing it lol


2019 December 17 – 7:43 pm


Like, is everyone going to a hair salon today?

And, take a look at this hyper beautiful photo that I took (I think at least)


That jumper…!!


It’s the one I was talking about yesterday!

The one that’s green and pink and super fluffy~~

2019 December 17 – 6:15 pm

I cut my hair!! I layered my hair so it connects with the hair on the back of my head😭💕

︎ But it looks like a bob if I gather up the hair on the back of my head lol


2019 December 16 – 9:50 pm

My house has been cold recently…No, I can’t get out of the futon, I desire it too much▓▓‹:)❄

Warm tea has been my good friend recently(๑⃙⃘ˊ꒳​ˋ๑⃙⃘)

Good nesunsun


2019 December 15 – 9:09 pm

When I saw that Kuromi-chan, I thought she was the absolute cutest!!

Then, Melody-chan came out and I GOT her!! I’ll go search for Kuromi-chan lol

2019 December 15 – 9:05 pm

This was what was so lucky yesterday!!

I got myself a Christmas gift that I was interested in( *˘ ³˘)♡♡♡

It’s been with me since I went to bed yesterday(¯¬¯)Zzz

With that, good nesu🌙.*·̩͙


2019 December 14 – 10:00 pm

I’ve finished watching the anime! Time to sleep! Was what I thought until I heard Serena-chan’s voice.

“Huh!?”, turns out I was watching a Colorpare CM🧜‍♀️

I want to float on this fluffy air~🎶

Good Nesu

2019 December 14 – 1:32 pm

So lucky today ~

2019 December 12 – 6:16 pm

I’ve been exercising!! Hi・Ji・Ki・☆

Note: Hijiki is a type of seaweed that is consumed most commonly in Japan and Korea.


2019 December 12 – 2:56 pm

( ´•̥  ̫ •̥` )shedidn’tcomehome


2019 December 11 – 9:29 pm

I only have guts and fighting spirit! I’m horrible at kicking!!

2019 December 11 – 9:27 pm

A conversation with a friend during PE class (soccer)

Friend: “Hey…can you play Kemari?”

Me: “But it’s soccer?”

Friend: “But they’re kicking like it’s Kemari?”

Conclusion: Everyone but me was doing Kemari for class.

Good Nesu ( ᵕᴗᵕ )✩⡱

Note: Kemari is an ancient style of Japanese soccer. Here’s a video.

2019 December 11 – 5:02 pm

Oyu-chan was so strong(⚭⃙⃚⃘᷄⑅⚭⃙⃚⃘᷅)

Quoted Tweet – HiBiKi StYle #519

2019 December 10 – 9:39 pm

“I’ll just spin the Enigma gacha for another 2 more days and I’ll be done!!”

Is what I thought but no matter how much I keep spinning the gacha…

🍀-chan and🌻-chan aren’t coming( ´•̥ ̫ •̥` )

I’ll draw them out using castellas〜꒰⑅•ᴗ•⑅꒱ Good Nesumosunesumosu!

2019 December 9 – 9:28 pm

Come on, it’s not NASU!!

2019 December 9 – 9:28 pm


Alright!! From now, I’ll continue to do my besttttttttttttt

uuooooooooo\( ˙-˙ )/intenseintense!!!!! Good Nasu🌙.*·̩͙

Onuma Ryuichi:

That’s good. But, don’t be too nervous!



Thank you so much(*•ᴗ•)

I’ll do my best!

2019 December 9 – 9:27 pm

No way(´°̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥`)

From the 1st time I stepped into the store I thought “When I become a seiyuu I’ll leave my signature here” for many years, and this year I finally did it despite all the hindrances while going incognito.

I’ll go once more before it closes(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Quoted Tweet – News of the Bushiroad Store in Makuhari closing

2019 December 9 – 7:07 pm

Yesterday’s outfit was a one-piece from @ Jamie_ank ❤

I messed up and forgot to take a full-body photo😭

I’ll definitely take a photo the next time I wear it! I want to show it off!

What’s cute about this store’s outfits is that their skirts are asymmetrical! Here’s a photo of me eating potatoes( ´•̥̫•̥`)


2019 December 8 – 9:26 pm

I’ll tweet about my Western-Style outfit tomorrow! I forgot to take a full-body photo Σ(´□`;)

2019 December 8 – 9:26 pm

There are so many things to be happy about today…(ㆁvㆁ✿︎)

I finally found it and bought some〜♡(( \( ˙꒳​˙ )/ ))♡

Good Nesususususususususususususususususususu


2019 December 8 – 6:51 pm

#RebirthNationwideClasses Thank you so much @ manzokuyaH!!

I was so happy to see the illustrations of Kyaro and Shuko-chan( ´•̥ ̫ •̥` )♡ Thank you for the heating☺️🔆

And to everyone, thank you so much for today! 4 consecutive wins✨

I did it(●º╰╯º●)


2019 December 8 – 1:47 pm


Thank you so much @ BM_ikebukuro!! 3 consecutive wins!

I did itttttttttttttttttt (((o(* ˙-˙ *)o)))

I’m so happy that I could go to my favourite Ikebukuro…♡

I look forward to everyone’s support next time too.


2019 December 8 – 8:10 am

Good Mornesu

2019 December 7 – 4:41 pm

Tomorrow, I’ll be wearing a ꫛꫀꪝ outfit that I bought from a store that I really like recently(*ˊ˘ˋ*)。♪:*° Runrun

2019 December 7 – 4:08 pm

Tomorrow’s the #NationwideRebirthClasses!

It seems that snow has been observed in the area, so do be careful of the cold☃️

By the way, I’m at home reading “Act-age” which I borrowed from a friend📕📚


2019 December 6 – 8:19 pm

There’s also a blanket!? Now we can stave off the coldness of winter❄⛄

Quoted Tweet – Goods of Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastrale

2019 December 6 -7:50 pm

Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(๑♡ᴗ♡๑) So cute I want all of them😍💛💙

Quoted Tweet – Goods of Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastrale

2019 December 5 – 7:54 pm

A Korean version!? Amazing(๑ᵒ̴̶̷͈᷄ᗨᵒ̴̶̷͈᷅)

Quoted Tweet – Pictures of Kyaro’s and Fina’s cards from the Korean Cardfight Vanguard account.

2019 December 5 – 7:53 pm

She’s going to squeeze your arms!? Her mischevious side is also cute(灬º﹃º灬)♡ Everyone please do add them into your decks💛

Quoted Tweet – Kyaro’s card in the new booster set

2019 December 5 – 12:46 pm

Kyarooooooo( ´•̥ ̫ •̥` )♡ She’s so so cute!! Kanon-chan is also super cutes💜

I’m looking forward to the release😊

Quoted Tweet – New booster set for Cardfight Vanguard

2019 December 4 – 9:20 pm

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ( •̥ ˍ •̥ )Imhappy


2019 December 3 – 9:32 pm

I forgot to write Good Nesu( ´•̥ ̫ •̥` )

2019 December 3 – 9:31 pm

I’m often told that…those that don’t speak can play the piano…so I play the pianica instead! I tried to take an elegant photo✨


2019 December 2 – 9:37 pm

I went to the Ramen Battlezone the other day🍜🍀

And until now, I’ve still have gotten Caterpillar-chan( •̥ ˍ •̥ )

Good Nesu…Nesu…Nesu…Mosu.

Note: The Ramen Battlezone is located at B1 of KITTE GRANCHE at Tokyo Station.


2019 December 2 – 2:12 pm


Quoted Tweet – New announcements by the official Rebirth account

2019 December 1 – 9:32 pm

Before I go to bed, here are the songs that I can play on the guitar!!

・Mae e susume!

・Hey-day Capriccio

・Wonderland Girl



・Yume Hanabi

・Seishun wa Non-Stop!

and…etc!! I remembered to do this at the request of a friend lol

I want to refer to everyone’s opinions while I’m playing🎶

Good Nesu☽・:*

2019 December 1 – 5:38 pm

Even if my battery’s at 1%, I’m not worried…Oh my!!

2019 December 1 – 5:31 pm

Recently, I have this strong desire to play the guitar…Are there any songs that I should play?🎸

2019 December 1 – 5:29 pm

I went to a recording the other day, and I received a Christmas present🎁

Thank you so much( ´•̥ ̫ •̥` )♡ It’ll be nice if I could make a snowman this year…..❄️☃


2019 December 1 – 5:27 pm

Additional #RebirthNationwideClasses for December have been decided!! It’s my 1st time in the prefecture! Please tell me about the local delicacies〜(๑•∀•๑) I look forward to working with the 2 shops!!


2019 December 1 – 4:43 pm

#RebirthNationwideClasses Thank you so much @ PAOcard_hachi!! We had an intense fight…(-᷄ω-᷅)🔥

It was so much fun! It’s been a while since I laughed while playing a card game lol

Thank you all so much for today!! A legendary pose lol


2019 December 1 – 1:13 pm


Thank you so much @ amenity_mcd!

I’m so happy to see people come from overseas and outside the prefecture( ´•̥ ̫ •̥` )

I’m so happy that I was able to talk with everyone…(•᎑•)

I won, the match! Next up, Hachiouji! See you there!


2019 December 1 – 12:54 pm


Quoted Tweet – Announcement regarding Rebirth

2019 December 1 – 9:11 am

Good Mornesu!! The reverberation yesterday was amazing~( ´•̥ ̫ •̥` )

It’s thanks to my sister’s influence that I’ve listened to a lot of Porno Graffitti’s songs since I was young. So I got up for “Hitori no Yoru”✨

By the way, it’s thanks to my Mom’s influence that I know all of FLOW’s and Naoto Inti Raymi’s songs since I was young (๑•∀•๑)

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