Amane Tweet Translations (May 2020)

2020 May 31 – 5:46 pm

The other members of Morfonica were doing gacha pulls so I thought about doing a 10 pull too.
I don’t even have enough stars to do 1 pull.
Shindou remembered that she used them all up the last time.

2020 May 31 – 10:41 am

㊗️Thank you for 90,000 followers!!
Every time I start thinking about what to do, I find myself hitting the next milestone…I want to do something though…💭✨
I’ll continue to give it my very all today and from now on so I look forward to your continued support!!


2020 May 31 – 10:28 am

Good mornesu…feeling sleepy( ¯꒳​¯ )ᐝ
I’ll give it my all today

2020 May 30 – 9:17 pm

I thought that Daylight would be added today so I went for a solo karaoke session but it wasn’t added in yet…it’s too bad, I’ll try again another time( ᵕ̩̩ㅅᵕ̩̩ )
But, I was really happy to see Bandori related songs like Melissa and chAngE in the song history✨

2020 May 30 – 7:31 pm

Today at 27:30~!!
It was so much fun😭✨
Please do tune in♡

Quoted Tweet – Amanesu will be a guest on Asaka’s Animetick Night

2020 May 29 – 9:43 pm

That was so cool…💭✨#D4DJ_DJTIME

2020 May 29 – 9:37 pm

I’ve forgotten the …

2020 May 29 – 9:36 pm

I’ve waited for this!! Big Bang!!

TL note: Let’s do the Big Bang by Peaky Pkey

2020 May 29 – 9:32 pm

I love Tokyo Teddy Bear😭🧸#D4DJ_DJTIME

2020 May 29 – 9:31 pm


TL note: Miyu just played Initial by Poppin’ Party in her setlist

2020 May 29 – 9:29 pm

The transitions are just amazing…✨😭#D4DJ_DJTIME

2020 May 29 – 9:24 pm

Waku Waku😭#D4DJ_DJTIME

TL note: Miyu just played Waku Waku meets Trip in her DJ setlist

2020 May 29 – 8:50 pm

I can get to meet everyone again♡
I’m looking forward to it🎀

TL note: They’ll be restarting Rebirth classes in June

2020 May 29 – 8:49 pm

[Recite with your voice! Promare Quotes Karuta] is finally on sale♡
I’m late to the party💦
It’s so much fun playing this game with the soundtrack playing in the background!!
I recommend imitating the characters while reading the cards!
My passion for Promare…shall blaze again🔥
Let’s all play together⭐
#PromareQuotesKaruta #PROMARE


2020 May 29 – 7:43 pm

Manager-san: “You look like a mermaid”
Me: “Oh, you’re right!! Pose!!”

I’ve only realized now but my hands were reversed😭

TL note: She’s trying to do the Kyaro pose here


2020 May 29 – 7:39 pm

Kyaro’s here toooooooooo!!

Quoted Tweet – New card supplies on the Bushiroad EC Shop

2020 May 28 – 7:07 pm

So excited🌸

Quoted Tweet – #D4DJ_DJTIME with Takagi Miyu

2020 May 29 – 7:07 pm

The parts that I’ve circled were the parts where I asked for a do-over. And there were a lot of parts that I re-recorded✨
After all, I didn’t want myself to sing. I wanted Mashiro to sing🦋

Feeling (Kyun)


2020 May 28 – 9:54 pm

I love [Easy come, Easy go!]’s “Ei! Ei! Oh!”♡

2020 May 28 – 9:51 pm

Star Beat is a very dear song that got me into Bandori!! #BandoriTVLIVE

2020 May 28 – 9:36 pm

Don! Bang! And Shindou Amane has made her appearance(●︎´▽︎`●︎)
Thank you all so much for 2nd place😭✨

TL note: Daylight reached 2nd place in the Daily Oricon Rankings

2020 May 28 – 8:17 pm

I’m looking forward to go searching for unicorns together with you🦄

TL note: The release date for the mobile game Assault Lily Last Bullet is planned for this winter

2020 May 28 – 6:59 pm

I uploaded an Instagram Story to commemorate the release of [Daylight]
It’s limited to a day!! So please do check it out🦋
I’m not good at writing and I scribbled a lot of it so it’s really hard to read lol
In fact, I’m actually on my 2nd piece lol

2020 May 28 – 6:37 pm

Woooooooooow that’s amazing!!
This is thanks to all of the Bang Dreamers✨
I was so happy to hear it play when I just so happened to go to the store🎶

Quoted Tweet – BanG Dream! Girl’s Band Party Cover Collection Vol. 4 has reached 1st place in the Oricon Daily Rankings

2020 May 28 – 5:26 pm

So the day has come where I can hear my voice on CBC Radio…✨
Please excuse me for intruding onto Asaka-san’s AniNight!!
Please do tune in♡

2020 May 28 – 5:09 pm

Emergency plannnnn!


2020 May 28 – 4:36 pm

I’ve always loved listening to this song whenever I had earphones in both my ears…♡


2020 May 28 – 4:33 pm

Yaaaaaaaay I’ve been waiting for these
I think these just look so cute♡!!

Quoted Tweet – Blood pack pouches from Tama-kyu

2020 May 28 – 4:19 pm

I want it!!!

Quoted Tweet – Retweet campaign for a D4DJ bangle light

2020 May 28 – 3:53 pm

The photo, well….It’s just me eating a donut…🍩💭
In the future, I’ll talk about the settings that I have for selfies~🎶


2020 May 28 – 3:46 pm

Today, I’m wearing concealer without applying foundation. It’s nice because it doesn’t stick to the mask!! At least that’s how I feel✨

2020 May 28 – 12:09 pm

Seeing Mashiro-chan in the illustration on the Cover Collection with slightly darker skin really makes you feel like it’s Summer…💭♥

2020 May 28 – 12:08 pm

Mashiro-chan GETTTTTTTTTTT!!
#Bandori #CoverCollection


2020 May 28 – 11:53 am

Today, I took a look at my schedule and I saw the day that I’ve been looking forward to for the longest time✨

2020 May 27 – 9:17 pm

Once again, thank you for 2nd place in the Oricon Daily Ranking🦋
It’s all thanks to everyone who got a copy, so thank you all so much!!
I’ve been thinking ever since the release was decided✨
It’ll be nice if we could enter the rankings…💭
As for the title of the Top, I believe that [With these hands, we’ll grab that light one day]✨

TL note: In the square brackets are lyrics for Daylight, specifically at the end of the song.

2020 May 27 – 6:36 pm

Ababababababa…Whahahahahat do I do((((((((((˙-˙))))))))))
Thank you all so much( ;ᯅ; )

TL note: Daylight has reached 2nd place in the daily Oricon Rankings

2020 May 27 – 1:49 pm

Shindou really likes Rewrite a lot among key’s works so she’s really flustered right now lol
I especially like Lucia…♡

2020 May 27 – 1:45 pm


Quoted Tweet – Weiss Schwarz Booster Packs for Key’s 20th Anniversary

2020 May 27 – 11:36 am

I also talked about my thoughts on each of our songs, regarding my singing and our goals for the future in this interview✨
Please do give this a read as well🦋

2020 May 27 – 10:40 am

My curled hair has turned into lovely straight hair.
This, this is saddening…
I’ll do my best today~!! Boppin

2020 May 27 – 10:38 am

This also goes on sale today!!
As soon as I GET mine, I’ll post about it ( ◜▿◝ )ノ

Quoted Tweet – BanG Dream! Girls’ Band Party Cover Collection Vol. 4

2020 May 27 – 9:49 am

It’s on sale todayyyyyyyyyyyy!!
As per usual, I didn’t get Mashirooooooooooooo😭


2020 May 27 – 9:19 am

I talked a lot about how I felt, my singing and the recordings etc in this interview✨
Please do give it a read while listening to Daylight and Konjiki no Prelude.
I look forward to your continued support🦋

2020 May 26 – 8:29 pm

Let’s all go for pasta!! For sure!!
O-Hina-sama’s imitation was really funny ꉂ(ˊᗜˋ*)

2020 May 26 – 7:56 pm

It’s starting~🦋

Quoted Tweet – Morfonica Radio Episode 7

2020 May 26 – 5:19 pm

Since Haruna is the DJ, she only sings during the intro, A melody chorus, the hook and the end. But if everyone enjoys listening to me sing at a slightly lower tone than usual from now on♡ I’ll be really happy✨
Li! Li! Li! Li! ←This part’s really cute!

2020 May 26 – 5:05 pm

The Stained Color of Sadnessssss!!
I sang this as Kasuga Haruna🌸
Please do give it a listen🎶

Quoted Tweet – Preview for D4DJ’s 2nd Album Cosmic CoaSTAR

2020 May 26 – 2:08 pm

Our outfits✨
I want to take a good look at every part of it👀💕

2020 May 26 – 2:07 pm

I really want a B2 poster…

2020 May 26 – 10:36 am

Tomorrow…Morfonica’s 1st single「Daylight -デイライト-」and 「Bandori! Girls’ Band Party Cover Collection Vol.4」are going on sale🦋
Daylight at Animate
Cover Collection at Gamers
Also have bonus Mashiro goods as well!!
Please do get them♡


2020 May 26 – 10:02 am

Everyone, thank you for all your mascara recommendations😭
I’ll try out a bunch of them ( ఠ_ఠ )♡

2020 May 25 – 10:43 am

The photo I uploaded today doesn’t show my eyelashes in it…

2020 May 25 – 10:41 am

I wonder if there’s a mascara that keeps your eyelashes standing…After changing my mascara, my eyelashes get too heavy and start drooping( ´•̥ ̫ •̥` )

2020 May 25 – 9:15 am

I’m feeling sleepy~!!


2020 May 25 – 8:27 am

And that’s why I’ll be doing work related to Haruna today✨
I’m going with straight hair for today🎶


2020 May 24 – 11:07 pm

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?
Cute…So cute…Beautiful….
A white one piece and a white hat😭✨
I shall take her as my wife💒👰💍


2020 May 24 – 11:05 pm

#KasugaHarunaBirthday2020 !!
Voicing Haruna has been so much fun♡
I hope we’ll continue to learn more and more about her charms✨
Let’s continue to shine together⭐

※My ability to draw has flown away😭🌀


2020 May 24 – 6:43 pm

It’s my first time celebrating the birthday of a character that I’ve voiced so I’m feeling really restless🌸
The countdown has already begun.

2020 May 24 – 6:37 pm

The countdown has already begun🌸

TL note: Referring to Kasuga Haruna’s birthday which is on the 25th of May

2020 May 23 – 9:04 pm

I really love the irons with limited edition colors, so I buy them at Don Quixote to get them a little cheaper✨
The green one I have here is also really charming🌱

2020 May 23 – 8:15 pm

An indispensable item for setting my hair since long ago #SALONIA
I’ve gotten the 19mm one recently🎀
I first use the 32mm one to straighten my hair, then the 19mm one to curl it❤︎
I’m also interested in getting a straight iron and hair brush😳💭💟

2020 May 23 – 4:47 pm

Found this while I was going to my next lesson👀💕
It’s been a while since I’ve met up with Oyu-chan😘


2020 May 22 – 10:20 pm

I really want to go the Pokemon Center…If I could go, I would go searching for a Croagunk plushy♡(( \( ˙꒳​˙ )/ ))♡
The Croagunk that I used to have in the house escaped somewhere…( •̥ ˍ •̥ )

2020 May 22 – 10:09 pm

I also really like Max😭💓
I remembered the movieeeeeee!!
The Manafi, Jirachi and Celebi movies will really make you cry so please do check them out👀💕

2020 May 22 – 10:06 pm

Pikachu is so cute…The moment the Jigglypuff song played, the sleep status appeared over my head…
Shindou’s favorite Pokemon are Zorua, Jirachi and Croagunk♡
Croagunk was the very first Pokemon I’ve ever liked✨

2020 May 22 – 7:15 pm

A chair!!!!!!!!
It’s a must-have item when you’re going for an event!!
Shindou is the kind of person who’ll definitely bring a chair when she goes for an event!!!
Chairs are the greatest✨

2020 May 22 – 12:55 pm

My abs have been hurting since yesterday due to sit-ups and since I have a really low tolerance to laughing, I laugh a lot when I talk to my family, but, whenever I laugh, my abs start to hurt lol

2020 May 22 – 11:10 am

It’s Oyunesu!!
I have confidence in my luck for drawing characters other than the ones I voice…✨

Quoted Tweet – HiBiKi StYle Episode 559

2020 May 21 – 5:46 pm

I’ve also recommended [Fantasista Doll] to quite a few people!!
There’s a lot of girls for your liking…♡
I especially like Katia, Madeleine, Akari and Ophelia so much I could just explode💥
I still remember how down I felt when my Madeleine strap broke lol Hehehe…I want to watch some of the anime that I’ve watched in the past🤤

2020 May 21 – 5:36 pm

I really feel like watching [DOG DAYS] now ((っ•ω•⊂))impatient
As I went to see my manager, I said, “Manager-san, I’ve missed you~!!”…( ✧﹃✧)

2020 May 20 – 8:04 pm

I uploaded an Instagram Story✨
I’ve written my feelings of gratitude to everyone.

2020 May 20 – 7:56 pm

They’re giving away a signed card!
I look forward to your applications♡

Quoted Tweet – Follow and retweet campaign at the Card Gamer account

2020 May 20 – 7:52 pm

My 3 straight days of recording are now over✨
I really want to cure my habit of being so nervous during the actual recording despite doing well during the practice runs…😭
Here’s the syrup that the staff gave me on day 1! It’s really effective on your throat🌱
I’m always being saved by the staff and everyone who’ve supported me.
I’ll continue to do my best so I hope you all will continue to support me


2020 May 19 – 1:02 pm

Do give it a listen✨🎸

TL note: Amane has made a playlist of Bandori songs to energize listeners

2020 May 19 – 9:35 pm

My mom made scones.
While she was making them, me and my mom started singing “Scone, Scone, Koikeya Scone🎶”
This cup here is one of my favorites♡
I like how it contains just the right amount to drink!

2020 May 18 – 9:32 pm

I could finally go to voice training after the longest time✨
At home, it’s just a repetitive loop of listening intently to the audio recording, then stressing over how to sing it.
But at voice training, I start singing after warming up and my teacher is able to teach me, “At this part, it’s better to do it like this!” And being aware of what I need to work on is the biggest difference🎤💭
Good nesu🛏

2020 May 18 – 5:18 pm


2020 May 18 – 5:17 pm

Pico!! I opened some packs too!! Don’t forget to check this out too-

2020 May 18 – 1:33 pm

I bought a new curling iron and curled my hair but the curls disappeared because of the humidity.
Sadnesssssssssssssssssss( ;ᯅ; )

2020 May 18 – 1:05 pm

It’s tomorrow!!

TL note: Special MORFONICAL stream tomorrow with all the members of Morfonica

2020 May 17 – 2:06 pm

I showed off some of the figures I have at home!!
Everyone please do check it out♡

Quoted Tweet – HiBiKi StYle Special Episode 22

2020 May 17 – 11:04 am

I’m doing my favorite pack opening~🎶
Please do check it out♡

2020 May 16 – 4:12 pm

A taste I’ve liked since way back♡
Sisnesu bought it.
The figure is usually placed in the middle of the desk that me and Sisnesu share lol

2020 May 15 – 4:39 pm

I gave my comments in the video below✨Please do check it out💕🦋

TL note: Morfonica was chosen for Tower Recommends for May of 2020

Quoted Tweet – Comment video from Amane

2020 May 15 – 1:27 pm

The VOD for the previous Rebanama is now out✨Do check it out♡

2020 May 15 – 1:08 pm

「Daylight-デイライト-」broke 1 million views, thank you all so much😭🦋
I’m so happy!!
It’s going to go on sale so look forward to it⭐

2020 May 13 – 12:52 pm

Now that I’m done with my make-up, it’s time to set my hair🎶
I’m still wearing my lounge-wear👕

2020 May 9 – 8:03 pm

To everyone♡
The other day, I received all of your letters and presents🎁💌
I always receive all the feelings that everyone puts in whenever they choose a present or write a letter˙˚ʚ✉ɞ˚˙thankyou
I’ve been thinking…It would be nice if I could give my thanks to everyone in return!
I hope you all will continue to support me in the future!!

2020 May 9 – 7:58 pm

I forgot to tag it😭
Sorry for making the tweet again💦

2020 May 9 – 7:58 pm

Getsubushi June edition is now on sale⭐
#LiLiLiLi makes an appearance and it comes with #Morfonica paper figures♡
So please do get it~!!
When I see the promotional photos I think to myself, “How stylish” lol
And my hair has grown!


2020 May 9 – 6:42 pm

#Rebanama Thank you for watching✨
That was Raku-chan’s first appearance!!
Did you all have fun? I had a lot of fun too!
Not to mention it was Magical☆Girl Amane’s Rebirth victory~⭐too(*´︶`*)❤︎
Do give RemoteFight a try everyone🌏

2020 May 9 – 5:03 pm

We’re starting~!!
We’ll be looking forward to your comments over on discord🏡

TL note: A discord server is open for people to join for RemoteFight

2020 May 9 – 11:48 am

I changed my icon
It’s my~favorite~pic~ture~🎶

2020 May 9 – 10:38 am

I’m thinking if it’s alright for me to just watch the sequel…My mom likes Inuyasha while I like Sesshoumaru (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

2020 May 9 – 10:35 am

The sequel to Inuyasha…But I still haven’t watched the final episodeeeeee😭

TL note: A continuation of Inuyasha was announced for Fall 2020 focusing on Inuyasha’s and Sesshoumaru’s daughters. Also Amane never finished the Inuyasha series till now

2020 May 9 – 9:24 am

Good mornesu~!!
I’ll be making an appearance here today!
All about Rebirth🎶
Please do check it out~👀💕

2020 May 8 – 9:49 pm

The other day, Oyu-chan got me a birthday present📕✨
It was the thing that I was interested in when it showed up in HiBiKi StYle!!
Quickly, let’s φ(..)writewrite♡
Thank you Oyu-chan\(*ˊᗜˋ*)/♡
I’ll let Oyu-chan take a look once I’ve written in a year’s worth~🎶


2020 May 8 – 2:15 pm

Now playing🎶
I’m going to introduce the band that I’ve been loving and really into recently⭐


2020 May 8 – 12:58 pm

㊗️30k Instagram followers✨
I’m so happy!
I just so happened to take 3 photos for 30k people📸
The candy on my earrings in the 2nd photo is konpeito which is my 4th favorite candy🍬
I’ll continue to do my best so I look forward to your continued support✨

2020 May 8 – 12:00 pm

RAS and Monica too!!
I’m so happy!
By the way, what does ohmori mean?

2020 May 8 – 11:55 am

Going on sale today!

2020 May 8 – 11:54 am

They also added in LiLiLiLi🌸

2020 May 7 – 9:28 pm

By the way, here are my favorite characters…
Ichigo Yuka
Kamomebata Noriko
and Matsuzaka Satou!
I also like all the other characters with their sparkling personalities♡
I’m going to enjoy my StayHome🎶
Good nesunsun🧸

2020 May 7 – 6:44 pm

This is also ending today!!

Quoted Tweet – Limited Time can badges

2020 May 7 – 5:51 pm

I quite enjoy works with a lot of girls, idols, deep despair or BADENDs…✨

2020 May 7 – 5:10 pm

About 6 months have passed since my friend recommended me these…(´>∀<`)ゝsorry☆
I also have a lot of anime to recommend to you all…but!
Among them, I highly recommend these 4!!
[AKB0048], [Scum’s Wish], [MacrossΔ] and [Happy Sugar Life]♡
Do try them out during this StayHome period👀💕

2020 May 7 – 5:03 pm

It’s ending today!!

Quoted Tweet – Retweet campaign to win a signed shikishi with signatures from the Lyrical Lily cast

2020 May 7 – 5:01 pm

I’ve been thinking…what should I tweet about…lol
I took 75 steps today.
I watched The Quintessential Quintuplets in one go.
I just find Yotsuba and Nino so cute✨


2020 May 6 – 10:10 pm

I had a really fun day today watching live videos of my favorite bands and artists…✨
I find the sound of thunder and look of lightning really cool…but thinking about it it’s kind of scary🤔💭
How did everyone spend their day?
I’m going to sleep soon~🎶
Good nesu🧸

2020 May 6 – 6:10 pm

The thunder is amazing!
It’s going…cracklecracklecrackle!
I’m been looking out the window this whole time⚡

2020 May 6 – 11:59 am

That was quite a shock last night…
I have a habit of waking up a few seconds before an earthquake hits but yesterday I woke up when the siren sounded and it startled me.
Is everyone alright?
I’m alright!
And lastly…Good mornesu☁️

2020 May 5 – 8:40 pm

The live MV…✨
A white one-piece!! Beautiful!! Lovely!! #ポピパ7th実況

TL note: Popipa’s new live MV bundled with their new album Breakthrough

2020 May 5 – 8:36 pm

The logos of all the bands are in there!! Amazing!! #ポピパ7th実況

2020 May 5 – 8:31 pm

[My thoughts]

My heart is full of kirakiradokidoki⭐
It’s so moving thinking about how Popipa has come to become the band they are today😭
I’ll do my best to stand at Budoukan as well~!!
Time to look back on how much has changed👀❤


2020 May 5 – 8:23 pm

When I listen to this song, I’m reminded of how I felt when I saw my name on the ending credits roll⭐
I…appeared in Bandori✨

TL note: Amane is credited for 生徒、花女生徒B in BanG Dream Season 2 Episode 7 and 8 respectively

2020 May 5 – 8:19 pm

We’ll fly-! #ポピパ7th実況

TL note: Lyrics from Jumpin’

2020 May 5 – 8:14 pm

Wah!!!!!!! #ポピパ7th実況

TL note: They’re playing CiRCLING now!

2020 May 5 – 7:51 pm

Bonds are important!! #ポピパ7th実況

TL note: The song is Kizuna Music

2020 May 5 – 7:43 pm

If I could play the piano, this would be the number 1 song I would like to be able to play.

TL note: Referring to 1000 Crying Skies

2020 May 5 – 7:32 pm

Kono te wo hanasenai…❤ #ポピパ7th実況

TL note: Lyrics from the song Teardrops

2020 May 5 – 7:28 pm

Teardropsssssssssssssss!? #ポピパ7th実況

2020 May 5 – 7:24 pm

Was what I thought and now they’re playing Time Lapseeeeeeeeee!!

2020 May 5 – 7:23 pm

What’s the POPIPAAAAA!?
The lyrics for this song are the most emotional thus far♡
The pose at the end was also really cute!!

2020 May 5 – 7:07 pm

Your gift to me
It really makes me want to cry😭
I can’t cry, I’m crying!!! #ポピパ7th実況

2020 May 5 – 7:02 pm

I want to eat some chocolateeeeeeeeeee🍴( ´:ω:` )💭

TL note: Rimi just performed her character song, Chocolate no Teion Recipe

2020 May 5 – 6:53 pm

It’s so cuteeeeee♡
Whenever I got to karaoke, I’ll definitely sing this song!

TL note: Arisa’s character song Su-Suki Nanka Janai!

2020 May 5 – 6:41 pm

I love all of the solo songsssssssss♡ #ポピパ7th実況

2020 May 5 – 6:41 pm

Doki Doki SING OUT! It’s become so bright✨

TL note: Referring to Doki Doki SING OUT, Kasumi’s character song

2020 May 5 – 6:39 pm

Hanazono Land~🐰
I love the rhythm of the song!

TL note: Referring to Hanazono Denki Guitar!!! Tae’s character song

2020 May 5 – 6:35 pm

only my railgun is so hyped!!

2020 May 5 – 6:31 pm

The first time I listened to the intro of this song was the electric guitar version🎶 #ポピパ7th実況

TL note: Song is Kimi ja Nakya Dame Mitai covered by Popipa

2020 May 5 – 6:16 pm

Double Rainbow!!
My tears glands are just destroyed…😭
I love it too muchhhhhhh♡

2020 May 5 – 6:01 pm

It’s startedddddddd!! #ポピパ7th実況

2020 May 5 – 5:28 pm

Today at~19:00!!
I’m so excitedexcitedexcitedddd

TL note: Popipa’s live commentary on Bandori 7th Live, Jumpin’ Music

2020 May 5 – 5:24 pm

I feel like I have some recollection of taking out that photo of me when I was in kindergarten…💭

2020 May 5 – 5:21 pm

I love collecting phone cases~♡
I changed to an iPhone because I wanted to collect a lot of them✨
I’m going to collect more and more black, pink and green phone cases~!!

2020 May 5 – 5:16 pm

Successive generations of phone cases✨
There were some that I wasn’t able to show in the photo since they are very very deep inside a box💦
Maybe I can show them off some other time✨

2020 May 5 – 5:01 pm

You’ve grown some great bangs…⭐
Left Kindergarten
Right Present


2020 May 5 – 2:03 pm

I think “that” has already arrived for everyone✨
Please do check it out🦋

Quoted Tweet – HiBiKi StYle Special Episode 10

2020 May 5 – 12:59 pm

Hmmm this is hard lol
I burnt 2 out of 4!
I’m going to have to practice some more!

“Order up”


2020 May 5 – 12:41 pm

I found it!!

2020 May 5 – 12:30 pm

I couldn’t find any pancake mix though ( ;ᯅ; )

2020 May 5 – 12:25 pm

Alright! Time to make some pancakes!!
I don’t know how to make them though so for now I’ll look it up lol

2020 May 4 – 9:36 pm

※Of course it’s with the plushy version of Yukina-san😂😂

2020 May 4 – 9:35 pm

Tonight I’ll be sleeping together with Yukina-san(ง ˘ω˘ )ว

2020 May 4 – 9:31 pm

[My thoughts]
Cool! Fantastic!! And the greatest!!

It was so cool and interesting, I learnt a lot from it✨
And tomorrow is Poppin’Party!
I’m so excitedddddd⭐

2020 May 4 – 9:27 pm

I really like this part of the video!!
Seeing all the BanG Dreamers’ expressions, reactions and their figures in happis✨
And Yukina-san’s mike🎤🥀
So many feels😭 #Roselia7th実況

2020 May 4 – 9:22 pm

The exit at the very end of the performance was wonderful⚰️🥀✨

2020 May 4 – 9:17 pm

Transitioning to Neo-aspect like this was really hyped!! I would have never expected it🤔💭 #Roselia7th実況

2020 May 4 – 9:13 pm

I was shocked to hear a siren when I was about to tweet…Is everyone alright?
I’m alright!!

TL note: There was an earthquake alert in Chiba Prefecture during the live-stream

2020 May 4 – 9:13 pm

Holding hands together and saying our goodbyes…
How wonderful✨🥀
I want us to do this one day too…🦋 #Roselia7th実況

2020 May 4 – 8:45 pm

Time passed by so quickly…That was the greatest✨

2020 May 4 – 8:38 pm

La-La-La-LaLaLa- #Roselia7th実況

TL note: Lyrics from the start of Safe and Sound

2020 May 4 – 8:25 pm

The music that plays when they’re doing their member introductions is so cool✨
I want it in a CD( ✧﹃✧) #Roselia7th実況

2020 May 4 – 8:17 pm

I got it wrong again…

TL note: Amane was having trouble with hashtags

2020 May 4 – 8:17 pm

This is my favourite song from Roselia!!
When I listen to this song whenever I’m feeling down or I’m having a hard time, my tears just start to fall…🌹

TL note: The song she’s referring to is Kiseki

2020 May 4 – 8:12 pm

For some reason the tag changed to RAS…😭 #7thRoselia実況

2020 May 4 – 8:10 pm

I really cried when I read the event story for Det Symphony…☂️
The feels continue😭 #7thRAS実況

2020 May 4 – 8:03 pm

When you hear Hidamari Rhondonite you just naturally set your blade to red or orange…This is another emotional one #Roselia7th実況

2020 May 4 – 7:42 pm

I just love the guitar in ONENESS!! #Roselia7th実況

2020 May 4 – 7:33 pm

The intro for A Cruel Angel’s Thesis is so cool!
Wonderful😭✨ #Roselia7th実況

2020 May 4 – 7:28 pm

Tamashii no Refrain!!

2020 May 4 – 7:27 pm

I just love the design of these outfits and how the white portion of the outfits flutter whenever they sway or turn!!
I also find it cute how Ako’s sleeves are black lace♡

2020 May 4 – 7:18 pm

R is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee! #Roselia7th実況

2020 May 4 – 7:18 pm

I just love Aina-san’s choreography and steps, there’s so much to learn from😭🥀✨ #Roselia7th実況

2020 May 4 – 7:13 pm

Amazing! Beautiful! Cool! #Roselia7th実況

2020 May 4 – 7:01 pm

It’s started!! #Roselia7th実況

2020 May 4 – 6:58 pm

I’m so exciteddddddddddd!! #Roselia7th実況

2020 May 4 – 6:12 pm

Recently, I’ve learnt how to make Brown Sugar Tapioca Milk Tea.
Right now, I’m around the level of lemonade.
I’m also thinking about learning what Dalgona Coffee is all about.

2020 May 4 – 6:09 pm

Shindou can’t keep up with the developments and trends of the modern age

2020 May 4 – 5:36 pm

So it isn’t a subscription…🤔💭
But an antenna…cable…I think I’ll pass this time😭
※Shindou only learnt that she could watch Blu-rays on her PS4 2 years ago

2020 May 4 – 2:20 pm

It’s a subscriptionnnnnn danggggg꜀(。௰。 ꜆)꜄
Everyone, please watch it and enjoy yourselves on my behalf as well💦

2020 May 4 – 2:16 pm

How do you watch something on the BS TV channel!?

2020 May 4 – 2:13 pm

It’s on BS ( ;ᯅ; )

2020 May 4 – 2:13 pm

Yayyyyyyyy!! I’m so happy!!

TL note: They’ll be airing Morfonica’s Daylight MV on Right On! Music, a music program on BS0 TV

2020 May 3 – 9:45 pm

Tomorrow is❌
From tomorrow⭕

2020 May 3 – 9:44 pm

I’m also thinking about live-tweeting tomorrow as well!
I might be a little behind so please forgive me😭💦
Tonight I’ll be sleeping together with Michelle~🎶
Good nesu🧸

2020 May 3 – 9:43 pm

My first live commentary…so not used this(。ŏ﹏ŏ)
I’m normally not the type to commentate live on a video but reacting with everyone on Twitter was a lot of fun⭐
I’m so sorry for panicking and making so many typos💦
I’ll try my best to get more used to doing this!

2020 May 3 – 9:35 pm

There’s also a large serving of announcements as well

2020 May 3 – 9:32 pm

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the key visualllllllllllllllllll!!
So cool and cute!!

2020 May 3 – 9:30 pm

[My thoughts]

It’s crazy!!
RAS, Aya, Kokoro, Moca and Yuri were all absolutely fantastic!

I’m so excited for tomorrow too♡

2020 May 3 – 9:23 pm

Declaration of gets the most hype!!

2020 May 3 – 9:15 pm

Shindou realized that she was waving her kingblade while recording with her phone so she panicked lol #7thRASLiveCommentary

2020 May 3 – 9:11 pm

Ballads are the greatest😭 #7thRASLiveCommentary

2020 May 3 – 9:00 pm

It’s Kurachi!! I’m so sorry💦
I’m so sorry for panicking and making so many typos💧

2020 May 3 – 8:57 pm

I just love how Kurachi-san plays behind her back(?) here…😭💖

2020 May 3 – 8:55 pm

All the solo parts of the RAS members are all too cool….✨

2020 May 3 – 8:52 pm

Whenever AnimeJapan or any shops have a costume display, I make sure to check out every nook and cranny!!
And when I wore the Morfonica costumes for the very first time I was really talking to the costumes lol

2020 May 3 – 8:47 pm

No matter times I see it I always get overwhelmed by how amazing and cool Natsume is whenever she goes all out✨

2020 May 3 – 8:44 pm

Shindou’s vocabulary has gone completely non-existent and all about my clothes fetish so please be kind to me lol
I wasn’t sure how to tweet about the event live so it’s kind of a mess💦

2020 May 3 – 8:35 pm

I love these lyrics “I will never give up. What I hear is a melody that weaves courage”!

TL note: Lyrics from Glee! Glee! Glee!

2020 May 3 – 8:32 pm

Guri-guri😭 Where it started!
The way she carries her voice is so beautiful✨
I also really love this outfit!!
The top with the lace and light green is refreshing and cute♡
Shindou was teary-eyed at the venue (இдஇ`。)

2020 May 3 – 8:26 pm

Aaaaaahhhhhh they turned into exclamation marks!!
It’s supposed to be Y.O.L.O!!!!!

2020 May 3 – 8:24 pm

The event story and lyrics for Y!!O!!L!!O!! are the most emoi emoi of emoi😭✨

2020 May 3 – 8:14 pm

Tsunagu, Soramoyou so so so so so moving😭✨

2020 May 3 – 8:12 pm

I love these outfits as well!! #7thRASLiveCommentary

2020 May 3 – 8:04 pm

Them changing the guitars is so emoi emoi😭💜

2020 May 3 – 8:03 pm

Adventure! #7thRASLiveCommentary

TL note: Lyrics from High Five ∞ Adventure

2020 May 3 – 7:59 pm

I just love the choreography and her smile💗😍

2020 May 3 – 7:50 pm

Yeah!! #7thRASLiveCommentary

2020 May 3 – 7:47 pm

Pasupare Full Power! BANG!!!!!

TL note: Lyrics from Tenka Toitsu A to Z☆

2020 May 3 – 7:43 pm

The fluffy skirt is so cute and so idolish, it’s my favorite outfit from Pasupare😭💖 #7thRASLiveCommentary

2020 May 3 – 7:39 pm

At this moment, I was teary-eyed at the venue and waving my kingblade…#7thRASLiveCommentary

2020 May 3 – 7:33 pm

Shuwa Shuwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

2020 May 3 – 7:11 pm

The guitar intro is just so coollllllll!!

2020 May 3 – 7:07 pm

It’s starting!! #7thRASLiveCommentary

2020 May 3 – 6:42 pm


Quoted Tweet – Live commentary on Bandori 7th Live – Genesis

2020 May 3 – 1:11 pm

The winds sure are strong today🍃🌀🍃
The bangs that I set just disappeared in an instant lol

2020 May 3 – 10:30 am

I slept so soundly~🎶
Good mornesu

2020 May 2 – 8:45 pm

Twin-tails paired with my favourite clothes from Amavel (@ _Amavel_) is the strongest duo ♡
At least that’s what I think when I have these 2 together!!
#twintails #Amavel #OOTD

2020 May 2 – 8:28 pm

She’s such a cute blob!!
The best♡
I’m so excited for summer🦋✨

Quoted Tweet – Announcement for Morfonica’s performance at Bandori 8th Live

2020 May 2 – 8:25 pm

Thanks for watching #MonicaRadioSpecialLivestream✨🦋
There were a lot of feelings like “A new sensation!! Meeting everyone from Monica!! It’s so much fun!!” ♡
It’s been a while since I did my hair into twin-tails✨
This is the hairstyle I have the most confidence in after all!


2020 May 2 – 6:56 pm

It’s starting🦋✨

Quoted Tweet – Morfonica Radio Special Live-stream

2020 May 2 – 3:26 pm

The winds today feel warm☀️
And there’s the scent of popcorn in the air!

2020 May 2 – 2:08 pm

Everyone please do GET it♡

Quoted Tweet – Morfonica Debut Event [Prelude] goods

2020 May 2 – 11:41 am

Watch it today at 20:00✨🦋

Note: Morfonica Radio special

2020 May 2 – 11:19 am

Today’s hairstyle is one that I haven’t done in a while…Tying it up at this height…

2020 May 2 – 10:14 am

Good morpeanutssssssss🥜

2020 May 1 – 8:41 pm

Together with Tonopii♡
If you have time, please do check it out!!

Quoted Tweet – Remote card fight and livestream on the 9th of May

2020 May 1 – 8:20 pm

This is what I listen to when I want to get hyped hyped😆✌️⤴︎︎︎⤴︎︎︎⤴︎︎︎ #Nowplaying

Note: This song is the opening for the anime Princess Principal


2020 May 1 – 5:31 pm

We’ll meet here tomorrow soon🦋

Quoted Tweet – Morfonica Radio Special Livestream

2020 May 1 – 5:22 pm

“Wait for dawn to break with all your heart”

Let’s all meet again at the break of dawn🦋
So let’s all wait with all our hearts for good health today✨


2020 May 1 – 4:06 pm

Maybe the venue for [Prelude] would have been open by now…
#Garupa #Bandori #Morfonica


2020 May 1 – 3:14 pm

My very first smartphone game and smartphone rhythm game was School Fes✨
All the rhythm games I’ve played were with my thumbs🤔
I don’t know when I started in 2013 but it’s the game I’ve played the longest!(I lost my data once though😭)
I always look forward to playing with this image on every year♡

Note: Amane is referring to the anniversary banner on the home screen


2020 May 1 – 2:08 pm

I had a School Fes Battle with my sister last night🔥

Sister “This is impossible…”
Me “This is my strongest skill after all ( ^ω^)”

Today’s battle…Amane’s victory✨

2020 May 1 – 2:02 pm

It’s going on sale on the 3rd of July!!
I want this to reach the universe⭐

Quoted Tweet – Rebirth GO! CD


2020 May 1 – 11:26 am

It’s late nesu

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