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Amane Tweet Translations (August 2020)

2020 Aug 31 – 8:57 pm

The update can’t be completed…A battle against limited bandwidth & lack of storage…I want RAS toooooooooooooooo

2020 Aug 31 – 8:15 pm

And, I was singing to the metal poles as well…

2020 Aug 31 – 8:14 pm

The opening happened there!?!?

2020 Aug 31 – 8:14 pm

I actually wasn’t just singing towards the woods, I was also singing to everyone in the audience through the gaps in the tent lolol🦋#MoniRadio

2020 Aug 31 – 7:55 pm

I will be voicing [Kolin] in God Frame Valkyria✨💚
After voicing Jarensu, I’m now also voicing Kolin…!!

Please do check her out!

2020 Aug 31 – 7:52 pm

I have an announcement!

2020 Aug 31 – 3:30 pm

I recommended Kotodaman to the friend I made in school and they’re really into it now…✨
And my teacher tried really hard and finally got Slain from the gacha…😭✨
I’m spending my days…blissfully💗

2020 Aug 31 – 6:35 am

I can’t find any HoloLive Rebirth deckssssssssssssss (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)

2020 Aug 30 – 10:30 pm

My first sleeveless outfit for the year…And doing up your hair into a ponytail with long bangs looks pretty gooduckduck🦆
The ribbon was a present from Ayasa-san🎀💙

Good nesu🛌

Note: Duck is also pronounced かも


2020 Aug 30 – 4:59 pm

The deadline is tomorrow! So don’t forget to apply!

Note: If you’re a member of Amane’s NicoNico Channel, you can apply for a member limited sticker


2020 Aug 30 – 11:08 am

It’ll be ending tomorrow!

Quoted Tweet – Pick-up box for Kotodaman

2020 Aug 29 – 9:02 pm

Your noodles actually turned out okay?????

Quoted Tweet – Oyu’s cooking

2020 Aug 29 – 8:17 pm

( “´༥`” )CrunchCrunchMunchMunch

2020 Aug 29 – 11:44 am

I watched Evangelion 3.0 yesterday and now I can hear Shinji’s voice in my head saying…”I’ll remake the world with this spear.”
And my sister’s favourite character is Kaoru-kun so we both wept deep into the night.

2020 Aug 29 – 11:42 am

It was just sososososososososo delicious~!!!!!
It was an apple pie that I’ve never tried before🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎

2020 Aug 29 – 10:32 am

Getting to say “Yay Yay” during the intermission video made me so happy that I just kept saying “Yay Yay” to Makeup-san LOL

2020 Aug 29 – 10:31 am

Memories of the live📸
Together with Itou Ayasa, the voice of Ichigaya Arisa from Poppin’Party⭐
Seeing her jump rope outside the dressing room and shooting the water guns…She’s so cute✨💕
And while she’s on the stage✨, her dancing was just amazing!!!
I’ve finally managed to achieve my goal of taking a photo with Ayasa-san!😭


2020 Aug 29 – 10:45 am

Memories of the live📸
Together with Maeshima Ami, the voice of Maruyama Aya from Pastel✽Palettes🎀
As a Pasupare fan, I was swinging my blade as Maeshima-san performed, but the moment they played my favourite song [Yura・Yura Ring-Dong-Dance] and she started singing with Chisato-san, my tears wouldn’t stop. Pasupare is the greatest✨


2020 Aug 29 – 9:42 am

I’ll be going with #StartingWSwithYotsuba (´,,•﹃ •,,`)

2020 Aug 29 – 9:41 am

Good mornesunsunsunsunsun.
The sequel to Kakegurui…I’m just so happy, today’s going to be boppin!!
I’ll do my best~!

Note: The live-action drama adaptation of Kakegurui will be getting a sequel

2020 Aug 28 – 10:35 pm

#D4DJTV The video of us when we were taking our cast photos!!!!!
And the MCs will be changed to LiLiLiLi✨
TanTan, RunRun thank you!
Next week, Watase-chan and Shindou will be making an appearance!!
Don’t miss it〜💕🐼

How’s…YunYun and…ShinShin sound…💭

2020 Aug 28 – 10:32 pm

Thanks for watching episode 20 of #Rebasu
Shuko and Kanna are cousins💕
A brand new revelation!
And here are some photos that I always! Always! Wanted to post📸
They’re from last year!


2020 Aug 28 – 9:57 pm

We have guests…!?!?
Please do check it out!


2020 Aug 28 – 9:51 pm

The club president’s whimsical greeting

2020 Aug 28 – 9:39 pm

It comes with a interview as well🦄💎✨
I’ll be really glad if everyone could come to get to know Akari-chan a little better💕

Quoted Tweet – Dengeki G’s Magazine October Edition

2020 Aug 28 – 9:30 pm

She danced to the song😭😭😭😭
Thank you so much!! #D4DJ_DJTIME

2020 Aug 28 – 9:28 pm

I managed to catch it〜! I made it in time〜!!

2020 Aug 28 – 9:27 pm

Please do check it out!!!
These photos are wonderful✨😭

Quoted Tweet – Photos from Bandori 8th Live

2020 Aug 28 – 8:51 pm

I look forward to your continued support of both Monica and LiLiLiLi!
Please do get a copy!

Quoted Tweet – Gekkan Bushiroad October Edition

2020 Aug 28 – 8:23 pm

Oh yeah! The 1st photo was me doing a pose that looks like I’m about to poke someone’s eyes out while I was preparing myself for a game of rock-paper-scissors♪

2020 Aug 28 – 8:18 pm

Even though I normally do my hair in this hairstyle, my friends told me that I look like Hanako from [Aosbi Asobase]…lolol


2020 Aug 27 – 10:40 pm

Doesn’t it look like I’m pulling you along by the sleeve?
#Nesugram #AmaneClub…

2020 Aug 27 – 10:01 pm

Babu Babubaー(・o・` )ブー(・ε・` )

2020 Aug 27 – 9:34 pm

Thanks for watching episode 1 of Amane’s Club~!!!!!!
We ate, had a conversation with an old man and had sweets for a reward…( ‘༥’ )munchmunch
All we’re doing is eat!?
We perform our club activities in a leisurely and relaxing manner LOL
We’ll be waiting for you to join the club〜🏡

Next episode’s guest is O-Hina-sama✨
Let’s all go babu babu together🍼


2020 Aug 27 – 6:51 pm

It’s so cute~! Does this mean that I can join Yurigaoka too!?!?

Note: Yurigaoka is the school that majority of the Assault Lily cast come from


2020 Aug 27 – 6:49 pm

We’ll be starting soon~!!!!


2020 Aug 26 – 9:24 pm

And and!
Here’s the Shaft Store that I personally looked forward to the most✨
I bought an Assault Lily mask case~!!
I bought so many things…(ΦωΦ)フフフ…


2020 Aug 26 – 9:22 pm

I went to the [TAMA-KYU 1st Anniversary Pop-Up Store]〜♪
I’m not sure what the tote bag design means…(⑉•̆ ·̭ •⑉)
I wanted another seasoning pouch!
So happy~!!
You can get a mask if you spend 3000 yen so be sure to pay a visit within the promotion period♡
And please do get the Shibuya limited [Gyaru Stamps]


2020 Aug 26 – 7:32 pm

Tomorrow’s the day!!
Don’t miss it~!


2020 Aug 26 – 6:58 pm

I’m so so grateful that you kept contacting me the day before the live and even once the live was over.

2020 Aug 26 – 4:49 pm

Here’s today’s photo with Aiba-san✨
She taught me so much in preparation for the live!
And I made use of everything she taught me for the live.
I was so worried as it was our 1st live performance and there was so much I was unsure of but I’m so thankful for everything you’ve taught me! #Bandori #Bandori8th


2020 Aug 26 – 4:16 pm

I made another typo!
I’ll record it!

2020 Aug 26 – 4:15 pm

Shindou actually wanted to visit the Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear – Haunted Hospital-Containment Ward – in Fuji-Q…with Aiba-san of course!!!

Note: It’s a really famous haunted house at Fuji-Q

2020 Aug 26 – 4:14 pm

Saikou Eizou Non-Stop is airing todayyyyyy!!!!
I love scary shows!!!!!!!!!
I wanna watch it!!!!
But I have lessons!!!!!!
I guess I’ll record it…📺

2020 Aug 26 – 6:00 am

Mass production Model…I want it.

Quoted Tweet – TAMA-KYU added 2 new badges to their Self-Assertion Badge series, including [Mass Production Model] and [Party People]

2020 Aug 25 – 8:41 pm

Do Do❌

2020 Aug 25 – 8:41 pm

I GOT HER😭💕💕💕💕
Do try to GET senpai as well♡

Note: This is the 2nd time Amane has gotten a character she has voiced in a mobage


2020 Aug 25 – 6:44 pm

Shindou’s typo festival has begun…😭
I accidentally changed itttttttttttt

Note: Amane typed 振動 instead of 進藤, both are pronounced Shindou

2020 Aug 25 – 5:03 pm

Seeing them talk about their oshis brings a smile to Shindou’s face😇😇😇😇😇
This was a great talk~!!

2020 Aug 25 – 4:33 pm

I…was so close!!!

Note: Amane missed the mark slightly when recreating the pose in garupa pico

2020 Aug 25 – 3:58 pm

I’ve been playing so many games recently that my phone’s running out of space, so I transferred some of my games to another phone…It’s amazing how I can enjoy these games on either Android or iPhone✨

2020 Aug 25 – 3:57 pm

I can’t pull Slain…😭
But Sakush came! HAPPY!!!!

Note: Slain is the new character that Amane voices in Kotodaman


2020 Aug 25 – 3:54 pm

Eh!?!?!? I want this too!!!!


2020 Aug 25 – 3:02 pm

Congratulations on TAMA-KYU’s 1st anniversary🥳👏🎉
I’m always excited to see what new never-before-seen toys they’ll come up with!
Here’s a picture of some of my favorite toys📸
I love the color green〜💚
I’m looking forward to the release of 160% Animals!


2020 Aug 25 – 1:42 pm


Quoted Tweet – You can now order 8th LIVE happis from the Bushiroad EC Shop

2020 Aug 24 – 8:25 pm

Please be sure to check the stream out!!!!

Quoted Tweet – Kotodaman stream which Amane voices a character in

2020 Aug 24 – 8:23 pm

I also wore the t-shirt during the intermission video!!
The design is simple enough to wear as you go about your day〜♪
Please do GET it🦋


2020 Aug 24 – 8:17 pm

I’ll be tweeting bit by bit starting today〜🦋✨
My precious and beloved outfit♡…

2020 Aug 24 – 9:08 am

It truly is…Kizuna Music♪

2020 Aug 24 – 9:06 am

Thank you to all the Bang Dreamers and Ayasa-san for continuing to provide the rhythm!
You all really saved me😭✨
And thank you to mika-san, O-Hina-sama and Oyu-chan for continuing to play the whole time!!
I could feel the bonds between the Bang Dreamers and Morfonica!

2020 Aug 23 – 10:27 pm

Thank you for all the memories on this final day.
Something happened halfway through and I went off-beat, but did I manage to sing properly?
This was an important lesson and I’ll be sure to learn from it!!
I actually have an announcement to make on the last day of summer vacation lol
I’ll share more about my feelings on the live another day!
Good nesu🛏


2020 Aug 23 – 8:11 pm

Thank you all for attending「BanG Dream! 8th☆LIVE」Summer 3DAYS 「Special Live ~Summerly Tone♪~」✨🦋
Morfonica’s 1st live was so much fun~!!
I’ll make use of everything that I’ve learnt today from now on and give it my all for October’s live!
Thank you all so much for coming and listening to our songs.


2020 Aug 23 – 5:09 am

Good mornesunsun🌞
Time to give it my all~!!!!

2020 Aug 22 – 9:32 pm

I didn’t manage to get Mashiro but I’m still really happy✨
Touko really shows up all the time now…Thank you♡
Yukina is so cute in a ponytail and I was so happy when I got her♡
And Tsu’s face and pose are just too cute♡
I’ll give it my all tomorrow!!
Good nesu〜🛏


2020 Aug 22 – 9:23 pm

I forgot the tags〜💦
And one more thing!!
Be sure to get some concert goods♡
Especially the message acrylic key-chains✨

2020 Aug 22 – 9:20 pm

We’ll give it our all and spread our wings to bring the baton that Roselia and RAS passed to us cross the finish line🦋

And here’s an amazing📸photo I took of the sky on Day 1 at Fuji-Q☁🌞

2020 Aug 22 – 9:19 pm

I managed to catch DAY1「Einheit」🌹DAY2「THE DEPTHS」🎧✨
You could feel Roselia’s bond as a band and it was a performance filled with tears and laughs, it was so much fun and so moving!
And RAS was so powerful! So cool! Expect nothing less! I was so overwhelmed by their performance…!
I’ve also learnt a lot✨


2020 Aug 22 – 9:04 pm

Tomorrow’s finally DAY3 [Summerly Tone♪]
And it’s the first LIVE for us as Morfonica.
We’ll spread our wings and soar towards that shining horizon🦋
We’re having our first live so close to Lake Kawaguchi where we filmed the MV…It truly is a miracle✨⛰️


2020 Aug 22 – 4:12 pm

I too am feeling butterflies in my stomach。。。。🦋


2020 Aug 22 – 3:30 pm

RAS is performing on DAY2
Fight on〜✨

2020 Aug 21 – 9:07 pm


2020 Aug 21 – 6:46 pm

I look forward to all your participation〜✨💧

2020 Aug 21 – 3:52 pm

They’re starting soon! Roselia!! Fighting🌹✨

2020 Aug 21 – 12:17 pm

“I, have been born〜✨”
Please do GET her!!!!!!

2020 Aug 21 – 9:52 am

The event will be starting at 16:00 today!!

2020 Aug 21 – 9:52 am

OHMYGAWWWWWW! I want them~Let’s all go pyon pyon~!!


2020 Aug 20 – 11:02 pm

By the way, the song I enjoy playing the most is [Wonderland Girl]🧜‍♀️🎀🌸
The part where you go Do, Rei, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do just right before the last hook is especially fun to play!
Some really nice things happened today so I’ll work even harder!😄
I’m looking forward to tomorrow!
Let’s get hyped and enjoy ourselves!
Good nesu🛏

2020 Aug 20 – 10:55 pm

I’m so looking forward to this(((o( ˙꒳​˙ )o)))
As a guitar player I want a whole bunch of them…💭


2020 Aug 20 – 10:02 pm

Thank you all for watching〜✨🦋
The next time we’ll meet is at DAY3~!!
Here’s Michelle in my suitcase when I was done packing🐻
I’ll shine the brightest as I take flight


2020 Aug 20 – 9:56 pm

I’ll shine the brightest as I take flight🦋#ガルパピコ大盛り_16

2020 Aug 20 – 9:53 pm

I’m just a wotanesu who wants to aim for the peak. #ガルパピコ大盛り_16

2020 Aug 20 – 9:50 pm

○a○net Aiba has begun.
And, looking like ○hn Mika lol

2020 Aug 20 – 9:44 pm

3 roses!
3 stars!
3 butterflies!

Note: Corner where they had to rate their promotion of concert goods

2020 Aug 20 – 9:39 pm

Same as always #ガルパピコ大盛り_16

2020 Aug 20 – 9:25 pm

I was so happy and shocked about the Ani-Art announcement so I read it in a mess

2020 Aug 20 – 9:20 pm

That’s a tsugurrific jacket coverrrrr!! #ガルパピコ大盛り_16

Note: CD jacket for Afterglow’s 7th single, Sasanqua has been revealed

2020 Aug 20 – 9:11 pm

For the pressure.

2020 Aug 20 – 8:34 pm

We’re startinggggg!!

2020 Aug 20 – 8:03 pm

I made a typo…I hape I get…I hope I get!!!

2020 Aug 20 – 7:59 pm

I hope I get back home by 22:00!!!

2020 Aug 20 – 7:59 pm

So cute!!!! That outfit and doing your hair in a style that you don’t do often gives off a really fresh look!

2020 Aug 20 – 7:18 pm

One last vocal training session before the live🎤✨
Today, I focused on the strength of my voice as I stretch my vocals, and how to adjust my throat right before a live!!
I’ll do my best for this Sunday!


2020 Aug 20 – 5:12 pm

The image that you see is something that can be found in-game〜✨💧💦
To everyone who’s starting to play the game, playing the game again or already playing! Please do check her out♡

2020 Aug 20 – 5:05 pm

I will be voicing [Slain] in [Kyoutou Kotoba RPG: Kotodaman]〜✨💧💦
I’ve been waiting to reveal this for the longest time!!
Do GET her! Senpai!


2020 Aug 20 – 4:45 pm

Today, I have an announcement to make💧💦
Ehehe~Wait just a little longer~!

2020 Aug 20 – 3:38 pm

Starting at 22:00 today!!


2020 Aug 20 – 3:37 pm

The orders for goods are now open!!
Please do GET yours as well🦋

2020 Aug 19 – 8:59 pm

I changed up the colour of my nails as we approach the live🦋💅🏼

2020 Aug 19 – 8:36 pm

I also GOT Aya-chan’s happi and acrylic stand as well😇😘💕
My facial expression in the photos are ones I don’t make too often…📸

2020 Aug 19 – 8:33 pm

The pre-order goods for [BanG Dream! 8th☆LIVE] Summer 3DAYS will be shipped out tomorrow🦋

Until 20/8 (Thurs) 15:00~!

My recommendations are…Everything!

The goods in these photos are ones I highly recommend getting💕
They’ll also be selling them on-site so please do check them out! Let’s all match!


2020 Aug 19 – 7:41 pm

Congratulations to #RAS !!
That’s amazing✨I have to GET my own copy too!!

Quoted Tweet – Their new album ERA reached 1st place in the Daily Oricon Album Rankings

2020 Aug 19 – 7:13 pm

Let’s aim for a million registrations!!!!

2020 Aug 19 – 7:13 pm

That’s amazing!

Quoted Tweet – D4DJ Groovy Mix pre-registrations exceeding 600,000

2020 Aug 19 – 1:14 pm

To everyone who dislikes sticky sunscreen💌
This sunscreen is already fairly dry on its own, but if you apply it over a layer of baby powder it doesn’t feel sticky at all~!!
I hope this helps you get through the live and Summer a little easier✨🌱


2020 Aug 19 – 10:30 am

Not matter what I did I couldn’t stop myself from laughing, so I broke into a grin…

2020 Aug 19 – 8:22 am

These colours are so cute〜!!!!
I want these colours on a jacket or a t-shirt (´,,•﹃ •,,`)


2020 Aug 18 – 8:22 pm

Pareo…That pose, that facial expression is so unfair!!
She’s so cute😭💕💕💕


2020 Aug 18 – 8:20 pm

Thank you all for watching #MORFONICAL🦋✨
It was nice for all the members to do before the live🌱
I’ll always keep voice acting as far as my voice can take me. I’ll always keep on singing.
And I’ll continue to grow🌱✨
Let’s do our best for the live!


2020 Aug 18 – 7:29 pm

Let’s all follow the rules and have a fun live~💕💕💕


2020 Aug 18 – 1:51 pm

I’ve been recommending Ro-Kyu-Bu to everyone around me ever since I was in elementary school…And, I’ve been searching for someone who’s reading it… And I finally found them in high school✨⛹️‍♀️

2020 Aug 18 – 1:26 pm

Everyone, please recommend some light novels to me!
I’ve been wanting to read some recent light novels…but I don’t know what to read…✨😭

Did you know, I made my 1st friend at school by asking, “Do you like Date・A・Live and Ro-Kyu-Bu?” to someone who was reading them.
And then we became friends✨
I’ll check your recommendations out once summer vacation is over🌺🌴🏖

2020 Aug 18 – 1:13 pm

I understand.

I hope that the orders will increase by to 160%✨

Quoted Tweet – New Tama-Kyu capsule toys, 160% Animals

2020 Aug 18 – 1:00 pm

My hair is so messy and I have tufts of hair springing up everywhere🌱
And…my hair… is so long now…!!

2020 Aug 18 – 12:58 pm

I tried braiding my hair, but did I braid a half-up? Or Asuna hair?
But I did it😭✨
Shindou Amane is evolving every single day!!
And my make-up was really well done💄✨💕
Speaking of evolution…Modern innovation!
Earrings that look like piercings!
They look amazing!!
※It’s natural to have a little dent on the ear that looks like a piercing.


2020 Aug 17 – 1:46 pm

It looks like a common bluebottle butterfly.

2020 Aug 17 – 1:45 pm

Ah, it’s a butterfly.

2020 Aug 17 – 1:14 pm

By the way, roasted green tea is vying for either 1st or 2nd place in my ranking of favourite teas.

2020 Aug 17 – 12:59 pm

To Mama
What you bought wasn’t barley tea, it was roasted green tea.
But it was delicious.
I’ll do my best today.

2020 Aug 17 – 11:57 am

It’ll be airing at 19:30 tomorrow🦋
You can’t miss this.

Quoted Tweet – MORFONICAL Episode 9

2020 Aug 17 – 10:53 am

The deadline to apply for our 1st Live [Cantabile] is next week!
Don’t forget to apply🦋

2020 Aug 16 – 3:55 pm

Exactly one more week to go✨
Mashiro-chan! Let’s do our best🦋


2020 Aug 16 – 11:42 am

I’m so excited✨
Shindou shall concentrate to decide who her favourite will be…


2020 Aug 15 – 8:42 pm

Tomorrow’s the last day!!
Don’t forget to apply👒🌱

Quoted Tweet – Retweet campaign to win a bromide of Amane from My Girl

2020 Aug 15 – 8:39 pm

That was amazinggggg( ᵕ̩̩ㅅᵕ̩̩ )
This song will make me go OOOOOOHHHHHH! the moment it’s played live.

Quoted Tweet – Happy Around’s new cover of「PARTY☆NIGHT」

2020 Aug 15 – 2:59 pm

The 2nd photo is one of my favourites🌞

Hat: From a 300 yen shop
Dress: @ FintOFFICIAL⁩
Shoes: ⁦@ NICE_CLAUP⁩


2020 Aug 15 – 12:21 pm

The pre-orders are open until Monday🦋
Don’t forget it!


2020 Aug 15 – 11:28 am

I really like her…♡

Note: She’s Gozen, a new character in Assault Lily


2020 Aug 15 – 10:25 am

I suddenly remembered…I drew a portrait of Aiai last year〜🎶💕


2020 Aug 15 – 10:04 am

Good mornesu.
This is Bun-chan.

Note: (You can find Bun-chan at the New Lucky Cafeteria which is a highway stop in Chiba


2020 Aug 13 – 10:03 pm

Together with Aiai-💕💕💕💕
Don’t miss it〜🎶🦋🌹

Quoted Tweet – Amane will be appearing on Bandori TV Live on the 20/8 at 22:00 JST


2020 Aug 13 – 8:40 pm

Thank you all for watching [Garupa Audio Commentary]✨🦋
Looking back, it really tugs at my heart…( ´•̥ ̫ •̥` )
Next week’s live…I’ll give it my all~!!
I got a little closer to Mashiro-chan with my hairstyle🎶


2020 Aug 13 – 5:49 pm

Oyu-chan will be the guest for the first live-stream✨
Don’t miss it〜🎶

2020 Aug 13 – 5:37 pm

To commemorate reaching 100,000 followers! Shindou Amane’s「Amane Club!」✨🦈

🦈NicoNico Channel is now open

🦈Official Twitter


2020 Aug 13 – 11:17 am

I became aware of Kamikaze Girls last year~👗

Note: Kamikaze Girls was a light novel by Novala Takemoto and it got a live-action and manga adaptation. Amane is trying to recreate the poster from the live-action movie

2020 Aug 13 – 11:15 am

I took the 2nd photo at the exact same location as last year📸
I only took off my mask when I was taking photos😷
And please be careful not to get mask acne or a heatstroke💦
Shindou already got mask acne😢

2020 Aug 13 – 11:13 am

It’s summer.


2020 Aug 13 – 11:06 am

It’s starting at 1900 today~🎶🦋

Quoted Tweet – Garupa Audio Commentary with Morfonica

2020 Aug 12 – 10:15 pm

It’s been so long since I last had ramen for dinner (๑╹ڡ╹๑)
I also brought Shiro along🦋
Good nesu〜🎶


2020 Aug 12 – 1:55 pm

Huh!? Casual clothes…Eh??????
I’m so excited and, 【Special Effects】…


2020 Aug 12 – 11:06 am

It’s tomorrow~!!
I’ll be wearing a summer dress〜🌻🌻

Quoted Tweet – Garupa Audio Commentary with Morfonica

2020 Aug 12 – 11:06 am

Shindou’s rematch…
This year for sure!!!!!


2020 Aug 12 – 9:19 am

I posted a picture to Instagram✨🌱👒
Let’s all get through this heat!

2020 Aug 11 – 9:50 pm

Can I send a letter in too〜?🎶📮_____💌.

Quoted Tweet – Tokino Sora from HoloLive will be a guest on Rebirth Radio Episodes 14 & 15

2020 Aug 11 – 9:49 pm

#RebaRadio has aired~!!
A rare trio✨
We talked a whole bunch~!

Note: There is a segment where a track of the guest’s voice is played in reverse and they have to guess what it was, and a part of Amane’s voice track ended up sounding like MosuMosuSauce

2020 Aug 11 – 7:18 pm

And the acrylic stands too!!

2020 Aug 11 – 7:17 pm

I want themmm✨

Quoted Tweet – Goods from the BanG Dream! POP UP STORE TOUR 2020

2020 Aug 11 – 7:14 pm

All of these goods look amazing✨✨✨✨
My recommendations are the fragment case and the acrylic key chains🦋

Quoted Tweet – Bandori 8th Live goods list

2020 Aug 11 – 3:07 pm

Cute! Cool! Lovely!

Quoted Tweet – Pre-order goods for D4DJ D4 Fes ~LOVE!HUG!GROOVY!~

2020 Aug 11 – 11:38 am

It’s so hottttttttttttttt I’m meltingggggggggggggg.
One must be most grateful to barley tea in the summer〜((((꜆ ˙-˙ )꜆🍵

2020 Aug 10 – 7:25 pm

I uploaded an Instagram Story!
I hope my message gets across to everyone I love✨
Thank you all so much for 100,000 followers!
There’ll be an announcement from me coming soon~So look forward to it🎶

2020 Aug 10 – 3:36 pm

It’s so hottttttttttttttt
When I went to update my camera app, all of my filters got reset…😭

2020 Aug 10 – 3:06 pm

Ayasa is just so beautiful…(º﹃º`)✨

Note: Ayasa was performing in the FGO 5th anniversary stream

2020 Aug 10 – 7:42 am

Good mornesu🌞And…
Thank you so much for 100,000 followers😭✨💕㊗️🎉
I’m so so so happy!
I’ll continue to do best in my pursuit of brilliance!!
Thank you all for your continued support⋆͛❤︎⋆͛


2020 Aug 9 – 8:35 pm

The staff were also smiling in this scene✨😄😆

Quoted Tweet – Picture from Suguta Hina


2020 Aug 9 – 5:44 pm

“Thank you for your support!”
Don’t forget to apply♡

Quoted Tweet – Follow and retweet campaign to win a Polaroid photo of Amane


2020 Aug 9 – 2:16 pm

I love Kamen Rider Den-O, Kiva, Decade, Wizard, Gaim, Amazon and Amazons〜🎶
Zero One is also really good〜🥴

Note: Oyu was using a bunch of Kamen Rider songs in her DJ set-list

2020 Aug 9 – 2:04 pm

Oyu-chan was so cool and cute at the same time…✨
I was watching the stream to study up on DJing but, Shindou got all hyped up with Den-O, Kiva, Guilty Crown and Pikmin🎶
And ending it off with the dance was wonderful✨😄💕#OMOTENASHIBEATS

2020 Aug 9 – 11:03 am

Monica with swapped instruments🦋
These were taken during our rehearsal for 8th Live the other day✨📸
I also managed to take a photo of my manager who was behind me lol
We’ll do our best for the live〜👒💕
@ 240y_k @ mika_d_dr


2020 Aug 9 – 10:55 am

The exhibition is ending today!

Quoted Tweet – The Bandori and Revue Starlight exhibition at Gallery Aamo

2020 Aug 8 – 9:31 pm

Ah…That was wonderful…I want to see more of it💭✨
I just can’t hold back my excitement for the new stage play, anime and game🦄🥺
I also love the theme song…♡ #AssaultLily

2020 Aug 8 – 8:04 pm

I also really like Kiito-san~💕🦋🦄#AssaultLily

2020 Aug 8 – 7:51 pm

It’s Kanaho-sama and Kazuha-sama✨🦄
They’re so cool😎

2020 Aug 8 – 7:37 pm

I love Yujia😭💕
She’s so cute💕
Seeing the heavenly scales together makes me so happy〜🦄✨

2020 Aug 8 – 7:15 pm

Kaede and Miliam are my favourite characters♡♡♡♡♡

2020 Aug 8 – 6:59 pm

Kanaho senpai✨
Our reliable team captain🌟
I’m looking forward to the stream〜🦄💕


2020 Aug 8 – 5:26 pm

I couldn’t write it within the word limit but, I also really love the relationship between Midori-chan and Rin-chan😭✨💕😇

Note: Midori Aoyama and her editor Rin Mate

2020 Aug 8 – 5:22 pm

I absolutely love the CocoChiya, MeguMaya and MeguChiya couplings…💕💭
But I also love Cocoa and Chiya on their own so I’ve collected a lot of their individual goods!
There are days where I go to bed hugging Cocoa in my right arm and Chiya in my left arm✨🦄💭💗
I’d like to know everyone’s favourite characters as well😇

2020 Aug 8 – 5:18 pm

I set up figures of my oshis as I was opening my trial deck and I got their holographic cards…😇💕
The trial decks are selling fast🐰✨
And the booster packs go on sale this month on the 21st!
I’ll definitely get Coco, Chiya, Megu and Maya!!


2020 Aug 8 – 4:17 pm

Here’s Shindou who breaks into a smile every time her eyes meets Aimi’s…

Quoted Tweet – Off-shot video from My Girl Vol.30

2020 Aug 8 – 2:36 pm

I made a typo…I meant to write dress rehearsal💦

2020 Aug 8 – 2:31 pm

Hehehe〜A new hairstyle🎶
A meeting of make-up artist and dress rehearsal✨
I’m really looking forward to the live♡

2020 Aug 8 – 8:08 am

I’m so so so looking forward to getting mine♡

Quoted Tweet – There is a collab between TRAVAS TOKYO and Quiz RPG in which Amane voices a character, Enigma Clover


2020 Aug 7 – 8:43 pm

I brought along my charger but I forgot my cable.
My battery is down to 1%

2020 Aug 7 – 8:02 pm

The BGM that I use often in my videos is my favourite✨

2020 Aug 7 – 8:00 pm

I got a badge with a phrase similar to your reply✨

2020 Aug 6 – 7:44 pm

Let’s all get excited for Monica’s band story!! #Bandori

Quoted Tweet – Amane, Hina and Oyu will be reading Morfonica’s band story

2020 Aug 6 – 4:32 pm

Long sleeves just perfect for the season✨
Please do get yours as well♡

Quoted Tweet – Goods for Morfonica’s 1st Live [Cantabile]

2020 Aug 6 – 10:15 am

I was so happy when they contacted me😭✨✨
Putting the 160% Animals side by side with the vegetables would really liven up my desk…💭At least that’s what I think✨💕
I’ll give it my 160%!

Note: (he’s referring to the gacha vegetables she got previously

2020 Aug 6 – 10:12 am

I will be narrating as well as singing the insert song of the CM for [160% Animals] by Toy Capsule Brand [TAMA-KYU] which will be released in November!
This is a gacha I was really interested in, and I love the expression on the giraffe’s face♡
Shindou will give it her 160% so please do check it out🦈💕


2020 Aug 4 – 9:44 pm

Oyunesu & Manager-san had so much fun at the exhibition✨
It really was such a wonderful experience so please! Please please do come and visit〜🦋

2020 Aug 4 – 9:38 pm

We went to the #BanStarExhibition 〜🦋
Both the exhibition and audio tour were amazing😭✨📸
It’s open until the 9th so please please do come and visit🌟
I bought way too many goods…😇💕
And, I also got a lottery ticket for the #BUPPANFESTIVAL !!
I hope I win something🙏🌱


2020 Aug 4 – 8:30 pm

I uploaded an Instagram story✨
Is this how you’re supposed to use Mashiro’s stamp? (๑¯ω¯๑)?

2020 Aug 4 – 8:11 pm


Quoted Tweet – New photo acrylic key chains of all 7 vocalists

2020 Aug 4 – 6:48 pm

It’s airing today! I’m so excited✨

Quoted Tweet – MORFONICAL Episode #8

2020 Aug 4 – 6:02 pm


Quoted Tweet – There are now Instagram GIF stamps of the vocalists from all 7 bands


2020 Aug 4 – 4:24 pm

I uploaded a picture to Instagram✨
This is my first time wearing such a beautiful, fluttery jumper skirt😭
And my manager and all the staff told me
“You look like Princess Leia✨💕”
Dressed in white+hair done in twin buns=Princess Leia!

2020 Aug 4 – 11:10 am



2020 Aug 4 – 9:25 am

Akari-taya’s profile✨🦄
Each and every one of her expressions are just too cute♡
Her CHARM also looks really cool😎✨
It kind of looks like a unicorn horn…🤔💭


2020 Aug 4 – 9:21 am

Good mornesuuuu🍉(‘-‘🍉) watermelons
Yesterday’s question was a super super super simple one in English✨

Note: Referring to this tweet

2020 Aug 3 – 10:39 pm

My tests have been returned.
No failing marks✨And above average✨
And now, here’s an answer my family and friends laughed at ↓↓↓

Q. Who is Nishikori Kei. Answer in Japanese.

Model Answer: Pro Tennis Player

Shindou’s Answer. A high-levelled Tennis Athlete

And it was a⭕of course✨
I even got a, “It’s Japanese alright”
From the teacher.

Good nesu

2020 Aug 3 – 8:52 pm

If we have the same Twitter icons, people can get them mixed up💦
Thank you all for understanding!

I was so happy to see Mashiro-chan on the product label of my favorite citrus drink😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
I’ll keep drinking citrus drinks for life!!


2020 Aug 3 – 8:28 pm

I’ve changed my Twitter icon✨
It’s an off-shot photo with a really fancy atmosphere🎶

And! Here’s a request from me!!
Please don’t use the same Twitter icon that I’m using as your Twitter icon💦
I’m counting on you all!!

2020 Aug 3 – 11:26 am

Everyone please do get yours now!!

Quoted Tweet – New items for August in the Bushiroad Premium goods store

2020 Aug 3 – 10:55 am

Today! Is the day that #MyGirl30 goes on sale!!
Please do get a copy♡


2020 Aug 3 – 10:30 am

Starting today, 7-Eleven’s campaign has begun〜🦋✨
And right off the bat, I’ve already won a prizeヽ(;▽;)ノ

Quoted Tweet – 7-11 has a campaign where you buy selected products, get points and stand a chance to win Bandori 8th Live goods


2020 Aug 2 – 6:37 pm

Today’s the last day! I look forward to all your feedback!

Quoted Tweet – D4DJ is collecting feedback on CONNECT LIVE and cover song suggestions for all 6 units

2020 Aug 2 – 2:39 pm

Secretly taken by my manager…

2020 Aug 2 – 2:13 pm

I heard it while I was downtown and I thought to myself, “How nostalgic”✨

2020 Aug 2 – 2:09 pm

Ikenai Taiyo NaNa~🎶

Note: Lyrics from the song Ikenai Taiyo by ORANGE RANGE

2020 Aug 2 – 11:51 am

That was an unexpected result lol
Please do check it out♡

Quoted Tweet – HiBiKi StYle Episode 579

2020 Aug 2 – 10:04 am

Taken from while!❌
Taken while!⭕

2020 Aug 2 – 10:00 am

I’m thinking about changing my Twitter icon sometime tomorrow…so to commemorate here’s a video I took when we were having our cast photos taken🌸
The video was taken from while I was moving to get the skirt fluttering✨

2020 Aug 2 – 9:57 am

Good mornesu〜🎶
I’m thinking about uploading a video to both Instagram and Twitter today📸

2020 Aug 1 – 10:18 pm

I’ve been really into [VOWZ BAND] recently.
Like way too into them lol
If you have the chance, please do listen to their songs〜🎶
Good nesu〜(´-﹃-`)Zz…

Note: Here’s their YouTube channel

2020 Aug 1 – 6:51 pm

They look amazing…Thank you so much ( ᵕ̩̩ㅅᵕ̩̩ )
I believe that sailor uniforms can save the world✨

Quoted Tweet – yache talking about her illustrations for Lyrical Lily

2020 Aug 1 – 12:06 pm

Just 2 more days!!!!!!

Quoted Tweet – Aimi and Amane will be appearing in My Girl vol.30


2020 Aug 1 – 8:15 am

The exhibition will be held until the 9th of August…!!!!

2020 Aug 1 – 8:10 am

But I don’t remember drawing Lilith’s body though…🤔💭

2020 Aug 1 – 8:09 am

The mask from the [BanG Dream! & Revue Starlight Exhibition in Gallery AaMo]✨
Let’s all take measures to prevent getting viruses and heatstroke💕


2020 Aug 1 – 8:06 am

To Aiba Aina♡

The one who drew Lilith was me♡♡♡♡♡

Note: The first picture is talking about Aiai’s Tamagotchi growth and stopping the 3rd Impact, and the 6 eyed “thing” in the 2nd picture is Lilith from Evangelion


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