Amane Tweet Translations (October 2018)

2018 October 31 – 4:06 pm

Happy Halloween🎃🐱🌟

If I were to be reborn, I would want to be a black cat!

And here’s the Caro-chan that I drew the other day!



2018 October 28 – 8:28 pm

Good evening~!
I went out with my friends today~(´∇`)
The town is completely covered with Halloween decorations✨🎃✨
So how did everyone spend their holidays?
I’m looking forward to next week’s holiday!!
And by the way, the ios version of Re:Live starts today😁
I’ll do my best to save up stars🍌✨


2018 October 22 – 9:50 pm

Is everyone doing well?
It’s been really cold recently🐧
I’ve been playing Revue Starlight Re:Live since yesterday😁
And I’ve been having a lot of fun!!
Banana-chan came to me in my latest 10 pull so I’m super happy🍌


2018 October 12 – 7:55 pm

[Shojou☆Kageki Revue Starlight-The LIVE-#2 Transition]

We went to see the dress rehearsal~(´∇`)

I’ve been Starlit…★

I want to shine too!!


2018 October 6 – 12:00 pm

I want to eat them too!!

Quoted Tweet – Logo cookies from Colourful Pastrale: Bermuda Triangle

2018 October 6 – 11:39 am

Today! “Gekkan Bushiroad November Edition” is now on sale o(^o^)o
Did you all get your copy already?
I’ve already gotten my copy so please do check it out (o^∀^o)


2018 October 1 – 9:42 pm

Starting today, it’s going to be October🎃
Is everyone okay after the typhoon?
Yesterday I changed my clothes for the season, but I was shocked by hot it was today😭☀
And speaking of October, there’s Halloween😁
So here’s my bat parka!!
My hairstyle here is the same as Mr Bunny’s🐰✨
Let’s all enjoy this month😉


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