Amane Tweet Translations (September 2020)

2020 Sep 30 – 5:18 pm


Quoted Tweet: Takeda Rarisa Tago just made a Twitter account, she co-starred with Amane in Bermuda Triangle Colourful Pastrale

2020 Sep 30 – 3:16 pm

I got Cherry-paisen.


2020 Sep 30 – 2:37 pm

Starting today at 16:00~!

Note: Sequel to Colourful Enigma Flowers

2020 Sep 30 – 2:35 pm

Bushidoooooooooooooo!!!!! #Garupa


2020 Sep 29 – 8:57 pm

Watching this after I’ve watched both MoniRadio and MORFONICAL, I’ve come to realize how much I’ve changed lol

And I’ll continue to do my best so I can tell myself, “You’ll continue to grow, and you’ll change even more!”🦈🎀

2020 Sep 29 – 8:54 pm

And an InstaLive on the 6th of October!?!? #MORFONICAL

2020 Sep 29 – 8:53 pm

I didn’t mean to write that😭
I meant to write! Hey everyone! See you all at our 1stLive!

2020 Sep 29 – 8:51 pm

Hey everyone! This is going to be our 1stLive! #MORFONICAL

2020 Sep 29 – 8:47 pm

My whole head will turn white!
Just for Mashiro-chan😁

Note: Amane was talking about how nervous she was that her hair might turn white just like Mashiro’s

2020 Sep 29 – 8:45 pm

Bloo Bloo Bloo…Bloo Bloo…And now, please listen to. Bloom Bloom🦋#MORFONICAL

2020 Sep 29 – 8:44 pm

Watching MoniRadio, I can feel how much I’ve changed

2020 Sep 29 – 7:56 pm

I can’t wait!!!!!

2020 Sep 29 – 7:41 pm

🌈A bonus card for visitors🌈
You can get a [Colourful! Enigma Flowers] card! #EnigmaTradingCards#Enigma#EnigmaMovie#KuroWiz


Note: All visitors to the site get a chance to pull an Enigma Flowers card

2020 Sep 29 – 7:03 pm

Actually, after I took this photo I went to put on my Live outfit and held the Random Star again and I was shaking from excitement LOL

2020 Sep 29 – 6:22 pm

At a certain recording session✨|
This is a photo from yesterday📸
A tiny Random Star is so cute💗
I can feel the heartbeat of the stars.

Note: The heartbeat of the stars is part of the title of Starbeat and is very prominently featured in many Popipa songs


2020 Sep 29 – 6:15 pm

Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
I welcome you Kasumiiiiiiii🌟

2020 Sep 29 – 6:13 pm

The President would be delighted✨

2020 Sep 29 – 6:03 pm

This Kasumi is just so cute.
Let’s tweet out [#GarupaHalloween], and get this event hyped up🎶If the campaign hashtag reaches 5th place or above, we’ll get [2500x Stars] as a present😍The deadline is 2000 today❣

2020 Sep 29 – 5:37 pm

And MORFONICAL is airing today!
Don’t miss it🦋

2020 Sep 29 – 5:37 pm

And you’ll get to know even more about me〜!
Stories like the seiyuu who got me to be a seiyuu etc…
So don’t miss it🦋

2020 Sep 29 – 4:50 pm

Where to put Yuu-san.


2020 Sep 29 – 4:46 pm

[Outbreak・Company] is one of the works that Shindou wants to see spread all across the globe✨📗

2020 Sep 29 – 12:55 pm

I have to pull her!

2020 Sep 28 – 10:14 pm

Taeko is so funny lololol
I find myself marathoning the whole series every time lol
And I love Asami-chan way too much lolol

Note: Taeko no Nichijou is a manga turned short anime. Also, Asami is voiced by Aimi

2020 Sep 28 – 9:08 pm

So embarrassing!!!!
But I did my best!

2020 Sep 28 – 8:56 pm

Whenever I’m interviewed, I try to reply with my character’s mark.
And then I thought, “But once they edit it together you wouldn’t know if I was the one who placed it there!!” but I thought it was cute💗either way so I added it in♪

2020 Sep 28 – 8:54 pm

There’s cast comments! Please do give it a look.
🍀←She’s still wearing this!? LOL

Note: Sequel to the Engima Flowers game

2020 Sep 28 – 8:12 pm

Thank you for having me on MoniRadio🦋
Yoppi-san is in charge of the retorts which is a vital role for Morfonica!
And, I look forward to working with you again for LiLiLiLi’s radio show🎀

2020 Sep 28 – 8:01 pm

We had rehearsals for Monica’s one-man Live✨🦋
My precious partners.


2020 Sep 28 – 7:55 pm

I received a lovely textbook from Yoshida-san…No Yoppi-san✨
Even someone like me who can’t speak really well, with this book, I feel like I can turn my conversational skills into something extraordinary!!
I’ll carry it with me every day🧳📗
Let’s all become extraordinary conversationalists together!
Yoppi-san! Thank you so much😄


2020 Sep 27 – 9:33 pm


A new name.

Note: Ane is the phrase Amane uses in their Rhythm 4 game

2020 Sep 27 – 8:46 pm

It’ll be nice if more Max goods were released…It’ll be even better if it releases alongside Jirachi goods…Crying

Note: Max first appeared in Pokemon Advanced and plays an important role in the Pokemon movie, Jirachi: Wish Maker

2020 Sep 27 – 8:17 pm

At the checkout, I was having a passionate conversation with the clerk about all the heroines, the charms of Serena in the anime and I got a presentation of how cute the heroine in Sword and Shield is lol
Sword and Shield huh…With how charming Gloria and Marnie look, I’m getting curiousssssssssss.

2020 Sep 27 – 8:10 pm

This was when I was in delight over pulling Serena’s can badge case on my own.

2020 Sep 27 – 8:09 pm

I GOT goods of my beloved Serena✨❤️
I’m so glad I got them without any issues😭
And going to the Pokemon Center after a long while makes me even happier♫
I also ordered N online so I can’t wait for that to arrive〜!!


2020 Sep 27 – 6:13 pm

I’m so happy whenever I do a random pull and I get a character that I’ve always wanted😭
I might tweet about it later♪

2020 Sep 27 – 6:05 pm

And so, I want everyone to listen to 「LOVE!HUG!GROOVY!!」a whole bunch!!!
I sang it with a lot of different feelings in mind.

2020 Sep 27 – 6:04 pm

When I 1st listened to it, “Eh!? It’s ZAQ😭It’s so good!!” Was the Number ① thought that came to mind.
One of my #NesusAmbitions singing a song composed or written by ZAQ! Has come true✨

2020 Sep 27 – 9:18 am

A film adaptation!?!?!?

Quoted Tweet – New event in The World of Mystic Wiz

2020 Sep 26 – 9:43 pm

I uploaded to Instagram!!
It’s been getting cold recently〜🥶
Let’s all be careful not to hurt our throats or fall sick! I’ll be careful too!

2020 Sep 26 – 9:37 pm

When I was in kindergarten, I hummed “Mayo Chu Chu” a lot…LOL

Note: Lyrics from Shingo Mama no Oha Rock

2020 Sep 26 – 9:34 pm

My sister told me that my outfit today looks like Shingo Mama’s outfit…If you ask me…I really like it🎀

Note: Shingo Katori’s character on his show SataSma

2020 Sep 26 – 7:20 pm

The bonus card is meant to be Ookami Mio💦
(I read it out as Inugami during the stream💦)
Please do get your copy as well💗

2020 Sep 26 – 7:20 pm

Thank you for watching the 8th Day of The Bushiroad Game Streams✨
It’s been a while since I last played Rebirth! So much fun🌟
To my oshi Mel-chan🦇Thank you so much💗
I was just staring and talking to Mel-chan the whole time lol
I also drew the illustration♡


2020 Sep 26 – 11:24 am

My scream…It was like a monster’s…or a beast…Yeap…I think it was pretty bad as well LOL

2020 Sep 26 – 11:13 am

Here’s the pencil draft of my drawing yesterday.


2020 Sep 26 – 11:12 am

OyunesuYuzuRuka…[1st Half]…Does this mean there’s a 2nd half!?
I can’t wait〜! For now be sure to watch the 1st half!

Quoted Tweet – HiBiKi StYle Episode 601

2020 Sep 26 – 10:47 am

KapuKapuKapuKapu…Today’s the day!
KapuKapuKapuKapu…I can’t wait!

2020 Sep 25 – 10:57 pm

[To Yoppi-san!] This is important.
Be sure to catch it〜!!!!

Note: Yoppi is the nickname for Hisanori Yoshida who is the announcer for Nippon Housou

2020 Sep 25 – 10:06 pm

I’m a day late but…

[September 24th]
Tamba Akari-chan🦄
Happy Birthday🎉🎁🎂
I look forward to voicing and showing off even more sides of Akari-chan💗
Wishing Akari-chan a wonderful year ahead✨


2020 Sep 25 – 9:48 pm

Seeing the transition from Nesu (LiLiLiLi’s Touch) → Oyunesu (Daylight) → Oyu-chan (Happy Around’s Moonlight Densetsu) makes me really emotional😭
Thank you so much! Takagi-san!

2020 Sep 25 – 9:45 pm

Morfonica!?!? #D4DJ_DJTIME

Note: Miyu used Daylight in her setlist for today’s D4DJ DJ Time

2020 Sep 25 – 8:49 pm


Note: Yache is the main character designer for the entire D4DJ series

2020 Sep 25 – 8:48 pm

I can’t wait to go to Atreeeeeeee #D4DJ

Note: D4DJ will be having a collab with Atre Akihabara

2020 Sep 25 – 8:39 pm

Is Miyu-chan at the DJ deck!?!? #D4DJ

2020 Sep 25 – 8:36 pm

Oyu-chan and TsumuTsumu-san are really cute today #D4DJ

2020 Sep 25 – 8:27 pm

Oh my gosh, I just love both of these characters so much!!!!! #D4DJ

Note: The character designs for Mizuki Nana’s and Raychell’s characters have been revealed

2020 Sep 25 – 8:22 pm

What!?!? You can watch it on YouTube!? #D4DJ

Note: The LOVE!HUG!GROOVY!! MV is now available to watch on YouTube

2020 Sep 25 – 8:20 pm

Being able to do this much is natural♪ #D4DJ

2020 Sep 25 – 8:18 pm

LiLiLiLi!!!! #D4DJ

2020 Sep 25 – 8:15 pm

LOVE!HUG!GROOVY!! makes me so emotional!!! #D4DJ

2020 Sep 25 – 8:05 pm

My favourite Ultraman is Ginga followed by Zero, Cosmos, Orb and Geed💗
Please do share what’s your favourite Ultraman too~!

2020 Sep 25 – 8:00 pm

To be honest, these are just the works and songs that Shindou is really into.

2020 Sep 25 – 7:59 pm

Ultraman Ginga’s song
Mahoroba Liberty
Unmei no Shizuku~ Destiny’s star ~

Break the Chain
Be The One

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Busters Lady Go!
Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger

For now, just 3 songs each…
#D4DJ #GroovyMix

2020 Sep 25 – 6:10 pm

Even though my shoes and socks don’t show up in the picture they’re from Shimamura as well😇
Shimamura is the greatest!

2020 Sep 25 – 6:01 pm

Thank you all for watching『TGS Last Bullet Broadcast』🦄✨
During our introductions, you got to hear Akari-chan’s voice for the very first time💗
I modelled my outfit and hairstyle after Akari-chan and Grand・Epre’s uniform♪
I can’t wait for the release!

Top @ AnkRouge
Skirt @ shimamura_gr
#AssaultLily #LastBullet


2020 Sep 25 – 4:42 pm

We’re starting soon〜! Just a little longer🦄


2020 Sep 25 – 2:20 pm

Family Mart!?!?

Quoted Tweet – You can now print bromides of the characters from D4DJ at the printers found at Family Mart

2020 Sep 25 – 12:48 pm

The stream is today!

2020 Sep 25 – 11:19 am

Time to get Starlighted!

Quoted Tweet – Starira Rebirth booster packs go on sale today

2020 Sep 25 – 11:18 am

Alrightttttttttt! Going to get oneeeeeeeeee!

Quoted Tweet – HoloLive 2nd Gen and Gamers Trial Decks go on sale today

2020 Sep 24 – 10:17 pm

As I get older, I find myself loving Tokusatsu more and more…zzzzz

2020 Sep 24 – 10:15 pm

As I was thinking~Do I have a topic…By the way, the other day I was watching Ultraman and I got a response from mama for the 1st time in a while…[Kanegon!?!?]
I’m so glad my family knows…✨
Also, if you put up a poster whenever you go to the studio and such it makes the day so much more fun lol
My mama also knows about my beloved Booska.
Good nesu🛏️

Note: Kanegon and Booska are Kaiju from Ultraman

2020 Sep 24 – 8:23 pm

I’m so excited!

Quoted Tweet – Rebirth will be holding a special live and talk show on the 29th of November

2020 Sep 24 – 7:09 pm

How nice. how nice, how nice✨

Note: Starting from Sep 24, D4DJ will be releasing the title of a new cover song everyday for 24 days. However we won’t know what unit the song is for

2020 Sep 24 – 1:25 pm

I saw the capsule machine✨
I want to collect them all!!!


2020 Sep 24 – 1:15 pm

Yuyu-sama, Kiito-sama, Fumi-chan…Everyone else…A custom…Uuuuuuuuuu I can’t choose!!!!

2020 Sep 24 – 1:14 pm

Fumi-chan is being released in September!?!?
What to do

2020 Sep 24 – 12:48 pm

I can’t waitttttttttttt🦄

2020 Sep 24 – 12:47 pm

A scene where Akari quarrels with Sadamori? I can’t wait for the game to release✨🦄

2020 Sep 24 – 12:28 pm

I’ve been waiting to hear Kanae senpai’s version of Edel Lilie for the longest time

2020 Sep 24 – 12:07 pm

I want to see moreeeeeeeeee #AssaultLily

2020 Sep 24 – 12:03 pm

Fumi-chan is so cute, I want to protect each and every one of her cute expressions.
I want her to become my little sister #AssaultLily

2020 Sep 24 – 11:56 am

I can’t wait to see the animation!!!
That one cut was full of Akari-chan’s cuteness #AssaultLily

2020 Sep 24 – 11:55 am

Legion songs! Eh!? #AssaultLily

2020 Sep 23 – 9:32 pm

When it stops raining and starts again, I start singing “It’s raining after all~♪”.
As it rains more often, the rain gets harder lol

In any case, here’s a picture I took of Tokyo a while back.

Note: Lyrics from the song of the same name [It’s Raining After All] by TUYU


2020 Sep 23 – 9:16 pm

Thanks for watching the 2nd episode of #Amanebu
We had a fun and relaxing time today as well💗
I managed to deepen my bonds with O-Hina-sama😍
Next time, we’ll be having Ayasa-san over as a guest for our club activities!
Don’t miss it!


2020 Sep 23 – 6:53 pm

We’re starting〜!!!!


2020 Sep 23 – 6:20 pm

I wrote this about 10 mins ago.
We’ll be starting at 2000〜Babu Babu🍼

2020 Sep 23 – 3:11 pm

And a chance to win a signed shikishi! Come and get it! #LastBullet

2020 Sep 23 – 3:11 pm

The stream is on the day after tomorrow!!!!!
I’m so excited to be making an appearance as Tamba Akari! I’ve also made sure to style my clothes and hairstyle after Akari-chan so don’t miss it🦄

2020 Sep 23 – 3:08 pm

OHMYGAWDDDDDDD Korone-channnnnnnnnnn!

2020 Sep 23 – 3:03 pm

#D4DJ is getting even more exciting now✨
There’s so much to look forward to! The lives, anime, game and radio shows!
I’ll work even harder on my DJing, dance, singing and voice acting to get things even more hyped!
I’ve been thinking a lot about the choreography for our cover songs from our previous and next live!
Do look out for that🌸


2020 Sep 23 – 2:57 pm

I want to see a Roselia like this so badly!

2020 Sep 23 – 2:54 pm

The age of D4DJ has arrived!

Quoted Tweet – D4DJ reached 3rd place in Trending

2020 Sep 23 – 2:53 pm

Songs you want us to cover!
I have a lot though…but I’ll tell the staff all my suggestions♪ I sure hope they’ll pick them😂💗

If you have any songs you want us to cover please do tweet about it~!!!!

2020 Sep 23 – 2:24 pm

Let’s keep this a secret between the 2 of us and the staff😂
I hope that I can talk to you about it sometime soon💗

Quoted Tweet – Aiai talking about Amane doing something offstage at 8th Live that put a smile on her face

2020 Sep 23 – 2:16 pm

Actually…I thought I would wake up at 10 but I woke up at 14…
I slept a bunch.
And there’s Amanebu today!
I’ll be going babu babu! Together with O-Hina-sama! So don’t miss it〜♪

2020 Sep 23 – 2:12 pm

LiLiLi’s Li♪
The 1st episode has Yoppi-san✨Ha~chan💗And Wata-chan🎀!
I can’t wait〜!

Note: Yoppi is Yoshida Hisanori’s nickname

2020 Sep 23 – 2:10 pm

My words…In any case, this is amazing. My goodness. My excitement just won’t die down!!!!

2020 Sep 23 – 2:08 pm

Please support the anime and our radio show!!!
LiLiLi’s Li🌸

2020 Sep 23 – 2:07 pm

Shindou is in much delight😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Quoted Tweet – HoloLive will be promoting the new beta version of Groovy Mix releasing on 18/10

2020 Sep 23 – 2:07 pm

I want you to watch this! Look!

Quoted Tweet – MV for LOVE! HUG! GROOVY!!

2020 Sep 22 – 11:15 pm

Thank you all so much for these 3 days✨
Being able to stand alongside my wonderful seniors on the same stage makes me so happy.
I’m so glad I was able to experience all the excitement I felt at that moment.
I’m going to get even more pumped up as [Cantabile] draws closer💪🦋
Thank you to all the BanG Dreamers for watching along with all of us💗


2020 Sep 22 – 11:00 pm

You could sense everyone’s characters as we all left the stage✨

2020 Sep 22 – 10:53 pm

Alright! Don! Please do come to Morfonica’s 1st Live「Cantabile」! I hope to see you all there!

2020 Sep 22 – 10:51 pm

LaーLaーLaーLaーLaーLaー! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

Note: Lyrics from Yume wo Uchinuku Shunkan ni!

2020 Sep 22 – 10:46 pm

Yukina-san! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 10:42 pm

I’ve read an important script✨

2020 Sep 22 – 10:36 pm

Mirai Train😭😭😭😭😭
This is so moving… #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 10:31 pm

Poppin Party’s performances are always so fun and interesting and full of smiles😁
It’s kind of like a new form of comedy…👀#バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 10:26 pm

Don’t let go💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗


2020 Sep 22 – 10:21 pm

Right! I want to hear it one day…LaLaLa♪

2020 Sep 22 – 10:18 pm

Star Beat! It’s one the songs that really got me in Bandori✨
It’s a song you definitely want to hear being played outdoors♪

2020 Sep 22 – 10:17 pm

Kasumi-san’s FIRE BIRD is so cool!
I want to hear Poppin Party’s version as well!

2020 Sep 22 – 10:15 pm

Go forth! Poppin Party! I love these lyrics! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

Note: Lyrics from Tokimeki Experience

2020 Sep 22 – 10:14 pm

To the past me.
In the future, you’ll be guided by Popipa to become the vocalist of an amazing band called Morfonica!
Don’t forget what you love and continue doing your best me! I’ll do my best for the future too!

2020 Sep 22 – 10:12 pm

Tokimeki experience as it appeared in the anime😭😭😭😭😭
When the anime was about to end, I still hadn’t gone “Bandori is amazing!!” and started playing the guitar…🎸✨

2020 Sep 22 – 10:04 pm

I can feel August… #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

Note: Popipa is now performing Hachigatsu no If

2020 Sep 22 – 9:58 pm


2020 Sep 22 – 9:57 pm

At this point, the members of Monica were keeping their eyes on a certain area off-stage👀✨#バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

Note: Probably looking out for mika who played back-up for Natsuzora SUN! SUN! SEVEN!

2020 Sep 22 – 9:56 pm

FujiQ is a place to play at right? LOLOL #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 9:54 pm

Popipapipopapopipapopipopa! I remember dancing to this song during dance class in middle school✨

2020 Sep 22 – 9:53 pm

Uwwwwwaaaaaaaa I totally get you😭😭

2020 Sep 22 – 9:53 pm

A popping and cute Popipa✨#バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 9:49 pm

Natsu no Don! I love this song💗

2020 Sep 22 – 9:48 pm

A Summer songggggggggg!!! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 9:47 pm

Poppin Paaaaaaaaaaaaa🌟#バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 9:41 pm

Starting with Initial is so unfairrrrrrrrrr💗💗💗💗💗

2020 Sep 22 – 9:40 pm

I meant to say sun! I made a typo!

2020 Sep 22 – 9:38 pm

Playing Time Lapse just as the day is setting is so emoi of emoi😭✨
So cool!!

2020 Sep 22 – 9:36 pm

Popipa-san!!!!!Kira Kira Doki Doki!!!!!! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 9:36 pm

This is actually true!!!!

This was only a legit quiz for me and Amane lol

Note: More trolling of Amita with a rigged quiz

2020 Sep 22 – 9:34 pm

Please do come to our live in October as well! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 9:34 pm

A   Shin
ne   dou

2020 Sep 22 – 9:32 pm

Please do get your copy of Daylight🦋#バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 9:29 pm

You are absolutely right✨⭕

2020 Sep 22 – 9:26 pm

Maeshima-san is just so amazing😭✨(I feel deep down in my heart✨)
My 1st time hearing her sing this with Chisato-san, I went “Huh!?Eh!?!?!”…Of course this was all in my heart. #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 9:24 pm

Way before the live…
That’s a nice pun #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 9:20 pm

Mou Ichidou Luminous…A song I wanted to hear played outdoors!

2020 Sep 22 – 9:16 pm

Uuuuu…Crying…。 #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 9:14 pm

Seeing Aya-chan reach out to the disappearing Chisato-san made me go “Uwaaaaaaa😭”. Super precious #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 9:11 pm

At this point, I was crying non-stop off-stage #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

Note: Sumipe sang Yura Yura along with Amita as a guest

2020 Sep 22 – 9:11 pm


2020 Sep 22 – 9:08 pm

That fiery choreography was so cool…!!!!
It really gave off the feeling of summer☀️#バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 9:03 pm

Pasupare Full Power! Bang! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

Note: Lyrics from Tenka Toitsu A to Z☆

2020 Sep 22 – 9:02 pm

I was doing all the calls in my heart! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 9:01 pm

Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 9:00 pm

I love the outfit this time as well😭😭💗
The fluttering cloth at the back is so cute🎀
And and, I love how there are no sleeves💗#バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 8:59 pm

Drinking water on the stage tastes exceptionally good! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 8:56 pm

I want to meet Pasupareeeeeeeee😭💗#バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 8:55 pm


2020 Sep 22 – 8:52 pm

I was actually watching Pasupare’s rehearsal from the audience seats…✨

2020 Sep 22 – 8:51 pm

Starting off with「Kyu~Mai*flower」as the 1st song is too powerful😭💗
*Pasupare Full Bloom*
PaPaPaPan! Jan♪

(Lyrics from Kyu~Mai*flower)


2020 Sep 22 – 8:47 pm

Alrightttttt! Here we go! Pasupare is here!!!!

2020 Sep 22 – 8:46 pm

I love this outfit so much! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

Note: Amita’s new outfit for 8th Live

2020 Sep 22 – 8:46 pm

Yay Yay! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 8:45 pm

What a beautiful dance…How lovely✨

Ibuki-chan, Haruna-chan and Kyouko-chan…???

Note: They played footage of Photon Maiden to troll Amita again

2020 Sep 22 – 8:43 pm

Hearing the lyrics to [Mae e susume!] makes me cry😭#バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 8:42 pm

I had so much fun😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

2020 Sep 22 – 8:40 pm

“I’ve just debuted and there’s something I don’t really understand…” #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

Note: A segment from the intermission VTR

2020 Sep 22 – 8:38 pm

This is rough(⌒-⌒; )

From here on out I’ll be following this really amazing script lolol #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 8:37 pm

I made a typo💦

I would’ve have been worried if you didn’t catch a cold!

2020 Sep 22 – 8:37 pm

We’ll deliver an even more powerful performance for our Live in October!!
You can’t miss it🦋#バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 8:35 pm

When I go “Each and every one~” I count the members on my hand and I make eye contact with each of them! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

Note: Lyrics from Bloom Bloom

2020 Sep 22 – 8:33 pm

You’re so cool Touko-chan! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 8:33 pm

The choreography for Bloom Bloom really fits the songs lyrics✨
It almost feels like a little dance! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 8:30 pm

The last song😭#バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 8:27 pm

The sunset!?!?!?!?!?
It looks amazing! Beautiful! So moving😭
Perfect for Konjiki✨An experience you can only get outdoors!
Thanks Mr. Sun😊

2020 Sep 22 – 8:25 pm

I did a wink… #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 8:24 pm

I didn’t think we would get a villa lol #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 8:23 pm

I would have been worried if you don’t catch a cold💦

2020 Sep 22 – 8:20 pm

The weather was cool, but so heated. #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 8:19 pm

You’re so cool Nanami-chan!! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 8:17 pm

I was facing Touko-chan!
If I could get even closer I want us to be back to back!!

2020 Sep 22 – 8:16 pm

I love Tsukushi-chan’s smile! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 8:13 pm

Rui here was amazingggggggggggggg #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 8:09 pm

Good day to you. We are Morfonica.【#バンドリ8th 実況中】#バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 8:09 pm

The amount of water sprayed from the sides was amazing💦#バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

Note: There were water cannons at 8th Live

2020 Sep 22 – 8:08 pm

Standing on the stand was a little scary since it was so high…lolol
I channeled the image of Mashiro who still lacks confidence for my expressions during Daylight.

2020 Sep 22 – 8:01 pm

It’s started! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 8:01 pm

The kira kira doki doki won’t stop😭✨#バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 7:59 pm

Kizuna Music♪ #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3

2020 Sep 22 – 7:56 pm

I didn’t even finish my sentence and my hand slipped and I tweeted it out

2020 Sep 22 – 7:56 pm

It’s starting soon! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY3


2020 Sep 22 – 5:56 pm

Today’s the DAY to get hyped hyped for Morfonica✨🦋
Morfonica Hypefornica!!!

2000~ #MoniRadio
2100~ #Bandori8thLiveCommentary_DAY3 (Let’s use this tag to talk a whole bunch~!)

I love this part of my outfit💙


2020 Sep 21 – 10:28 pm

Tomorrow’s finally the day! Let’s all watch it together at 2100!

2020 Sep 21 – 10:18 pm

RAS is just so cool and powerful…They have all kinds of charm that I hope to have someday soon!
And having everyone use the tag to comment makes it feel like we’re all at the live and enjoying it together!
Sharing what you love is so wonderful!
Let’s use the tags a whole bunch tomorrow too!!! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY2

2020 Sep 21 – 9:58 pm

Dreren Dreren Dreren♪ (This is the intro) #バンドリ8th実況_DAY2

Note: Intro to RIOT the last song for tonight

2020 Sep 21 – 9:54 pm


2020 Sep 21 – 9:53 pm

Bang! Bang! Bang!
That “Chu-Chu, I’ll leave it to you” is so cool!😭😭😭😭😭#バンドリ8th実況_DAY2

Note: They’re playing EXPOSE BURN OUT right now

2020 Sep 21 – 9:39 pm

Here it isssssssssssssssssssssssss!
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY2

Note: RAS is playing Sacred World right now

2020 Sep 21 – 9:36 pm

The ever so cute RAS that’s having so much fun✨Real

Note: They’re playing INVADE SHOW right now

2020 Sep 21 – 9:29 pm

When it wasn’t an encore it was bursting with coolness…I’m going to fall in love〜! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY2

2020 Sep 21 – 9:23 pm

I meant to say lighting。。。。。😭

2020 Sep 21 – 9:21 pm

I love this song, the MV and the proof #バンドリ8th実況_DAY2

Note: Quick intermission during RAS

2020 Sep 21 – 9:05 pm

RAS really gets the feeling across that they’re really having fun performing, especially from TsumuTsumu and Chu-Chu’s facial expressions and movements, no matter how far away you get the feeling she’s having so much fun!✨
Your smile is lovely!

2020 Sep 21 – 8:44 pm

The heat of the concert was amazing.
But, I’m not sure if it was the heat from the Live, or the heat from the flames🔥#バンドリ8th実況_DAY2

2020 Sep 21 – 8:39 pm


This could be my favourite song from RAS! Wait, there’s other songs too! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY2

Note: Lyrics from UNSTOPPABLE

2020 Sep 21 – 8:32 pm

The setlist starting now is, yeah? It’s already WOOOOOOOOOO. Right. Hyped Hyped Amane⤴︎ #バンドリ8th実況_DAY2

2020 Sep 21 – 8:25 pm

I totally understand the kind of feeling they wanted to give off with this viewing!!!!
RAISE YOUR HANDS NOW! This is such a fun song to listen to every Live! So good! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY2

Note: Lyrics from Declaration of xxx

2020 Sep 21 – 8:22 pm

RAS are just too cool😭😭😭
And the new outfits look amazing!
Seeing everyone’s personalities clash and merge which then reflects in their outfits…it really is amazing✨#バンドリ8th実況_DAY2

2020 Sep 21 – 8:11 pm

That setlist was amazing, seeing Rei-san who has the member colour💙singing [Shoot☆] was so moving😭#バンドリ8th実況_DAY2

Note: Lyrics from Ikuze! Kaitō Shōjo

2020 Sep 21 – 8:06 pm

In more detail,
I especially love Rinku-chan and Muni-chan (But Maho-chan is also really cool and Rei-san is so pretty I just love the whole unit.)
I also love all of Rondo’s songs.

2020 Sep 21 – 8:03 pm

My oshi is Happy Around #バンドリ8th実況_DAY2

Note: Happy Around opened on Day 2 of Bandori 8th Live

2020 Sep 21 – 7:33 pm

And this is also happening just right before the Live!

Quoted Tweet – Morfonica Radio

2020 Sep 21 – 7:33 pm

Today’s the day for RAS’s performance!!!!
I’m on the way back home right now so I’ll be getting all hyped up on the train〜⤴︎⤴︎
#バンドリ8th 実況中】#バンドリ8th実況_DAY2

2020 Sep 21 – 1:54 pm

I went “here you are” with the My Melody plaster🎀
I didn’t keep pasting the plaster and peeling it off like My Melody did✨🐰

2020 Sep 21- 1:44 pm

The skies are clear and it’s so cool out!!
Today’s weather is the greatest!
It’ll be nice if it could stay like this forever.

2020 Sep 21 – 10:32 am

I did up my hair on my own…I’ll take a photo of the braid I did afterwards…I also changed up my make-up to give off a slight autumnal feeling…I’ll upload it to Instagram later🍁

2020 Sep 21 – 10:31 am

Have you all gotten your copy of October’s #GekkanBushiroad ????
It has a poster of the cover, a report on the Live, an interview and many more so please do GET yours as well💗🦋🌸


2020 Sep 21 – 10:23 am

If you are a fan of stationary, you can worship them at any time…How wonderful~🦋🌸
Everyone please do get yours as well!!


2020 Sep 20 – 10:42 pm


2020 Sep 20 – 10:32 pm

This song fits so well with fireworks…And these were the first fireworks that I saw this year🎇🌹#バンドリ8th実況_DAY1

2020 Sep 20 – 10:29 pm

Nesshoku Starmine🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
I love the part where they go, “Being more honest, being more direct”💕

2020 Sep 20 – 10:26 pm

It’s already the last song😭😭😭#バンドリ8th実況_DAY1

2020 Sep 20 – 10:18 pm

Song I am is hereeeeeeeeeeeee I’ve been waitingggggggggg😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
And my sister watching right next to me also loves Song I am!!!! Nice!


2020 Sep 20 – 9:54 pm

It’s getting hot! Flaming hot! #バンドリ8th実況_DAY1

Note: Fire Bird is now playing

2020 Sep 20 – 9:51 pm

RRRRR♪ #バンドリ8th実況_DAY1

2020 Sep 20 – 9:48 pm

I cried along with Sayo-san at the concert #Bandori8thLiveCommentary_DAY1

Note: KDHR cried after seeing everyone during the short MC

2020 Sep 20 – 9:17 pm

The 1st time I heard Break your desire, I went, “Ohhhhh I love this so much!”
I’m so glad I heard it live😭
And even though they changed costumes, it’s a colour that Roselia doesn’t wear often and the collars and sleeves look so cute🤤

2020 Sep 20 – 8:53 pm

I especially love the singing in [Yakusoku]! #Bandori8thLiveCommentary_DAY1

2020 Sep 20 – 8:49 pm

Roselia’s cover of [Star Beat] was amazing😂lololol
[Blooming at the peak with kira kira and doki doki] is also an amazing title!!

Note: Roselia baited the audience and played Star Beat instead of Sanctuary

2020 Sep 20 – 8:40 pm

I love the flow of the songs😭😭😭😭😭😭

Note: Ringing Bloom into Brave Jewel

2020 Sep 20 – 8:34 pm

Ringing Bloommmmmmm!!!! #Bandori8thLiveCommentary_DAY1

2020 Sep 20 – 8:31 pm

The way the skirts on Roselia’s outfits sway look so amazing!
I’ve learnt a lot about making movements on stage📖

2020 Sep 20 – 8:21 pm

I always look forward to the music they use in the PV whenever Roselia makes their entrance for a Live🌹💗
A complete 180 from Merm4id’s sexy performance✨
The greatest #Bandori8thLiveCommentary_DAY1

2020 Sep 20 – 8:13 pm

Now with Morfonica too🦋✨
The number of stars has increased😭⭐
I can’t wait for 2021!

Quoted Tweet – Morfonica and RAS will be part of BanG Dream FILM LIVE 2

2020 Sep 20 – 7:18 pm

It was a shoot for the [160% Animals] CM✨
Stay tuned for more news~🦒💗
#TamaKyu #160%Animals


2020 Sep 20 – 12:06 pm

It looks amazing! Please do pay it a visit🦋

Quoted Tweet – The live costumes from 8th Live are on display at Studio Mixa in Ikebukuro

2020 Sep 20 – 11:42 am

I couldn’t tweet about it😭

2020 Sep 20 – 11:42 am

Wooooow😭She’s lovely✨
I definitely have to get herrrrrrrrr🥶💗


2020 Sep 20 – 11:33 am

I totally get that feeling…Hearing my favourite unit and characters singing made me go waaaaaaaaaaa

Quoted Tweet – Oyu in her tweet was talking about how much of an impact the song LOVE!HUG!GROOVY! had on her the 1st time she listened to it

2020 Sep 20 – 9:28 am



2020 Sep 19 – 7:14 pm

Konpeito is a nice reward for me✨

2020 Sep 18 – 11:25 pm

The bowl of ramen I had from a store I walked past the other day…It was unforgettable! It tasted so good😭
Good nesu🛏️


2020 Sep 18 – 11:19 pm

I can’t wait I can’t wait my excitement just won’t stop!

2020 Sep 18 – 10:27 pm

Please GO GO to the store in Ikebukuro! And support the Hololive Rebirth decks!!
Hearing the CMs that I voiced play in a row…So happy💗

2020 Sep 18 – 10:26 pm

[The Genius Flying Squirrel of Nagoya✨]
Stay serious and calm during the recording session! was what kept playing in my head the whole time lol
But that was all taken away by the cardboard alien📦🌍

2020 Sep 18 – 10:15 pm

This is, the Lyrical Lily strategy🌸#D4DJTV

2020 Sep 18 – 10:12 pm

Big-Bang! Let’s get hypeddddd⤴︎
I love the choreography and melody of this song! #D4DJTV

2020 Sep 18 – 10:04 pm

A final unexpected meeting! LOL I laughed so hard at that😄
I just can’t stop laughing!!
That was lovely DJing from both of you✨
I’ve learnt a lot📚
I can’t wait for next week!

Note: They suggested Kidani to come on and DJ

2020 Sep 18 – 9:52 pm

The darkness doesn’t fall. People don’t die. lololol #D4DJ_DJTIME

2020 Sep 18 – 9:46 pm

Chu-Chu-sama is here!!!! #D4DJ_DJTIME

Note: Tsumu transitioned to Expose Burn Out for her final song

2020 Sep 18 – 9:44 pm

I love Calendula so much I just can’t! #D4DJ_DJTIME

2020 Sep 18 – 9:39 pm

Transitioning to Merm4id!!!!! #D4DJ_DJTIME

2020 Sep 18 – 9:18 pm

Is it now our turn!?!?!? #D4DJ_DJTIME

2020 Sep 18 – 9:14 pm

Sidonia is hereeeeeeeeeee!! #D4DJ_DJTIME

2020 Sep 18 – 9:11 pm

Transitioning to a song from an anime he directed✨
A director’s privilege!!!!

Note: Director Mizushima directed Gundam 00 and the opening song is Daybreak’s Bell a cover by Rondo

2020 Sep 18 – 8:49 pm

I can’t waittttttttttt!!

2020 Sep 18 – 8:13 pm

Together with Ao-chan!!!
A battle of brains! You can’t miss this!

Quoted Tweet – Rebasu Episode 23

2020 Sep 18 – 7:49 pm

It’s the name of my fluffy chick plushie!!
He became a lot tastier with my naming sense…🐤💗

2020 Sep 18 – 7:48 pm


2020 Sep 18 – 7:47 pm

I’ve seen this chick somewhere before…Saliva bird…!?!?

Note: Referring to a Szechuan chicken dish called saliva chicken. It’s poached chicken in chili oil. This is also the name of a chick plushy Amane owns.

2020 Sep 18 – 7:34 pm

Looks like you can get to meet Yuu in Starira as well😊💗
I’m off to get her!

2020 Sep 18 – 7:31 pm

I also had a conversation with my manager, “It’s been 2 years already…Time sure flies~!”

To my manager
From adjusting my schedule to maintaining contacts…Thank you so much for supporting me in so many ways!!
I’ll continue to be in your care!!!!

2020 Sep 18 – 7:27 pm

This is probably a photo I’ve never shown?

2020 Sep 18 – 7:27 pm

Today is an important day for me✨🌱
Thanks to the me 2 years ago, I could meet all of the beloved characters that I now voice.

To myself
Continue giving it your all!

To everyone
I’m always grateful to you all!
I’ll keep doing my very best, so please continue to support me!!

I’ll continue to do my best as we reach 3 years~


2020 Sep 18 – 3:39 pm

Tappi Tappi Tappi Tappi Enigma♪
Mossu Mossu Mossu Mossu Enigma🍀

Quoted Tweet – The 1st line is lyrics from [NON STOP! Engima Flowers] the opening theme song for Colourful! Engima Flowers

2020 Sep 18 – 6:21 am

One of my favourite Lilies has finally arrived😭😭😭💗💗💗

2020 Sep 17 – 10:16 pm

I feel like it’s been so long since I last watched [Hayate the Combat Butler]…If I watch it now, I feel like my favourite character will change…!! Good nesu

2020 Sep 17 – 9:35 pm

I’ll do my best!!!🦄

Quoted Tweet – The Amanebu staff got Tamba Akari who Amane voices as a member for their Assault Lily Legion

2020 Sep 17 – 7:45 pm

I…want that so badly!!!!!

Quoted Tweet – New in development can badge covers from Tama-Kyu

2020 Sep 17 – 8:18 am

Shindou Amane’s Legion members are
Katakura Shion
Ena Banshoya
Tamba Akari
Kuo Shenlin
Endou Araya
I’ll do my best as your Captain!

2020 Sep 17 – 6:39 am

Good mornesu….Watching Inuyasha first thing in the morning is bliss…I’m sleepy but I’ll do my best today

2020 Sep 16 – 9:57 pm

I want herrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!


2020 Sep 16 – 6:05 pm

That looks amazing!?!?!
Eh!? That’s amazing

Quoted Tweet – Bonus goods for people with a premium ticket

2020 Sep 16 – 11:35 am

Ah, a butterfly

2020 Sep 15 – 11:54 am

I didn’t expect to be praised so much for an illustration like this…I should have taken the time to properly draw and colour it in😭😭😭😭😭
Thank you so much everyone!

2020 Sep 15 – 8:19 am

Happy birthday! Tsukushi-chan!!
You are the leader we’re all proud of!
Sorry I drew this in a rush💦


2020 Sep 14 – 8:53 pm

There were actually 3 of us when we went out together that day, and both of them brought along their Maison de FLEUR tote bags and I totally regretted not bringing mine along

2020 Sep 14 – 8:48 pm

My friend’s Maison de FLEUR bag made it into the picture🛍Hi there😃
I brought along my favourite flutter bag that I haven’t shown off much!
It’s so fun hanging out with a girl with the same hobbies as you💗
My outfit is a one-piece from evelyn👗

2020 Sep 13 – 7:09 pm

That was lovely😭✨
So cool so beautiful so cute! I saw so many different facets of Ayasa-san👀💗
Right in the middle, I went “Ayasa-san sang!! You sang right!? Right then!? Eh!?” LOL
Hearing [Hanafubuki! Bateren Musume] at the end made me so happy! Love you!!!

2020 Sep 13 – 6:13 pm

It’s so rare to hear Ayasa-san do an MC!!

2020 Sep 13 – 5:36 pm

By the way!
The 1st time I watched the play, I watched it live, the 2nd time I watched the stream from home and I really enjoyed the different merits each had✨💗
I made so many new discoveries watching the stream, like the movements there look like this and everyone’s voices sounded a little different👀
I really enjoyed streaming it on my TV at home!!

2020 Sep 13 – 5:03 pm

I’ve been wanting to appear on a Assault Lily live-stream!
I’m so glad〜!
Don’t miss it everyone🦄

Quoted Tweet – Assault Lily Last Bullet will also be ported to PC

2020 Sep 13 – 4:33 pm

Welcome Yuyu-sama! I’ve made my decision! I’ve been completely captivated by her!
And I’m planning to slowly increase the number of friends around her😍
Please do let me know more about the doll line💗

Note: Amane had been planning to buy a Lily for a while now but she was unsure of who to get. But looks like she chose Yuyu Shirai in the end.

2020 Sep 13 – 4:31 pm

Thank you for your hard work in all 15 showings of [Assault Lily The Fateful Gift]✨🦄
I loved the world-building, the story, the characters, everything😭💗
Assault Lily is awesome!!!!

And, I have an announcement🦄
I’ll be appearing on a live-stream together with O-Rimi-san!
Look forward to it⭐

2020 Sep 13 – 4:05 pm

That’s so bulky!?!? #AssaultLilyTFG

2020 Sep 13 – 3:58 pm

Alright! Riri!!!
Fumi-chan is so cute! Cute! She’s bouncing around!!
The Ichiyanagi corps are the greatest! Love💗

2020 Sep 13 – 3:56 pm

Kyaaaaaaaaaa Yuyu-sama I love you!!! #AssaultLilyTFG

2020 Sep 13 – 3:53 pm

It’s the scene where they’re defending Riri!

2020 Sep 13 – 3:52 pm

I love the way Shenlin and Yujia move!! #AssaultLilyTFG

2020 Sep 13 – 3:49 pm

This scene is also one of my favourites!!!
“Powerful” suits this scene really well, and it goes all “Uoooohhh!! KyaKya”🦄#AssaultLilyTFG

2020 Sep 13 – 3:36 pm

I love this scene!!!!
“For my friends”😭😭😭😭😭#AssaultLilyTFG

2020 Sep 12 – 3:25 pm

I didn’t get her but I’m still happy either way…🎀💗


2020 Sep 12 – 3:20 pm

Ayasa-san ganbamonica!!

Quoted Tweet – Ayasa will be holding a Special Live on niconico and bilibili on 13/9

2020 Sep 12 – 3:11 pm

I love how each of their training outfits show off their individual personalities!

2020 Sep 12 – 3:10 pm

You really love this series!!!! Having this song play while on a midnight run sounds nice✨

Quoted Tweet – Bushi’s official WS player collected all the blu-rays of the series and won the title cup using a Day Break Illusion deck

2020 Sep 12 – 3:08 pm

I started playing after the [BanG Dream! Girls’ Band Party!] reveal event and they announced the cast of Pastel Palettes. I thought to myself, “Wow! It’s time to start!”🌸🎀
(I want to get a 4-star Aya-chan soon😭💗)


2020 Sep 12 – 2:46 pm

Been a while since I last had this playing〜♪
I remember watching it as it aired when I was in elementary school and going with my sister to buy the CD we were both into💗
I’ve loved series with lots of girls in them since way back…
#NowPlaying #DayBreakIllusion


2020 Sep 11 – 10:17 pm

Amane-chan…Kapu Kapu…Home cooking…Cookies…✨💗
I’ll be heading to bed happy tonight〜Good night😇

Note: Kapu Kapu is Yozora Mel’s catchphrase

2020 Sep 11 – 7:57 pm

Guess what! Guess what! Guess what! Guess whatttttttttt!!!!!!
I’ll be introducing ReBirth at the Bushiroad Game Festival alongside our guest, Yozora Mel-chan!!!!!!!
I’m over the moon😭💗
Don’t miss it🌟

2020 Sep 11 – 7:33 pm

I really like cool-looking girls, and a lot of my friends are cool-looking girls too💗👭

2020 Sep 11 – 7:22 pm

I love this.

She’s so my type😭💗


2020 Sep 11 – 5:31 pm

Say what!!
I’m really happy since I wanted to see the Lilies in January’s play again after I had watched The Fateful Gift😭

Quoted Tweet – There’ll be a free stream of League of Gardens on YouTube

2020 Sep 11 – 5:28 pm

It all looks so cute and fashionable!

Quoted Tweet – 2nd wave of goods for Morfonica’s 1st Live Cantabile

2020 Sep 11 – 2:14 pm

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water is trending right now…
My memories of watching every episode when I was younger

2020 Sep 11 – 2:06 pm

I’m so happy😭
I’ve actually watched the movie already, but I got really down when I found out they were no longer distributing these…
I’ll get Starlighted again soon!

Quoted Tweet – They are having a reprint of bonus goods for Revue Starlight Rondo Rondo Rondo

2020 Sep 11 – 11:48 am

Akari-chan goods!?!?
And everyone from Grand・Epure too!
I have to get these🦄

2020 Sep 11 – 11:44 am

Yaaaaaayyyyyyy Thank you all so much! And congratulations!
Everyone’s looking so cute💗
And Mashiro-chan tied up her hair🤤💙


2020 Sep 10 – 10:36 pm

You can even use it as your Twitter header✨🦋

2020 Sep 10 – 10:06 pm

It looks like promotional material for a new horror movie? Game?✨🦋
I really want to find out what happened afterwards…👀


2020 Sep 10 – 9:54 pm

Ayasa-san is so cute…🤤💗#GarupaPicoOhmori_19

2020 Sep 10 – 9:43 pm

Someday, the light within me~will shine the path~I’m devotedly waiting for the~arrival of~daybreak~(cries) #GarupaPicoOhmori_19

Note: Lyrics to Daylight, the song for this stream’s Garupa Co-op play session

2020 Sep 10 – 9:40 pm

So it was a horror episode…I can feel the summer vibes…feels like summer has started♪👻🚃
You could see all the individual personalities of the members of Morfonica…But I didn’t expect Mashiro to say “Yahoo~” LOL #GarupaPicoOhmori_19

2020 Sep 10 – 9:34 pm

I’m so excited to watch this episode of Ohmori #GarupaPicoOhmori_19

2020 Sep 10 – 9:31 pm

My first AMSR video!!
Be sure to send in your suggestions everyone〜💗

Note: Amane will be doing a supportive ASMR video for Amanebu members

2020 Sep 10 – 9:30 pm

I want the notebook smartphone case and clear smartphone case so badlyyyyyyyy!

2020 Sep 10 – 8:47 pm

I love the way O-Rimi-san’s hawk eyes move💗💗💗

2020 Sep 10 – 8:46 pm

I made it! Just in time!
Oyu-chan, Ayasa-san! Ganbamonica🦋

2020 Sep 10 – 3:17 pm

To this day, I have yet to pull Mashiro or Aya😭😭
If you have any suggestions like “You should build this band formation!” please do let me know💗


2020 Sep 10 – 3:12 pm

We’ll be waiting for your letters💗🦋

2020 Sep 10 – 3:02 pm

I got her from a yellow lightstick pulllllllllllllllllllllll!!
Ako-chan! Welcome!
I’ve always wanted an Ako😭💗
My Roselia team is now super lively♪


2020 Sep 10 – 11:43 am

This is a song that I’ve always wanted LiLiLiLi to sing! And I’m so happy that we did🌸😭
[Love you! Thank you!]

Quoted Tweet – LiLiLiLi’s cover of ふ・れ・ん・ど・し・た・い

2020 Sep 10 – 6:11 am

Thank you san san sun🌞
Bless you! Sen no Rikyu!
Much thanks Oligosaccharide😊

These are the words I uttered yesterday.
Good mornesu.

Note: Everything in the 1st paragraph is a word pun.

2020 Sep 9 – 10:41 pm

Sinking into Assault Lily…But if everyone’s with me there’s nothing to fear!

2020 Sep 9 – 9:49 pm

And the members of Helvor were so cool…✨
I could feel the strength of their unity and friendship💗
I want to know more about Helvor in-game so badly now!!

2020 Sep 9 – 9:31 pm

Can’t forget about this!
The singing and dancing this time was amazing😭
I’ve pretty much remembered most of it…It’s all in the ears…👂
I’ve been listening to [Edel Lilie] [Tsunagari] and [Taisetsu wo Kazoeyou] on loop before the play…✨
I absolutely loved their performance of [Tsunagari] during today’s play!!! I’ll listen to it again and bask in these lingering memories.

2020 Sep 9 – 9:25 pm

I thought that, “Once I see them on stage, I’ll decide which Lily to get!”…But then I got even more conflicted over who to get😭💗
But but! I’m really liking the Funada Sisters! I can’tttttttttttttttt decideeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

2020 Sep 9 – 9:22 pm

I watched
[Assault Lily The Fateful Gift]🦄
A continuation from the 1st play…It was so amazing the memories of the play are still lingering…✨
“For the sake of my friends”…I cried over the bonds of the Ichiyangi corps😭
Personally, my favourite characters are the Funada Sisters, RanRan and Kotohi💗
I hope that everyone will fight on until the last performance without any injuries!


2020 Sep 8 – 8:57 pm

Morfonica is crying…🦋(In Rui style)
The 5 of us will continue to spread our wings✨
“Let’s soar towards the shining horizon! Ganba-Monica!!”


2020 Sep 8 – 8:49 pm

I love you all too💗#MORFONICAL

2020 Sep 8 – 8:23 pm

Miyu-san…You look lovely✨🌸

(If Haruna-chan were to see this, I get the feeling that she’ll talk about this non-stop…)


2020 Sep 8 – 7:30 pm

I provided the narration for this month’s Getsubushi✨
It’s been a goal of mine to do the narration for Getsubushi, so I’m really happy😭💗
Mashiro-chan is on the cover, and LiLiLiLi’s serialized short stories are in this issue too so please do get a copy!

2020 Sep 8 – 6:45 pm

It’s airing today at 21:30!
Don’t miss it🦋

Quoted Tweet – Morfonical Episode 10

2020 Sep 7 – 8:43 pm

Looking at it more closely, the way her mouth opens and closes, how she tilts her head and how she sucks on the straw😭💗
Akari-chan is just too cute!!!!!
I can’t wait for the gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.°(ಗдಗ。)°.

2020 Sep 7 – 7:56 pm

Shindou’s HP has dropped to 0.


2020 Sep 7 – 5:19 pm

She’s so cuuuuuute😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
This cutie refers to herself as “boku”!
Isn’t that the cutest💕💕💕
I totally get the feeling of a fairy tale spreading in your mouth! I get that feeling whenever I eat something sweet🦄✨

2020 Sep 7 – 1:01 pm

I’m so happy😭😭😭😭😭😭
A phone case! I want one so badly!

2020 Sep 6 – 10:35 pm

With make-up, you can completely change how you look…🤔
Ah! Good nesu🛏️

2020 Sep 6 – 10:35 pm

Here’s a way to take a photo to make your face look thinner.
Bangs with straight hair looks really good!
I tried my best to give my make-up a transparent look.
My hair’s grown〜♪
The length of my hair during the live was nice too〜♪
Which do you like?

(Sorry I’m in my pajamas🙏)


2020 Sep 6 – 7:51 pm

Ahhhhhhhh Kaworu-kun😭
First place✨✨

Note: Cruel Angel’s Thesis won first place

2020 Sep 6 – 7:47 pm

It’s right in the middle!?!?
Madoka Magica!!

2020 Sep 6 – 7:29 pm

Madoka★Magica is really good!!!!!
I really love the circle cake song💗

2020 Sep 6 – 7:20 pm

Hare Hare Yukai winning makes me wanna move… #AnisongGeneralElections

2020 Sep 6 – 7:11 pm

Ahhhhhh It’s Digimon😭😭😭#AnisongGeneralElections

2020 Sep 6 – 7:07 pm

And here’s Touchhhhhhhhhhhh!

2020 Sep 6 – 7:03 pm

I’ve been waiting for you Railgun😭


2020 Sep 6 – 7:00 pm

It’s been a while since I last listened to this song✨
Shindou likes Armin and Hanji💗

2020 Sep 6 – 6:09 pm

Anyways! I can’t forget the taste of the instant miso udon that I had for lunch today!

2020 Sep 6 – 6:08 pm

The rain is getting really strong…

Note: Typhoon Haishen is about to hit Japan

2020 Sep 5 – 7:03 pm

May I have another look?

And now, I shall help myself to another serving…


Note: The same phrase can also be used to ask for another serving of rice

2020 Sep 5 – 6:25 pm

The other day, I went to Mixalive in Ikebukuro, but I saw these cuties at the entrance so my camera went snapping away😍

Note: The BanG Dream and D4DJ Official Store is at Mixalive


2020 Sep 5 – 6:09 pm

May I have another look…(Kyah)

Note: (NicoNico meme, mostly for psychic or horror videos to ask for a replay of a certain scene

2020 Sep 5 – 1:14 pm

This morning, I was watching a horror show that I had recorded so I was expecting a ghost or something to jump out…

2020 Sep 5 – 11:05 am

Sales have already begun✨

Note: Online viewing tickets for Bandori 8th Live

2020 Sep 5 – 9:58 am

I was watching the TV and I was thinking, I really like this song! And then I took a look and I saw Aimi-san singing!!!!!
Spotted her in the morning👀💗

Note: Aimi is in the MV for nano.RIPE’s new song スピカ

2020 Sep 4 – 11:42 pm

Here are all the Mashiro goods I got previously!!!!!
I hung up the towel on the wall!!!!
I was able to get my character for the acrylic chain…😭😭😭
I want to continue filling up my wall with even more Monica goods✨
Keep it a secret from mama but the Bandori corner of my wall continues on behind my door〜♪
Good nesu〜🛏️


2020 Sep 4 – 10:40 pm

Thank you for watching #D4DJTV
I got a full combo nano~!!!!
Mike Checkerer and the Main Commentator…🎤
English…I’ve learnt a lot…One has grown smarter😀⤴︎⤴︎
Our two-shot was from the live-stream📷


2020 Sep 4 – 10:27 pm

A Gekkan Bushiroad commerical played!!!!
The other day I saw a commercial for Gochiusa Rebirth decks!

2020 Sep 4 – 10:22 pm

I love the sounds of Yuu-san’s “Uue!” and “Gue!” LOL #Rebasu

2020 Sep 4 – 10:19 pm

If that’s the case then it can’t be helped! #D4DJTV

Note: Kasuga Haruna’s catchphrase

2020 Sep 4 – 10:18 pm

Nano!!! #D4DJTV

Note: Segment where they had to add nano to the end of their sentences

2020 Sep 4 – 10:06 pm

Mike, Checkerer! #D4DJTV

2020 Sep 4 – 10:04 pm

I am the, CE⤴︎N⤵︎TE⤴︎R⤴︎ #D4DJTV

2020 Sep 4 – 8:41 pm

D4DJTV is airing today!
But before that we have Tsunko-san’s DJTIME♪

2020 Sep 4 – 8:33 pm


Note: Kanon from Bermuda Triangle: Colourful Pastrale

2020 Sep 4 – 7:23 pm

And and! We have a lucky draw for 2 winners!
And here are the presents💝
Be sure to participate in the campaign as well💗

2020 Sep 4 – 7:22 pm

My very first time participating in BushiEats!!!! Together with Aiba-san!!!!
It’ll be held on the 4th of October (Sun)🎉
Please do come and join us💗

2020 Sep 4 – 2:11 pm

Don’t miss it〜💙🦋


2020 Sep 4 – 2:04 pm

For real!?!? Yaaaaaaaaaay

Quoted Tweet – New trading visual sheets for Morfonica

2020 Sep 3 – 7:51 pm

For real!?!?!?
I can’t wait…😄💗
It’s been a while since I last wore a smock!!!


2020 Sep 3 – 3:35 pm

I’ve already had Snow White, and when Cinderella appeared I was just shaking the entire time, I’ve finally got her✨

2020 Sep 3 – 3:08 pm



2020 Sep 2 – 10:44 pm

I’m an angel…Hehehehehe👼
Well I’m happy either way💗

2020 Sep 2 – 10:29 pm

I love white hair, silver hair and black hair…
I might just go for a Custom…

2020 Sep 2 – 10:17 pm

I just can’t make up my mind on who to adopt!!!!!

2020 Sep 2 – 10:16 pm

Tomorrow’s finally the day…✨
I’m so excited!!!! I can’t wait to see the story!!!!
After seeing the previous play, I’ve been completely engrossed with Assault Lily…💗
I’ve also considered buying my own Lily lol

2020 Sep 1 – 9:13 pm

By the way, don’t worry if your recommendation is easy or difficult for a lone woman to walk into since eating comes first for me!
I’ll be awaiting all your recommendations💗

2020 Sep 1 – 9:08 pm

One of my high school dreams, is to go on a ramen stall tour with my friends after school.
I want to be just like Ms Koizumi…!!!!

Note: Koizumi from Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san

2020 Sep 1 – 9:05 pm

I normally only eat Iekei ramen, and abura soba sometimes but…Ramen Jiro!!!! I want to get my revenge…!!!
Please tell me your favourite abura soba and menu items at Ramen Jiro!!
And I’d like to know all of your recommended Iekei ramen stalls as well!!

2020 Sep 1 – 8:56 pm

But mayo, it’s got to be mayo right…

2020 Sep 1 – 8:56 pm

It’s mayo, it has to be mayo right…But I changed my mind halfway~Seeing the person beside me, I decided to go with vinegar instead.

2020 Sep 1 – 8:54 pm

So that was what the raw egg over rice was all about!?!?
The customers sitting to both sides of me looked like regulars, and one of them was having a raw egg over rice, and he was enjoying it so much…Just seeing that makes me happy as well.
I’ll try it out next time!

2020 Sep 1 – 8:49 pm

I’d like to know what are some of your favourite menu items from Kasugatei and ways to eat them!!!!

2020 Sep 1 – 8:47 pm

A story of how I finally ate at Kasugatei for the 1st time.
Having noodles for lunch sounds good…The entire line-up of foods all look so good…Hmm, mazesoba…Well…Let’s have mazesoba…(Thunk)…Wait?! This place is…It’s Kasugatei!?
My meal was delicious.

I copied the person beside me and drank the soup at the end✨


2020 Sep 1 – 1:56 pm

I’ve been waiting…✨
I just love Edel Lilie💗

Quoted Tweet – Sneak peek of Edel Lilie the ending theme song for the anime Assault Lily BOUQUET

2020 Sep 1 – 9:07 am

I see, so this is the Playstation 5✨
If I buy it, I won’t have any space to put it…🤔

Quoted Tweet – mika’s picture of her drums


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