Amane Tweet Translations (February 2019)

2019 Feb 24 – 7:37 pm

Introducing the song that brought about “Boppin♫”💿
The opening song for the anime [Bermuda△Colourful・Pastrale], [Wonderland Girl] is now on sale!
It’s such a cute song😍
And the B-side, [Tenka Toitsu A to Z☆] is also a really Bushido! song so please do listen to it too♪

I got Chisato-san for both my can badge and my card!

#PasuPare Full Power🔥

Note: The last line is lyrics from [Tenka Toitsu A to Z☆]


2019 Feb 23 – 10:28 pm

Thanks for watching episode 7 of #Colopare🧜‍♀️
Chel-chan was so cute😻
I was so happy seeing how passionate Kanon was…❤️
Caro crying after Love-chan was taken away from her…I understand! I know that feeling!!

I also took a picture with #MiyamotoYume !!
We both got really excited talking about various things at the recording studio✨
We’re besties!

Note: Love-chan is the shark plushy that Caro carries around


2019 Feb 23 – 4:09 pm

I forgot to tag her〜.°(ಗдಗ。)°.
I’m sorry💦

Here’s Tono-san’s Twitter!

2019 Feb 23 – 4:03 pm

Today’s the 7th episode of #Colopare 🧜‍♀️
The mysterious girl Chel has made her appearance!!
I’m sure you’re curious why Caro is hugging Love-chan in the episode preview🐟
So be sure to check it out~♪

And the other day, me and Tono-san saw a signboard at the train station!!
Have you all made your pre-orders?
I too have to make mine🏃‍♀️💨


2019 Feb 23 – 3:47 pm

Mama’s select candy pouch🍘
Whenever Kikuko-san and Noriko-san bring in a new snack with smiles on their faces, they share it with us, telling us, “We want you to try this!”⭐

I’ve learnt a lot from their stories during our breaks! I’ll do my best to keep on growing and be able to co-star along with them again!

The 5 of us were also mentioned in the article, so please do check it out!

Quoted Tweet – Interview with Hidaka Noriko who voices Ardi and Inoue Kikuko who voices Felma

2019 Feb 23 – 1:10 pm

I attended
「BanG Dream! 7th☆LIVE」
It was so amazing how their powerful performance and music just took away our breaths!!
My light-sticks just couldn’t stop…(☻-☻)
The feeling of all the BanG Dreamers being taken into RAS’s world was just so cool✨

Bandori is the greatest!!

2019 Feb 22 – 2:34 pm

Today’s #CatDay 🐈 so…let me introduce you all to the mysterious cat plushy that often appears in my tweets❤️
It’s my beloved black cat plushy, “Tanuki-chan”!
We’re always together, whether it’s when I’m travelling or at work, and of course when I sleep😻
It’ll continue to appear in my tweets so be sure to check✔︎ them out!!


2019 Feb 19 – 7:42 pm

[Numa ni hamatte kite mita]
I wonder if I can《Play the guitar while doing something else》too〜♪
I’ve learnt a lot, and the studio live was so cool✨
I too want to be able to play the guitar in such a cool and cute manner⭐︎
I really do admire bands(☻-☻)
I decided to do a gacha pull while I was watching and I got a 4 star🤩

Note: Roselia made an appearance on [Numa ni hamatte kite mita]
Note: Aimi was talking about how she practices the guitar and she does so by playing and doing something else in the meantime like watching a show


2019 Feb 16 – 10:02 pm

Thanks for watching episode 6 of #Colopare🧜‍♀️
That was such a moving story(;_;)
And that birthday cake looks so delicious🤤
I’ll try having a Mont Blanc and lemonade set next time〜♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪
I also saw Love-chan during the preview of the next episode…❤️
Shark♪ Shark♪


2019 Feb 16 – 5:48 pm

Everyone’s curious as to what color my iPhone8 is so…Tada!!
It’s silver(^O^)
My phone case is clear so I placed my favorite shark🦈sticker in between my phone and phone caseヾ(๑╹◡╹)

And, I had an incident where my earphones couldn’t fit my ear(;_;)
I was a little shocked to learn that I could use the puffy parts to adjust it⁉️
What kind of earphones do you all use?


2019 Feb 16 – 3:51 pm

I’ve made an appearance in the 7th episode of 『BanG Dream! 2nd Season』as a studentヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ”
The Joint Cultural Festival was so much fun!
I really admire how fast Hina-chan is able to work❤️
So please do check it out⭐︎

2019 Feb 16 – 3:51 pm

My tests are finally over…and I’ve changed my phone (^O^)
An iPhone 8!! My very first iPhone❤️
Being able to use the AR function is amazing!
Has the photo quality improved at all? LOL

And don’t forget to watch episode 6 of #Colopare today🧜‍♀️
I can use the mermaid emoji on an iPhone!?


2019 Feb 14 – 2:14 pm

One of my uncles went on a vacation to Hokkaido and he got us souvenirs😭✨
It just so happened they were holding a snow festival and he also sent us pictures😆
There’s so many of my beloved Snow Mikus😍❄
And the stuffed toy is the greatest!!

My tests will be ending tomorrow! I’ll do my best (o^∀^o)



2019 Feb 14 – 1:57 pm

Happy Valentine’s Day💛
I’ve gave away all of my friendship chocolate😁✌
After that, I went to eat beef together with my mom🐮
My jaw’s really tired…but it was so good😋

And today’s the day #SchokoMelo goes on sale!
Did anyone manage to get Caro’s card? If you do, I hope that you’ll cherish her♪
Today was such a fun day★
It’s been so long since I last drew something!


2019 Feb 12 – 3:56 pm

Good evenbanana🍌
My school is having tests starting tomorrow (T-T)
But, once I get through these tests, I can watch anime again!!
I’ll do my best✨
Let’s all do our best both in school and at work(*´∇`)ノ


2019 Feb 10 – 1:27 pm

Now streaming~(*´∇`)ノ
I had so much fun singing💛
I’ll be really glad if everyone listened to it lots😁


2019 Feb 9 – 9:31 pm

Thanks for watching episode 5 of #Colopare✨
It was a story of how the theater was revived and about the movie screening (o^∀^o)
Caro, you sure did your best✨

And! The [Happy thing] was…
The other day, Rari-chan (#TakedaRarisaTago) gave me a choker and a stuffed toy of Love-chan that Caro has😭💛
I hugged it all the way home until I fell asleep😁


2019 Feb 9 – 4:33 pm

It’s Saturday~Everyone! #Colopare Episode 5 airs today✨
Today’s episode has one of my favourite stories so please do watch it(o^∀^o)
Once it airs, I’ll tweet about the [Happy thing] I’ve talked about before😁✌

The picture’s from when I was wearing clothes that were a little different from my usual taste!


2019 Feb 8 – 6:59 pm

Today! Gekkan Bushiroad March Edition goes on sale and [Bermuda△Colourful・Pastrale] is on the front cover📚
Did you all GET a copy?
As for me, I bought it from GAMERS and I got a special bonus✨
There’s also a Bermuda card attached inside so please do GET that as well⚓
#Colopare #Getsubushi


2019 Feb 6 – 6:12 pm

Good evening!!
My mom bought me a new stationary set recently😁✌
I’ll do my best in my studies surrounded by my beloved whale sharks!!
I’ll start using it in the new semester♪
The 2nd and 3rd pictures are the pencil case I’m currently using! I’ve been told it suits me a lot lol

I don’t know why I’m doing an Ultraman pose in the last picture lol


2019 Feb 3 – 12:22 pm

I’m so sorry for being late💦

Thank you for watching the 4th episode✨
What a nice story of friendship between Fina and Serena❤💙
Capri was also really cute😍💘
And the CM played😭I’m so happy~🎵
And next week…Finally…(^q^)



2019 Feb 2 – 8:28 pm

The CM for the CardFight Vanguard Bermuda△ Trial Deck 『Schokolade Melody』is now airing♪

Caro is narrating the CM!!
Did the CM play while #Colopare was airing?

The Trial Deck will go on sale on the 14th of February!

2019 Feb 2 – 7:28 pm

Good evening~(*´∇`)ノ
The 4th episode of #Colopare will be airing today!
Caro’s ShellSis Capri was a huge success✨
So please do check it out★

And today’s #TwintailsDay , so I made Caro using the #CuteGirlMaker 😁✌


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