Amane Tweet Translations (January 2019)

2019 Jan 29 – 8:56 pm

So cuteeeeeee💛
I want them all ( ☆∀☆)
And it’s also really affordable for a middle schooler✨
I’m so happy (o^∀^o)♪
Be sure to GET it everyone★

2019 Jan 29 – 7:50 pm

I went out with my mom this Sunday😆🎵
And for lunch I went to the ramen store that I had always wanted to visit!!
The portion might be tiny…but it was delicious😋
The chashu was so soft, it was the best✨😄


2019 Jan 29 – 12:45 pm

I went to see [Milky Holmes’ Final Live Q.E.D]!

The setlist was full of my favorite songs, and I had fun waving my blade (*´∇`)ノ

It was a wonderful live 💚💛❤️💙
Thank you for all your hard work these past 10 years✨



2019 Jan 26 – 9:49 pm

Thank you for watching the 3rd episode (o^∀^o)
The meaning behind her mysterious words have been revealed!
A comfy space! I’d like to know what’s everyone’s comfy space★
Mine’s being in my bed surrounded by my stuffed toys🐻
Look forward to next week’s episode!


2019 Jan 26 – 5:37 pm

Good evening alligator~🐊
Today’s the 3rd episode of Colopare🎵
You can finally learn the meaning behind Caro’s words which have been a mystery for a week! So be sure to watch it❤

And the other day, Rari-chan (#TakedaLarissaTago) gave me a handmade choker😭✨
It’s so fashionable💛
The shell and pearl charm looks so cute❤
Thank you Rari-chan😍


2019 Jan 26 – 1:22 pm

Caro-chan has shot me through my heart😍💘
I LOVE Caro-chan too (❤∀❤)
Thank you Fujima sensei for the lovely illustration😭
Be sure to watch it💛


2019 Jan 25 – 6:06 pm

Colopare is on the cover of the March issue of Gekkan Bushiroad🐚✨
They’re the cutest of the cutest of the cutest😭💛
It also comes with a Bermuda Vanguard Card!
Getsubushi goes on sale on the 8th of February (Fri)! Tomorrow’s Saturday so you can get to see Colopare twice in a row😄✌
#Colopare #Getsubushi

2019 Jan 24 – 8:06 pm

Good eventea🍵
It’s been really cold lately so make sure you all stay warm so you don’t catch a cold everyone (*´∇`)ノ
Drinking red tea is really effective in preventing colds☕
Today’s a ponytail!
Something happened that made me really happy, but I’ll talk about it some other time😆💛


2019 Jan 20 – 7:10 am

Thank you all for watching the 2nd episode✨
Everyone’s the cutest of the cutest💛
I definitely don’t want fists grinding into my head~😭
Look forward to the meaning behind Caro’s words in the next episode😄✌
Be sure to catch next week’s episode too~💛


2019 Jan 19 – 9:30 pm

I had something sweet for snack time today as well😆💛
I wanted to eat it immediately so I opened it but I later remembered I needed to take a photo but it already broke (T-T)
Strawberries🍓Are the greatest😄✌


2019 Jan 16 – 7:05 pm

Good evening~🎵
It’s been getting really cold recently (T-T)
I’m so happy to be receiving illustrations from so many people (o^∀^o)
Here’s a picture of me while I was drinking an ice-cold strawberry au lait in the cold!!
After I drank it, I was so cold I started shivering…(^q^)


2019 Jan 12 – 9:51 pm

Thank you all for watching the 1st episode✨
It’s so cute~😆💛
Everyone’s tails are a little different so pay attention (o^∀^o)
Look forward to next week’s episode!!


2019 Jan 12 – 8:38 pm

Thank you all for watching😄
It was my very first live-stream so I was really excited and I had so much fun😆🎶
I’ll be really happy if everyone starts to like Caro after watching the anime★


2019 Jan 12 – 7:26 pm

We’re starting 〜(╹◡╹)


2019 Jan 12 – 1:59 pm

The Hijiki sandwich was delicious😋❤️
Thanks for the meal✨
Everyone please do try making and having one for yourself (*´∇`)🍴

2019 Jan 11 – 7:41 pm

Just 1 more day until it airs!!
Mr Seal😍
Everyone looks so cute (o^∀^o)
Thank you so much for today’s illustration as well Fujima sensei😭💛
It’ll be nice if all kinds of people are able to watch the anime…☁
Please do watch it★


2019 Jan 11 – 7:23 pm

c95 Colopare goods!!
These are all such cute goods😆
I want all of us to be matching☁
I personally recommend the can badges🌕
Recently I started playing Vanguard so I can use these sleeves immediately💛
They’ll be on sale on the EC Shop until the 16th, so everyone please do GET them★


2019 Jan 10 – 7:47 pm

It’s hereeeee!!
Caro’s hugging onto a deep sea fish! So cute~💛
I’m sure she’s good friends with Mr Fish…🐟
Fujima sensei!! Thank you for drawing such wonderful illustrations every single time (o^∀^o)
I’m so happy🍀
I’m looking forward to all the drawings of Caro from all of you😄

Just 2 more days✌ until it airs★


2019 Jan 9 – 8:49 pm

I’ve received everyone’s New Year’s Cards✨
Thank you all so much!!
I’m so happy!
And thank you all for all the likes💛・Retweets・And replies on Twitter😃
I can’t reply to them, but I always enjoy reading them!
I hope you all will continue to support me🙇✨


2019 Jan 9 – 6:49 pm

Shindou Amane’s voice samples have been uploaded onto the home page😄✌
I’ll do my best to continue growing and come up with all kinds of voices!!

2019 Jan 8 – 3:33 pm

4 more days until the airing of Colopare!!
Here’s a relay interview from the Akiba Research Institute🎤
It’s my very first time doing this (*´∇`)>ehehe
So please enjoy my very first interview!
Please do check it out✨

2019 Jan 7 – 2:50 pm

A signed poster (^q^) I want one too!!
It looks gorgeous, so please do participate (*´∇`)

The deadline’s this Saturday the 11th!!
Stand Up・The・Follow & RT✨
#Vanguard #Colopare


2019 Jan 5 – 8:46 pm

Today’s Strawberry Day🍓
One of my uncles brought over donuts(^q^)delish🍩
Donuts are deep fried and have a hole in the center so it’s 0 calories!!
The center of the donut’s so delicious😄
It’s Strawberry Day so I bought strawberry ice-cream(*´∇`)
I want to eat a whipped cream strawberry sandwich😍


2019 Jan 3 – 3:59 pm

What!? A Colopare commercial💛



2019 Jan 2 – 5:48 pm

I did my first calligraphy writing for the year for my homework today(*´∇`)ノ
And I tried having a little bit of fun😜
The [Bermuda△Colourful・Pastrale] anime will begin airing on the 12th!!
Everyone please do watch it★

(I’ve properly advertised it lol)


2019 Jan 1 – 1:57 pm

Happy New Years🐗
I’ll be in your care this year as well!
And [Bermuda△Colourful・Pastrale] will begin airing this month as well!
Everyone please do watch it★

Here’s a picture of me wearing a Chima jeogori when I went to Korea for a vacation!!


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