Amane Tweet Translations (November 2018)

2018 November 25 – 9:53 pm

Rimi-rin senpai❤
I’ll be in your care as well!!
Next time please tell me where I can find some delicious chocolate cornets😊🍫

2018 November 25 – 12:54 pm

Thank you for the HiBiKi Fan Thanksgiving Festival😁
I had so much fun taking photos with my seniors and talking to them❤
(And I shared half a crepe with Ayasa-senpai✨)
And I was so extremely happy to hear everyone calling my name!!
I’m so blessed to be a part of the HiBiKi I love so much😊


2018 November 24 – 7:50 pm

Thank you so much to everyone who came today!!
I kept stuttering during my narration but I was saved by all of your voices of support😭
My seniors are all so kind and we had so much fun in the dressing room, it was the best😁
And thank you for all the flower stands・Presents・And letters!
Once I get home I’ll take my time to read through all of them✉
HiBiKi is the greatest😊


2018 November 21 – 4:19 pm

It’s been a while since school ended in the morning so I went out with my mom!! (To lug stuff around😭) It’s been so long since I last went out with my mom!
I managed to eat my favorite hot-dog (^q^)v


2018 November 17 – 7:32 pm

And and!
Did you all manage to see my signatureσ( ̄^ ̄)?
It’s cute isn’t it ( ¯﹀¯ ) How’s that
I turned the A in Amane into my beloved whale shark⚓


2018 November 17 – 7:31 pm

Thank you all for attending WGP2018 [Bermuda Triangle~Colourful・Pastrale~] Reveal Panel💛
I was really nervous but I had so much fun!
The anime will start airing on the 12th of January 22:00~📺
The OP is by Pastel*Palettes💚
And the ED is by Colourful Pastrale🐬
It’s a really fun song so look forward to it☆
#Colopare #WGP


2018 November 17 – 4:31 pm

Thank you to everyone who came today!!
As you could see in the PV, Caro-chan is a super energetic and cute girl so I hope you all like her(o^ω^o)
I’ll do my best alongside Caro-chan so I look forward to all of your support!!
#Colopare #WGP


2018 November 17 – 12:23 pm

Today’s the day!!
I’ll be in your care today (o^ω^o)
#Colopare #WGP


2018 November 13 – 10:33 pm

The venue will be in Tokyo!

2018 November 13 – 10:20 pm

It was announced earlier that I would be appearing at the [WGP~Colopare Stage~] on the 17th of November (Sat) at 15:00!!
Be sure to come everyone〜(o^ω^o)✌
And, I cut my hair yesterday!
It looks like short hair from the front, but if you look from the back it’s actually long hair(´ω`)
#Colopare #WGP


2018 November 11 – 4:28 pm

Good evening〜(o^ω^o)
Today’s Pocky and Pretz day!
Have you all had some? I’ve already ate some( ‘ч’ )ŧ‹”ŧ‹”
Tomorrow’s Monday…I’ll do my best!!


2018 November 7 – 6:48 pm

Good evening~!!
Be sure to stay warm when you go to bed so you don’t catch a cold(o^ω^o)
Here’s the proper way to use the whale shark!! You can go inside of it🐟


2018 November 4 – 8:38 pm

The other day my mum bought me a whale shark💙
Did you know that you’re supposed to place things inside of it?
(Somehow I feel like I’m using this wrong…(^_^;)


2018 November 4 – 8:37 pm

Today for our culture festival, I went with my friends to all kinds of locations~!!
But the first location on our trip was the Thanksgiving Festival✨


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