Amane Tweet Translations (October 2020)

2020 Oct 9 – 9:54 pm

I really enjoyed the dancing during Hello! Wink!, the illustrations on the screen behind them were so cute, and seeing everyone dance made the sea of light even more beautiful than usual✨

2020 Oct 9 – 9:52 pm

The PV at the start got me teary-eyed, I jumped in my heart during TokiExp, laughed during What’s the Popipa, the lyrics to Light Delight got me tearing up…crying, started crying at Mae e Susume, and by Yes! BanG_Dream I was already bawling…😭
I’ve come to realise how fun it is to swing my lightsticks again.
#DokiDokiSpecialDay #Popipa

2020 Oct 9 – 9:39 pm

And and! Morfonica will be performing at『ANIMAX MUSIX 2021 ONLINE DAY 2』🦋
One of my dreams, to perform at an anisong event, has come true!
Be sure to check it out! Time to give it my all!

2020 Oct 9 – 9:34 pm

I attended「Breakthrough!」Doki Doki♪Special Day!🌟
Popipa…really are amazing.
Their setlist was a look at Popipa’s history, charm and full of my favourite songs, memorable songs…And Kasumi turned into a star😭
And, the PopiMoni live has been announced✨
I can’t wait🦋
#Bandori #Garupa


2020 Oct 9 – 5:43 pm

I hope you all can catch the performance from different angles!

Note: The free streaming option for the performance is a fixed camera while the paid version has multiple viewing angles

2020 Oct 9 – 6:13 am

Waaaaaaaaaaa (My words)😭

2020 Oct 8 – 8:39 pm

Is everyone ready for the live?

2020 Oct 8 – 8:15 pm

The last rehearsal before LiLiLiLi’s live performance♪
Here’s your usual serious look series.


2020 Oct 8 – 7:50 pm

Say what!? My orders have already arrived so the next time I wear them I’ll take a photo!

Note: Kuro Wiz collab items now on sale at TRAVAS TOKYO stores in their Shibuya, Yokohama and Umeda stores

2020 Oct 8 – 4:18 pm

Do our hair in twintails!!!

2020 Oct 8 – 4:18 pm

Let’s all twintails

2020 Oct 8 – 4:14 pm

SuuuuuuuuHaaaaaa!! Check it Check it out!!!!!!

Note: Gimme! Revolution, the OP to Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu by Uchida Maaya

2020 Oct 8 – 3:50 pm

We did a glasswork challenge for the intermission video!!!!!
Glasswork is so beautiful✨
I’d like to try making them again someday💗

And, one of the few times in a year where I wear long pants!
A rare sight!


2020 Oct 8 – 12:06 pm

The look on my face the moment I saw TsumuTsumu.


2020 Oct 8 – 11:33 am

I don’t really want to say these were the only selfies I took…🤐

2020 Oct 8 – 11:31 am

Here it is Here it is Here it is

2020 Oct 8 – 11:31 am

Have you all gotten your goods?
You can order them online too!
I’m so happy to hear that so many items sold out yesterday. I heard that the towels were sold out…
“Please order the towels online😭LOL”


2020 Oct 8 – 10:46 am

Popipa-san will be performing both today and tomorrow!!
Using Kira Kira Doki Doki in the name of the Live will definitely make the Live Kira Kira Doki Doki too✨I can’t wait!
Let’s all enjoy the live together!

#Bandori #Garupa
#KiraKiraFestaDay #Breakthrough

2020 Oct 8 – 6:10 am

Goooooooooodddd morning.
I’m sure everyone has school, and work so…Let’s do our best!
I too am off to school〜🥶It’s cold

2020 Oct 7 – 11:25 pm

I love the look of our outfits from the back! And my casual clothes are also in Morfonica colours!

2020 Oct 7 – 11:25 pm

I truly enjoyed myself today…I’ll never forget this day✨

Personally, I feel like I sang the last part of Nevereverland where I stood on the platform and went, “This is the Nevereverland I wished for” really well! What do you all think? (^ν^)
Time to go to bed! I’ll talk about it some more another day♪Good nesu
#Cantabile #Bandori #Garupa


2020 Oct 7 – 10:46 pm

By the way, for all of these songs, me and Oyu-chan were just going, “OHHHHHHHHHHH Are you for real!?” as we gave our words of gratitude to the staff.

2020 Oct 7 – 10:45 pm

Shiro-chan…So she can make a smile like that…😭🦋

2020 Oct 7 -10:45 pm

CQCQ is the song I put the most amount of work in, and as I was practising, personally, the song sounds best by singing both the high and low notes, so I wanted to sing it in its original key no matter what.
I also love the lyrics and melody of Nevereverland!
And Gekkouka was the song I spent the most amount of time mulling over how to sing it.

2020 Oct 7 – 9:29 pm

Thank you all for attending Morfonica’s 1st Live「Cantabile」🦋
I had so much fun✨
There were so many emotions welling up in me and at the end, I was so happy I started crying…I truly am so happy!!
Morfonica has finally spread their wings. And that’s thanks to all of you.
I hope everyone will continue to support us in the future!
#Garupa #Bandori


2020 Oct 7 – 4:44 pm

Uwaaaaaa😭Thank you so much💙
I’m so happy!!!!!!
I’ll do my best for the Liveeeee!

Note: Ishida Aya sensei is the author for the betadori manga

2020 Oct 7 – 1:36 pm

Thank you all so much!!
I’m so happy!

2020 Oct 7 – 12:16 pm

HmmHmmHmm! The ending song!

2020 Oct 7 – 12:12 pm

I’ve been singing “Habu no Kaori” in the dressing room and O-Hina-sama has been laughing the whole time.

Note: The “song” in question

2020 Oct 7 – 11:01 am

White! Mashiro!

Note: Hashtag campaign to win a t-shirt

2020 Oct 7 – 9:22 am

My lucky colour for today is blue🦋💙#Sukkiri

Note: Sukkiri is a TV show on Nippon TV and they do daily fortune tellings

2020 Oct 7 – 8:30 am

Good morning Ariake…✨


2020 Oct 7 – 8:15 am

The Morfonica lightstick!!!!!
And there’s a zipper parka as well!!
I really recommend it since you can wear it over your t-shirt! And don’t forget about the parka we showed off yesterday!! lol

2020 Oct 6 – 11:55 pm

Poppin’ Party’s performance was wonderful✨
The way Aimi-san…Kasumi-san plays the guitar makes it look like so much fun and so kira kira doki doki!!
And everyone’s smiles as well…💗
I’ll be sure to stand on the stage tomorrow with this kira kira doki doki as well🌟🦋

Note: Poppin’ Party performed on Beyond The Dimension Music Festival which is a music program

2020 Oct 6 – 10:04 pm

Don’t miss it!!

2020 Oct 6 – 8:29 pm

Special Week is finally starting tomorrow!!
As the opening act, Morfonica will show everyone the best of everything we’ve come up with during our rehearsals🦋
Be sure to watch us as we spread our wings💗
Ganbamonica Morfonica✨
#Bandori #Garupa


2020 Oct 6 – 8:21 pm

Thanks for watching the #MORFONICAL InstaLive✨
All of the goods are cute, cool and amazing!!!
And we’ve rehearsed so much!
Everyone! Let’s all enjoy ourselves tomorrow🦋

【Today’s outfits】
T-shirt and parka Bandori🦋
Shorts @ _Amavel_
Shoes @ shimamura_gr


2020 Oct 6 – 8:15 pm

I’m so excited for this

Note: Illustration collection by Takuya Fujima, artist for Bermuda Triangle

2020 Oct 6 – 6:28 pm

It’s starting at 8 o’clock! Be sure to catch it!

Note: MORFONICAL Special InstaLive

2020 Oct 6 – 4:34 pm

The goods line-up this time is really hyped.

2020 Oct 6 – 4:30 pm

This is one of Shindou’s favourite songs!!!

Note: Soushou Innocence the OP for Akuma no Riddle by Uchida Maaya

2020 Oct 6 – 9:42 am

The Ani-Art full graphic T-shirts are finally here😭
I’ve always wanted Ani-Art goods of a character I’ve voiced…So I’m super happy to see this!

2020 Oct 5 – 10:19 pm

My profile picture is also getting herself hyped up!
Night nighttttt🍗

2020 Oct 5 – 10:17 pm

50,000 Instagram followers!! Thank you all so much!! I uploaded a new photo✨
I’ll continue to give it my all!

2020 Oct 5 – 8:13 pm

I really want to see everyone from LiLiLiLi eating roasted sweet potatoes together〜!!
I hope everyone will continue to support LiLiLi’s Li〜!

2020 Oct 5 – 7:28 pm

It’s starting now!

2020 Oct 5 – 6:27 pm

By the way, my sister has been watching GOTCHA! on repeat…And even though they’re from the same series, the range of both laughter and emotions they invoke…!!!

Note: GOTCHA! is the MV released in preparation of the Pokemon franchise’s 25th anniversary

2020 Oct 5 – 6:25 pm

Did you break your leg? Are you sitting cross-legged? is what I look like I’m doing in the photo, but It’s just a really long cushion!
Looking at the photo again, I can’t unsee it now and I’m just laughing at myself…LOL

2020 Oct 5 – 6:23 pm

Recently, I’ve been getting myself all energized by watching the MV of 『1.2.3.』 by Nishikawa-kun & KiriShou-san.
Alright! I’ll do my best!

Note: Takanori Nishikawa, better known as T.M. Revolution and GOLDENBOMBER’s vocalist Shou Kiryuin

2020 Oct 5 – 6:22 pm

I didn’t put on any make-up and I didn’t apply any colour to my lips so my face looks really bareeeeeeeeee

2020 Oct 5 – 6:20 pm

I got my hair cut♪
And I got my hair curled exactly the way I wanted it~ Kind of like a~ loose and fluffy~ forest kind of feeling!!


2020 Oct 5 – 6:16 pm

It’s my very first set of cast bromides and can badges!!
Be sure to get them & collect a whole bunch of them💗

2020 Oct 5 – 4:52 pm

I drew them pretty well if I do say so myself〜♪ Especially Tsubaki-san!

Quoted Tweet – HiBiKi StYle Episode 605

2020 Oct 5 – 6:41 am

Good mornesu.
I purposely styled my hair yesterday after Tanaka Hime-chan✨
And I’ve made a friend whom I can sing [Humanoid] with♪
Let’s do our best this Monday!

2020 Oct 4 – 8:46 pm

How nice, how nice!! I really want to wear these t-shirts during our rehearsals!!!

2020 Oct 4 – 8:34 pm


Quoted Tweet – Orders for the Morfonica grand towels end today at 23:59

2020 Oct 4 – 8:24 pm

Thanks for watching #BushiEats
The White team lost…😭
But, I had so much fun today! Thank you! I hope that you all had fun too!
And I’m so glad I was finally able to wear the one-piece I’ve always wanted to wear✨

One-piece @ _Amavel_
Shoes @ shimamura_gr


2020 Oct 4 – 5:14 pm

If we don’t get into Trending you all won’t see the pictureeeeee😭#ブシ食べ

2020 Oct 4 – 4:26 pm

I hope to see you all for the stream too!


2020 Oct 4 – 4:20 pm

I saw it in a back-alley when I was a kid

Note: The original song was sung by Shima Daisuke in 1982, and these are actually lyrics in the song

2020 Oct 4 – 3:03 pm

The goods that Shindou wanted the most when she went to Store Mixa✨

2020 Oct 4 – 2:44 pm

The face of someone who’s happy to talk about Goblin Slayer


2020 Oct 4 – 12:53 pm

All of the pictures posted are from this account→ @ bushitabe
Everyone! ʚWhitenessɞ will be the winning team! Let’s go!


2020 Oct 4 – 12:47 pm

Be sure to tweet using #BushiEats !!!
We’ll be on the lookout!

2020 Oct 4 – 12:00 pm

#BushiEats is starting now!


2020 Oct 4 – 9:59 am

And BushiEats is happening today! I hope to see you all there!

2020 Oct 4 – 9:58 am

Continuing off from yesterday, because I watched High School Fleet, my mom got really into the song [High Free Spirits]✨
And, I’ve been collecting Tama-chan and Mei-chan goods but I’ve haven’t even used the IC card sticker since it feels like such a waste…I really want to use it…but I use a commuter pass😭💗

Time to give it my all today too!

2020 Oct 3 – 11:28 pm

As someone who loves [High School Fleet] and the atmosphere Sigrdrifa builds, this series is just wow…🤤
Alright, time to go to beddddddddd!!

2020 Oct 3 – 11:26 pm

The OP is crazy good…it’s amazing😭💗
I’m going to get hooked on this series…without any doubt…Sono-chan is so cute…🤤 #Sigrdrifa

Note: New anime airing this season, Warlords of Sigrdrifa. OP is Higher’s High by Akari Nanawo

2020 Oct 3 – 10:31 pm

A CM with Miyu-san and Haruna-chan!! #D4DJ

2020 Oct 3 – 9:13 pm

Tomorrow’s finally the day!!!
I’ll be wearing a one-piece that I bought 2 years ago and I have been wanting to wear it for the longest time〜♪
It’s a Chinese dress~ inspired one-piece!
I really hope to see you all there💚

2020 Oct 3 – 8:14 pm

Come here! Come here!
Mr priest.


2020 Oct 3 – 7:54 pm

Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa she’s so cute my eyes are blessed )^o^(


2020 Oct 3 – 4:01 pm

Here it isssssssssssss✨💗


Note: Lyrics from Seikai wa Hitotsu! Janai!!, OP for Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

2020 Oct 3 – 3:48 pm

I’ve been listening to some of hololive’s songs and thinking to myself, “hololive is so wonderful…”😭 I’d like to know who’s your favourite member from hololive…💗

2020 Oct 3 – 3:14 pm

And and! Toudou-san said that we aren’t allowed to watch the real-time airing or recording of Jujutsu Kaisen, so I’ll be watching both instead.
I have to go buy the new volume…🏃‍♀️

2020 Oct 3 – 3:10 pm

My impressions on the Assault Lily anime.
I’m so shocked that Misuzu onee-sama refers to herself as “boku”😭💗
And Fumi-chan is just too cute for my own good.
And the battle scenes just look so impressive.


2020 Oct 3 – 3:08 pm

The anime airing this season are so hot it looks like I can’t stop myself from staying up late to watch TV but I’ll still record them either way(^ω^)

2020 Oct 2 – 10:21 pm

By the way, I’m basically right dominant (Right-handed), but my leading foot and my center of gravity is left dominant…So my left foot always reaches the ticket gate first…☁️

2020 Oct 2 – 9:10 pm

I’m really curious to see what DJing footage they’ll be showing but all I can do is wait impatiently on the rumbling train #D4DJ_DJTIME

2020 Oct 2 – 9:08 pm

Please get home fasterrrrrrrrr mmmmmmeeeeeeee

2020 Oct 2 – 8:57 pm

I’m so exciteddddd!!!!
Admission tickets are on sale until tomorrow, so if you hadn’t gotten yours yet do hurry!
I hope to see you there💗

Quoted Tweet – BushiEats Season 2

2020 Oct 2 – 8:24 pm

I’ve been practicing my DJing🌸
I’ve been making time to practice a whole bunch!
I’ll give it my allllllllllll!!!


2020 Oct 2 – 2:23 pm

Everything tasted so good I was so happy the whole day🤤💗
Be sure to pay a visit and grab a copy!!


Quoted Tweet – Amane is featured on the cover page of the promo magazine covering the food shops at Yodabashi Camera in Akiba

2020 Oct 2 – 2:09 pm

Be sure to check it out

Quoted Tweet – Interview with Aimi and Amane on their upcoming solo lives

2020 Oct 2 – 7:20 am

That reminds me, at a certain recording session the other day, I was talking about how I wanted a ticket gate designed for left handed people.
It would be so convenient if there was one…😭
And that’s what I’ve been thinking about since this morning
Good mornesu🌞

2020 Oct 1 – 10:43 pm

All the Enigma Warriors, Clover and Princess Tomoko are all here!!!!!
What a lovely illustration😭💗🍀

2020 Oct 1 – 10:12 pm

I wear size 25.5 shoes with LiLiLiLi’s outfit but, I was thinking how much it would hurt if my thumb get caught while I’m putting them on…So I guess size 26 is next…LOL
I went to Wardrobe-san and asked with a laugh, “Do we have these in size 26?”

2020 Oct 1 – 9:27 pm

Eh!? And GraffArt goods too!?!?
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay I’m so happy😭

2020 Oct 1 – 9:21 pm

Eh? We have full-graphic T-shirts!?!?
Eh? Huhhhhh?

2020 Oct 1 – 9:07 pm

Ah! And of course we were wearing masks unless we were taking photos or eating!

2020 Oct 1 – 9:04 pm

And I walked around the Pokemon Center with my sister♪
While we were walking, I saw the crepes I’ve been wanting to try so we bought some right away🐰🎀


2020 Oct 1 – 8:19 pm

Earlier I visited Store Mixa and met Monica〜🦋
And I signed a new signature♪ Be sure to check it out‼︎
There’s all kinds of live goods and Store Mixa limited goods so please do pay a visit!
A plus is it’s just a 4 min walk from Ikebukuro Station✨



2020 Oct 1 – 7:21 pm

Be sure to attend!

Quoted Tweet – Rebirth Special Event on the 29th of November


2020 Oct 1 – 6:50 pm

LiLiLiLi, had a rehearsal🌸(◉_◉)


2020 Oct 1 – 6:18 pm

I’m so happy!

Quoted Tweet – Edel Lilie is the ED for Assault Lily Bouquet

2020 Oct 1 – 2:40 pm

The other day when I was taking the Ginza line, I had a random thought, the trains look like a castella…🤤

2020 Oct 1 – 1:47 pm

Congratulations to #BushiroadMusic on their 8th Anniversary🎊🎈
I’ll continue to be in your care✨

2020 Oct 1 – 11:11 am

I wish they would release these Michelle hairbands as goods…💗
Seems like Mashiro already owns one of these… #Garupa


2020 Oct 1 – 11:04 am

The archives will be up until tomorrow!!!!!
Be sure to watch it lots〜🌸

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