Amane Tweet Translations (December 2018)

2018 December 29 – 6:07 pm

Tokyo Disney Sea Food Edition🍛
It’s been 6 years since I last went to Disney and I managed to eat the turkey that I had so long ago(*´∇`)🍗
And I love the sweetness of the curry!!🍛
I also managed to eat the Little Green Men that I always wanted to try😋💚


2018 December 29 – 6:06 pm

I went to Tokyo Disney Sea with my friends~🐭🏰

I met Ariel and I had her teach me how to be a mermaid🐚
And I had my favorite Crash🐢call my name😭❤️
It was such a fun day😄✌


2018 December 27 – 11:19 am

Celebration🎂Thank you all for 6000 followers!!
Yay (*´∇`)ノ
I’ll do my best and aim for 10000 followers!


2018 December 25 – 12:09 pm

Merry Christmas!!

2018 December 24 – 2:08 pm

I ate a kebab(*´∇`)
My first kebab tasted delicious😋🍴💕
And the guy working the kebab stand was really funny😄
And, there was a panel where I could become my beloved Pochacco, so I took a photo~🎵
I tried my hand at the lucky draw and Pochacco showed up😭❤️


2018 December 23 – 4:51 pm

I made a mistake on my earlier tweet💦
I’m so sorry to everyone who had already commented🙇

2018 December 23 – 4:23 pm

I’ve finally…found itttttt!!
It was so worth waiting in the cold😄✌
It’s so cute(///ω///)♪
I had a lot of fun chasing after Caro-chan🚚💨🏃
It was a boppin day(*´∇`)


2018 December 23 – 4:22 pm

I spent the first day of winter vacation going out with my mom!!
The beef tongue was so delicious(^q^)
The drink that turns into jelly when you shake it tastes delicious too😋🍴💕

I got the words in my tweet wrong💦


2018 December 21 – 8:49 pm

Good evening! The other day I just discovered the #Bermuda hashtag👀
I took a photo together with Capri’s #MatsuiEriko-san, Adel’s #MiyamotoIkume-san and Nachura’s #SatouAmina-san😄✌
Caro’s happy too!
There’s still 4 more weeks till the broadcast, so there’s a chance to GET the mask at comiket😷


2018 December 21 – 8:48 pm


2018 December 18 – 9:09 pm

Good evening!!
Since I’ve been watching over the house, my mom gave me a whale shark plushy⚓💙
It’s sooooooooooooo cute😭✨
Today’s a great day!!
I love marine creatures and deep-sea creatures(*´∇`)💙🐙🐡🐠🐟
With that, good night🌃


2018 December 18 – 6:55 pm

I’ve been waitingggggggggggggggg💛⚓
It’s so cuteeeeeeeeeeee😭✨
I want it soon!
It goes on sale on the 29th of March!!
I just can’t wait o(^o^)o
#Colopare #Caro


2018 December 17 – 9:43 pm

The tree and the can badge both look so cute💛😄
I want them too…(^q^)
Everyone do GET the large can badge!!
I’ll go searching for a Christmas tree too🎄👀

Quoted Tweet – Giveaway campaign before the airing of Colourful Pastrale

2018 December 15 – 3:30 pm

It’s really cold today as well🐧
Gekkan Bushiroad January Edition features Colorful・Pastrale!
Have you all GOT it?
I’m looking forward to next month’s issue too~😄🎵
And today’s snack is an orange Madeleine in the shape of a shell💛
It was delicious😋
I’m so excited for the holidays~!!
To everyone still working, fight😄


2018 December 13 – 9:00 pm

It’s been really cold recently⛄❄
Now I can’t go to sleep without my hot water bottle~😭
I’m now in the middle of eating Michelle🐻
It looked so cute so I hesitated before eating it😢
You were delicious Michelle✨I’m sure it hurt🙏💦
I’ll do my best tomorrow too!! It’s cold…


2018 December 11 – 6:46 pm

I’m so curious to see what Caro-chan’s doing in the back😋
I have to go to the bookstore!!
Do check it out everyone😊

2018 December 9 – 4:39 pm

Tsumu-san was just so cool that I can’t forget how cool she was✨😭✨

Your hair color・hairstyle was just so cute❤️

2018 December 9 – 4:37 pm

We’re finally all together😭
All 5 of us😊💛💚💜❤️💙

3 sides~🔺Triangle~△

The anime starts on the 12th of January!!


2018 December 8 – 8:20 pm

I went to see RAISE A SUILEN [Brave New World] with the Colopare members yesterday🐚
The intensity was amazing✨
It was amazing being able to listen to all my favorite songs, seeing a cool Tsumu-san and Michelle!

I’ll do my very best too🎸🎤

(I forgot to take a photo so here’s one I took earlier with Mocashi💦)
#Bandori #RAS


2018 December 6 – 7:33 pm

It’s raining now but is everyone feeling okay?
I’m good friends with the rain so I’m feeling great lol
Recently, we’ve been doing dance for our PE lessons in school so I’ve been having a lot of fun😊
I’ll do my best tomorrow too😁✌


2018 December 1 – 6:26 pm

It’s already December!! I went shopping with my mom today👜
Ice-cream in winter tastes especially good~🍨😋
And Christmas is coming soon!!
I wonder what’s going to be my present…✨🎅


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