Amane Tweet Translations (September 2018)

2018 September 25 – 8:46 pm

Good evening everyone!!
Today’s an off-in-lieu for the school so I went for a solo karaoke session😁
I sang so many of my favorite songs❤️
Are there any of your favorite songs in this selection?


2018 September 23 – 6:30 pm

It’s been a while since I last hung out with my friends~!!
I thought it was going to be cold so I wore long sleeves, but it was hot instead😭


2018 September 22 – 7:02 pm

5000 followers!! Yay🙌
And thank you all for all of the comments(*´∇`*人)
I’m so happy!!


2018 September 18 – 9:11 pm

Nice to meet you all! I’m Shindou Amane and I am now currently affiliated with HiBiKi✨
I’ve give it my very all so I look forward to all of your support!

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